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The Best Rocking Chairs

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🕚 Updated May 2022

Rocking chairs provide comfort to people of all ages. If it's been a while since you sat in a rocking chair, let this list bring you back to the soothing feeling of gentle rocking in a comfortable chair.

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  Top Choice Most Color Options Most Comfortable Choice Modern Design Gorgeous Outdoor Set
  Shine Company Inc.
Vermont Porch Rocker
Presidential Rocking Chair
Delta Children
Emma Upholstered Rocking Chair
Comfortable Relax Rocking Chair
3 Pieces Patio Conversation Set
Our SummaryThis traditional rocking chair comes in a variety of colors to add personality.This rocking chair boasts premium durability and low maintenance.This cushy rocking chair will be a favorite long after you need to soothe a baby.Modern design meets relaxed comfort with this rocking chair.These rocking chairs will make your outdoor space sing.
ProsSolid wood, classic design, polyeruthane paint, rust-resistant hardware, contoured seat, high back support, 10 colors.POLYWOOD material, durable in extreme elements, treated with color-stay technology and UV resistance, 14 available colors, 300+ pounds weight limit.Thick cushions, microfiber fabric, classic tufted design, sturdy wooden frame, three neutral color options, good for nursery.Minimalist, birchwood, removable cushions for easy cleaning, two cushion color options, looks good inside.Sturdy steel frame, weather-resistant wicker, thick cushions come in three colors, cushions are removable for easy cleaning, two rocking chairs and a side table.
Cons250-pound weight limit, longevity depends on assembly and maintenance.Back of chair is shorter, directions can be confusing.Chair travels on hard floors.May need extra blanket to cushion under legs, travels on hard floors.Tricky and time-consuming assembly.
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The Best Rocking Chairs

wooden rocking chair on front porch with pillow.
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Buying Guide for Rocking Chairs

A modern rocking chair by a glass window.
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Why should you purchase a rocking chair?

There are several reasons why purchasing a rocking chair is a purchase you won’t regret. Here are three main reasons:

  • Bringing Home a Baby: If you’re going to welcome a little one, a rocking chair is a fantastic and functional piece of furniture to invest in. Literally, you’ll spend thousands of hours (if not more) in that chair rocking your baby to sleep or at least a level of calm.
  • Enjoying the Outdoors: If you want to get outside more and take advantage of nature’s beauty, a rocking chair is a great way to relax outdoors. Not only is it a comfortable option for your porch or patio, but the rocking can also help you create your own breeze on a hot day.
  • Add a Comfy Seat to the Room: Need more seating in your living area? A rocking chair is a great additional seat to your living space. It provides an extra seat for guests, plus it will be convenient if you need to take a few minutes to relax any time of the day.

What should you consider when shopping for a rocking chair?

  • Setting: Determine where your rocking chair will be placed so you can narrow down the choices to whether the chair can be used indoors, outdoors, or both.
  • Use: Going hand-in-hand with where you will use your rocking chair is also what purpose you will be using it for as well. As we mentioned previously, you might want a rocking chair for nursing or soothing your baby, enjoying nature on your porch, or relaxing in your home.

How do you maintain a rocking chair?

Since there is a variety of rocking chairs included in this list, different products may require different cleaning methods. It’s best to follow any particular instructions from the seller, but here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Keep cushions as clean as possible. Most allow you to spot clean the cushions, and some you can remove and put in a washing machine.
  • Wooden rocking chairs kept outdoors will benefit from a gentle scrub with mild soapy water a few times a year.
  • If you live in an area where rocking chairs wouldn’t be used in harsh weather like snow, consider storing your chairs in a place where they can be fully protected from the elements and preserved for extended use during the warmer months.

Our Picks for the Best Rocking Chairs

Top Choice

Shine Company Inc. Vermont Porch Rocker

This traditional rocking chair comes in a variety of colors to add personality.

Pros: Made of solid wood, this classic rocking chair looks and feels exactly like what comes to mind when you think of a porch rocking chair. The chair is finished with a polyurethane paint to help withstand moisture and varying weather. The hardware included is rust-resistant as well. This rocking chair has a contoured seat, a supportive high back, and comfortable armrests, so relaxing is easy to do. This classic rocker is available in 10 colors, allowing for a traditional or funky porch addition—whatever fits your style. It assembles easily; however, some users prefer using a power drill for this project. Keep your rocker clean with gentle brushing using mild soap and water.

