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The Best Robot Toys

Educational Insights/SGILE/Sillbird
🕚 Updated December 2022

Robot toys are inspiring technological feats. And many kids love their lights and sound effects. If you're looking for the perfect toy for a kid who loves robots, then here are a few robot figures you should check out.

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  Top Choice Best Robot Dog Best for Toddlers Most Interactive Best Buildable Robot
RC Robot Toy
Remote Control Robot Dog Toy
Educational Insights
Design & Drill Robot
Power Your Fun
Robo Pets Unicorn
STEM 12-in-1 Education Solar Robots
Our SummaryThis programmable singing, dancing, and obstacle-avoiding robot teaches kids while putting on a show.With LED eyes and a remote control, this cute little dog follows commands and makes an adorable companion.This little robot marries construction and creativity for hours of discovery play for little ones.This winsome robotic pet is remote-controlled or can wander around in adventure mode for even more fun.Build this robot from the ground up in 12 exciting ways between over 150 pieces and accessories.
Pros✓ Up to 50 motion commands
✓ Gesture sensory feature
✓ 120-minute play time
✓ Great for kids as young as 3
✓ Remote and voice activated
✓ LED light-up features
✓ Toddler-friendly
✓ Interactive
✓ Teaches basic coordination skills
✓ Lifelike sounds and movements
✓ Multiple modes of play
✓ Cute and colorful
✓ Great challenge for older kids
✓ Alternative toy for LEGO fans
✓ Multiple build modes
✓ No batteries required
Cons✗ Loud✗ Unclear instructions✗ Stickers don't fit perfectly✗ Remote does not have a very long range✗ Only operates in direct sunlight
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The Best Robot Toys

Three different robot toys pictured standing up.
Educational Insights/SGILE/Sillbird

Buying Guide for Robot Toys

A young girl smiles while building a robot.
Nestor Rizhniak/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a robot toy?

Modern robotic technology includes fun and useful tools that inspire kids and adults of all ages. There’s nothing scary about robots these days, contrary to those of us who grew up in the ’70s and ’80s. We don’t have to worry about living in a true-life version of a particularly hokey 1980s film about androids being sent back in time to take command over the world. Today, our biggest gripe with anything relating to robots is when someone says they think WALL-E is a bottom-tier Pixar movie or when the robot vacuum accidentally eats a sock.

Robot toys are interactive and fun for kids to play with and discover. Many are educational, challenging kids to learn math, science, and simple command skills. And also, with lights, sounds, and movement, robot toys are just plain fun.

What should you consider when buying a robot toy?

  • Interactivity: There are many robot toys on the market, so it’s important you understand the kind of play style your child may enjoy best. Do they like building things? Or would they appreciate a toy that can sling projectiles with the push of a button?
  • Durability: Like any toy you’re gifting to a young child, you’re going to want that robot plaything to have a strong structure to back up hours of playtime and potential roughhousing. You’ll typically come across toys that feature lightweight plastic materials, and they know how to take a hit. However, in addition to lighter construction, models that are designed to be put together from multiple pieces can take on damage with ease, given that if one piece falls off, you can simply snap it back into place.
  • Early STEM Training: While some toy robots concern themselves with providing an enjoyable song and dance, some models also concern themselves with providing an educational experience based on engineering or construction. More than just play style, you should understand the age appropriateness of these options and how they can challenge your child to learn through play.

How much do robot toys cost?

Robot toys can cost anywhere from $10 on the low end to hundreds of dollars on the high end. Robot toys that are made with simple materials and are intended for younger children generally cost less than high-tech robot toys intended for older children and adults. Most of the robot toys on our list average around $40.

Our Picks for the Best Robot Toys

Top Chioce

SGILE RC Robot Toy

This programmable singing, dancing, and obstacle-avoiding robot teaches kids while putting on a show.

Pros: Quick on its feet and capable of demonstrating up to 50 motion commands, this intuitive robot toy is great for putting on a show. It’s a remote-controlled droid with a highly responsive gesture-sensing function, featuring a sensor receiver zone on its chest that registers and responds to move the toy forward, backward, left, and right. Other standout features include the robot’s intelligent collision avoidance system, its 120-minute playtime, and its convenient rechargeable battery.

