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The Best Robot Mops

🕚 Updated October 2021

Technology can be credited for making our lives a lot easier, helping with chores like washing laundry and dirty dishes. Now you can even cross your weekly mopping of the list with the help of a robot mop!

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  Best Overall Best Remote-Controlled Best for Large Homes Best Value Set Best Premium
Anker RoboVac
V8 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo
E4 Mop
Braava Jet 240
S7 Robot Vacuum and Mop
Our SummaryWith drop-sensing and anti-collision features, this vacuum can tackle your space and floors with ease.Clean your floors with the six different patterns programmed into this intelligent mop robot.If you need lots of support to tackle the dirty floors of your home, this long-lasting robot mop will cover over 2,100 square feet.The added cleaning fluid and mop wipes in this packages allow you to get the robot cleaning in no time.The advanced navigation features of this model are ideal for those with complex cleaning requirements.
ProsLong battery life, smartphone connection, washable filter.Multiple cleaning patterns, adjustable water amount, large dustbin.Ideal for multiple flooring types, low-profile, scheduled cleaning.Square design gets into corners, three types of mopping, no contact disposal.Auto-lifts for low pile carpets, added suction for carpet, auto-empty dock.
ConsSmall dustbin capacity, battery dies after frequent use. Not ideal for pet hair, gets stuck under low furniture.No virtual boundaries, difficult to connect other smart devices. Not ideal for deep cleaning, manual charging. Low capacity, floating brush struggles with tangled hair.
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The Best Robot Mops

A white robot cleaner spraying cleaning liquid on wood floors.

With a robot mop, you can get a precise clean on a regular basis without having to break your back using the standard bucket and handled mop. Innovative technology allows a robotic mop to wash away the grime on a variety of surfaces while avoiding areas that you define as off-limits. Take one more chore off your shoulders with the help of one of these effective robot mops.

Buying Guide for Robot Mops

A round, black robot mop wiping grey floors next to a cabinet.

Why should you buy a robot mop?

Robot mops are able to cover large areas efficiently while adjusting their function for different flooring types. This keeps you from having to switch mop heads or products when moving from tiles to wood flooring. Robot mops can also run on a schedule, so you can create the ideal washing period based on the season, the number of guests at your home, or just for your personal preferences. Robot mops can be a huge help to the elderly as they won’t have to spend time handling a mop in an uncomfortable position. It’s also beneficial to busy homeowners that still want to maintain cleanliness but don’t always have time for doing a deep clean by hand.

What should you look for in a robot mop?

  • Versatility: Not all robot mops are created equally. Some are designed specifically to tackle certain flooring and won’t suit homes with different terrains. Ensure that the product you are considering has brushes that will be gentle on your floors to avoid accidental damage. Additionally, robots with built-in vacuum capabilities along with the mopping options are great for getting a full clean without having to worry about possible clogs.
  • Special Features: The most helpful advancement on a robot mop is the ability for you to control the “safe zones.” This allows you to instruct the robot as to which areas are safe for it to clean and which ones are restricted. These areas could include rooms with carpeted floors, children’s areas, or even places that might cause the robot to get stuck. Phone or remote control connections are ideal for creating exact settings that match your lifestyle.
  • Power: Charging stations are common for robot mops, but each charge should give you long-lasting cleans. On the lowest setting, your device should last up to at least an hour to service a majority of your floor space.

What should you expect to spend on a robot mop?

Even the most basic robot mop models have some serious technology built-in. So if you want something that’s still effective without added bells and whistles, the cost will hover around $150 on the low end of the price spectrum. Higher-end models will contain more features like invisible walls, scheduling, and device connectivity. The more additions in the robot mop model, the higher the price will reach. Mid-range models will cost around $200, while luxury options can reach up to $700. Depending on your needs and the complexity of the technology, more expensive models might prove to be more useful long-term.

Our Picks for the Most Effective Robot Mops

Best Overall

eufy by Anker RoboVac

With drop-sensing and anti-collision features, this vacuum can tackle your space and floors with ease.

Pros: This hybrid vacuum and mop device features a 2.5-hour long run time to make sure your home is squeaky clean. The innovative AI map technology allows you to customize the areas that the device has access to, all controlled from your smartphone. It includes virtual boundaries and target cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about the mop wandering into the wrong rooms. You can also adjust the mopping power based on the different surfaces in your home. The washable filter ensures that you’ll get long-lasting use without constantly having to repurchase other items.

Cons: The vacuum’s dustbin is small compared to other models, so it will have to be emptied frequently, especially if you own pets. Many users find that the device’s longevity hovers around a year before the battery begins to fail.