Cons: The longevity of the chairs is very dependent on the assembly, exposure to weather, and adherence to weight capacity. The weight limit is 250 pounds.

Bottom Line: If you like the look of the classic rocking chair, this is a great option. It’s made of solid wood with a smooth finish and comes in 10 colors to best suit your personality and style. The ergonomic design makes relaxing an easy feat. While this chair can withstand normal weather systems, it would be best to bring it under a roof during intense weather.


Most Color Options

POLYWOOD Presidential Rocking Chair

This rocking chair boasts premium durability and low maintenance.

Pros: This rocking chair has a traditional design with a twist. Instead of solid wood, it’s made from durable POLYWOOD, extra-durable recycled plastic. Since it can withstand a variety of extreme elements, you should expect this chair to weather all seasons without issue. The chair is also treated with color-stay technology, which keeps the paint from fading from consistent UV exposure. The weight capacity is over 300 pounds. This chair is available in 14 color options, so you can fit your style or mix and match for an eclectic collection. When it’s needed, you can clean it with mild soap and water.

Cons: The directions aren’t clear and can be confusing. The backs of these chairs are shorter than other models.

Bottom Line: A POLYWOOD rocking chair means you can have the traditional look and comfort last throughout all seasons with little maintenance. It can endure all weather, support a lot of weight, and is treated to make paint and color look new for years to come.


Most Comfortable Choice

Delta Children Emma Upholstered Rocking Chair

This cushy rocking chair will be a favorite long after you need to soothe a baby.

Pros: Get comfortable in this cushioned rocker designed to soothe and built to last. A wooden frame provides the sturdy support of this chair, while soft and thick cushions keep you comfortable whether you’re rocking a baby or reading a book. Wooden rocker feet and a tufted back create a timeless look. This chair comes in three neutral shades to coordinate with your other furniture. It is very easy to assemble.

Cons: The chair tends to slide during use, especially on hard flooring. You can’t remove the cushions for cleaning.

Bottom Line: While this chair was made for a baby’s nursery, its style and comfort are welcome in any room of the house. The thick cushions and microfiber upholstery are two factors that may make it a favorite chair in the house. Since this rocking chair moves a bit while rocking, it’s best to use a rug with grip pads underneath it to minimize shifting.


Modern Design

Haotian Comfortable Relax Rocking Chair

Modern design meets relaxed comfort with this rocking chair.

Pros: Beautiful modern birchwood creates the minimalist frame for this rocking chair. The wood is coated with varnish for added protection against wear. The cushions are made of cotton, a classic comfort, and they can be removed for washing. This chair has two color options to best match your decor. You can enjoy this modern rocking chair soon after it arrives, as the assembly is easy with clear instructions.

Cons: The chair tends to “walk” or move during use, especially on hard flooring. Without an added blanket or cushion, the end of the seat can be uncomfortable if you’re in it for a long time.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for an indoor rocking chair that has a modern look to it, this is a great option. It can work well in a nursery, reading corner, or other living areas in the house with its clean look. Adding an extra blanket to your chair for cushioning around your legs can make it even more comfortable. Thankfully, if anything spills on the cushions or it needs some freshening, it’s easy to remove and wash in the laundry.


Gorgeous Outdoor Set

ENSTVER 3 Pieces Patio Conversation Set

These rocking chairs will make your outdoor space sing.

Pros: Few things are more welcoming than a rocking chair (or two!) on a patio. Connect with friends, family, and the outdoors in the comfort of a rocking chair that can withstand the elements. This rocking chair is made of rattan wicker and won’t warp or fade due to rain, humidity, or sun exposure. The cushions are thicker than average, come in three colors, and are detachable, making them easy to clean and store. The rocking chair has a high back for better support, a large seat, and wide armrests for greater overall comfort.

Cons: Assembly can be tricky and time-consuming. It’s best to get everything in place and tighten the screws at the end for proper alignment.

Bottom Line: A comfortable and inviting patio set makes an outdoor space feel like an extension of your home. This set does just that, and with the chairs being rockers, it adds even more of the relaxing factor. The set includes two rocking chairs and a table perfect for holding small plates and drinks.

Final Thoughts

These options might make it tough to choose only one rocking chair to purchase, but once you do, you’ll be able to rock, relax, and recharge.

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