Cons: This toy can get quite loud.

Bottom Line: This robot toy is really cute. It’s easy enough for younger children to operate on their own. And the battery lasts for a long time between charges.


Best Robot Dog

yiman Remote Control Robot Dog Toy

With LED eyes and a remote control, this cute little dog follows commands and makes an adorable companion.

Pros: Everything your child wants in a four-legged companion, minus the barking, shedding, and potty training, this sweet robot dog is a great choice for kids as young as 3 years old. It’s a realistically sized robo-pup that’s capable of doing far more than wagging its tail. This dog is both remote- and voice-activated, responding to different common commands. It can also bark, and its LED eyes light up. And while a young toddler may not be able to access its more challenging features, parents can help create a much more opportune experience through programmable shortcuts to a child’s favorite effects and moves.

Cons: This robot toy does not come with clear instructions. Though it’s fairly easy to learn, it may take some people longer than others.

Bottom Line: For kids looking for a canine companion, this adorable robot dog does the trick—many tricks, in fact. The battery charge lasts for a couple of hours, so your kids can play with it for quite a while before it needs to charge. And it has a sleep mode after 90 seconds of inactivity to save battery life.


Best for Toddlers

Educational Insights Design & Drill Robot

This little robot marries construction and creativity for hours of discovery play for little ones.

Pros: A toddler-friendly choice that’s plenty interactive, this adorable educational robot allows kids to build their coordination skills by snapping, drilling, and decorating their perfect mini-robot. This toy is constructed entirely from plastic materials, from its swiveling head to its child-friendly screwdriver, which toddlers will use to screw the 15 multicolored bolts into the designated spots on the robot. In addition to the decorative sticker sheet, this option is available in two colors: blue-green and pink-purple.

Cons: The stickers may not align perfectly.

Bottom Line: This may be one of the best toys to teach your children simple mechanical skills. They can screw and unscrew, move the limbs, and have tons of fun with this colorful robot. It’s also the best way for kids to learn “lefty loosey, righty tighty!”


Most Interactive

Power Your Fun Robo Pets Unicorn

This winsome robotic pet is remote-controlled or can wander around in adventure mode for even more fun.

Pros: Robot pets don’t have to be one-note. Your child can enjoy the sounds and lifelike movements of their very own unicorn, pet kitty, puppy, or even a pizza- and sushi-eating dinosaur! These remote-controlled toys can walk, shake, dance, and even perform tricks for your kids. They can even move around without commands in adventure mode, where they wander on their own and create their own adventures. Your child can learn simple programming by incentivizing their new pet with “treats.” The pet itself comes with a rechargeable battery, the remote runs on AAA batteries, and each pet can play for up to 40 minutes on a single charge.

Cons: The remote doesn’t have a very long range.

Bottom Line: These robotic STEM toys can teach simple programming skills to kids as young as 3 years old. The toys have cute faces, bright colors, and LED light-up features that kids love. And each comes with fun accessories.


Best Buildable Robot

Sillbird STEM 12-in-1 Education Solar Robots

Build this robot from the ground up in 12 exciting ways between over 150 pieces and accessories.

Pros: A welcome challenge for older kids, this buildable robot is more than just a toy. Users just have to be ready to put a little bit of elbow grease into it first, so it’s a great gift for kids who love LEGOs or other buildable toys. This DIY choice aims to put a child’s and parent’s imagination to the test with 190 easy-build pieces that can be constructed into 12 unique robot designs. Each of the designs bears differing complexity levels and showcases its own special tricks, like traveling between land or water. Additionally, no batteries are needed for any robot in the group, as this choice runs entirely on solar power.

Cons: You need a lot of direct sunlight to operate the robots.

Bottom Line: This amazing discovery toy is a fun challenge for older kids. They’ll have to organize, exercise critical thinking skills, and tinker to get the robots built correctly. Luckily, this toy also has labeled storage bags to help keep everything organized.

Final Thoughts

If your child loves toys that light up, make sounds, and go, they might love a new robot toy. Robot toys can teach early STEM and STEAM skills, and there are many options available for all ages. Plus, many of today’s robot toys are rechargeable or run on clean energy, saving money on batteries.

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