Bottom Line: This mop and vacuum device offers a lot of custom options for those living in homes with secluded spaces or varied flooring. With its phone and Amazon Alexa connection capabilities, this robot mop can offer you an easy way to master the high-tech cleaning system.


Best Remote Controlled

ILIFE V8 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

Clean your floors with the six different patterns programmed into this intelligent mop robot.

Pros: If you don’t want to worry about using your phone to handle programming, this robot mop vacuum offers plenty of function through its remote control. The six cleaning modes allow you to direct the robot in a particular pattern that suits your needs, including programmed paths and spot cleaning. The mopping system gives you the power to adjust the water output for different conditions or flooring. This device also comes with a 750-mL vacuum dustbin and an enhanced suction inlet to ensure that your floor is free of debris.

Cons: While this product claims to have excellent suction power, many people report that it doesn’t pick up dog hair well, so pet owners might want to avoid this model. Additionally, this device tends to get stuck between table and chair legs despite its multiple sensors.

Bottom Line: This device’s remote and LED screen makes it super user-friendly while retaining many of the features other models rely on a smartphone for. It’s not optimal for pet hair and homes with lots of furniture.


Best for Large Homes

roborock E4 Mop

If you need lots of support to tackle the dirty floors of your home, this long-lasting robot mop will cover over 2,100 square feet.

Pros: Tackling a large space can take forever with the standard mop and bucket, but this robot helps you clean over 2,100 square feet of space. With the Mi Home App, you can set the mop’s schedule, adjust the timer, and select the cleanup modes. The device is equipped with a 180-mL water tank and has two water flow options to match the surface being cleaned. Standing at just 3.55 inches tall, this robot can reach under most furniture items without getting stuck. When the mopping is done, the app allows you to look back at the device’s path and see where it has cleaned.

Cons: Unlike other models that allow you to create virtual boundaries, this device requires magnets strips that need to be purchased separately. The Google Home or Alexa setup didn’t work for everyone, limiting the controls of the device.

Bottom Line: The extra-long run time and integrated mopping system make this model ideal for homes with large floor plans that just aren’t manageable with other mopping options. The connectivity isn’t always reliable, but it provides plenty of custom controls through the app.


Best Value Set

iRobot Braava Jet 240

The added cleaning fluid and mop wipes in this package allows you to get the robot cleaning in no time.

Pros: Not only is this option easy on your wallet, but it also contains the items you need to get a great clean right out of the box. The square device is able to reach into corners and edges that round options usually can’t reach. The cleaning head can fit several different pad types, and the robot automatically adjusts to the different designs. The robot comes with wet mopping, damp sweeping, and dry sweeping pads, so you can tackle dust and grime. For additional cleaning, the set provides a 10-pack of damp sweeping pads and a bottle of Braava Jet Hard Floor Cleaning Solution.

Cons: This model will help to reduce the frequency of light mopping but doesn’t meet expectations for deep cleaning. It also doesn’t have a charging station or dock. Instead, the iRobot Braava jet requires you to remove the battery to power up.

Bottom Line: This robot focuses its technology on providing the ideal mopping experience, and it lives up to expectations for most people. If you don’t mind not using a charging station, then this handy device will give you plenty of run time.


Best Premium

roborock S7 Robot Vacuum and Mop

The advanced navigation features of this model are ideal for those with complex cleaning requirements.

Pros: If you’re ready to make a real investment into a robotic mop, then this luxury device is for you. It uses sonic vibration technology to gently scrub away dirt while the large water tanks and 180-minute charge ensure that a large area of your home gets thoroughly cleaned. With the app, you can set up No-Go Zones and invisible walls to keep the device from straying from your set path. The LiDAR navigation with adaptive route algorithms allows the device to accurately map its surroundings to come up with the fastest route. This device also contains a vacuum that utilizes an auto lift for carpets and a multi-directional floating brush that reaches into uneven flooring.

Cons: Due to the mop and vacuum combo, the tank capacity for both are smaller than other models. This might cause this dustbin to be emptied and the water tank to be refilled frequently. The floating brush seems to struggle with long hair, which will cause tangling within the machine.

Bottom Line: The advanced mapping and sensing technology of this device is extremely reliable. While the price tag might seem like too much to some, the durability of this machine could be worth every penny.

Final Thoughts

Robot mops are a luxury, and not every home is equipped to work well with their capabilities. However, if you struggle to keep your floors clean week to week, this device can provide the helping hand to maintain its shine. While these machines won’t replace a good old-fashioned deep clean, their ability to navigate from room to room and around furniture is impressive and can help relieve some of the stress around chores. For those that have large homes or busy schedules, a robot mop is a worthy investment to make your life just a little bit easier.

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