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The Best Rolling Pins for Your Kitchen

wooden rolling pin with dough on white kitchen counter with cooking utensils in background

Used to flatten everything from dinners or lunches to pastries and desserts, rolling pins are a staple in almost any kitchen. So, get ready to roll out your doughs in style! Not only good looking but these rolling pins are also designed to be great at what rolling pins do best, with a few additional features that help with the kind of baking or cooking you plan on doing. Read on to find out our favorites.

What to Consider When Purchasing Rolling Pins

With so many rolling pins on the market, which one will be the best in your kitchen? There a few key points to consider to help you find the best rolling pin for your needs:

  • Style: Some pins are perfect for pastries and offer features that help make it easier to size and roll dough. Some pins will be ideal for a variety of uses
  • Material: There is no shortage of rolling pin materials to choose from. Stainless steel is great for staying cold and rolling out pie crusts or anything that needs cold butter. Wooden ones are heavy and great for rolling out bread, pastries, or doughs as well as crushing breadcrumbs. Silicone pins are easy to clean and nonstick.
  • Size: Some pins are shorter, which is great for rolling out doughs and controlling the pin, while others are longer for large batches. Just remember that anything too long will make rolling and sizing difficult.
  • Comfort: Make sure whichever rolling pin you decide on will be comfortable for you to work with.

Remember that there are countless rolling pins on the market for countless types of cooking and baking. There’s nothing wrong with needing more than one rolling pin if you cook and bake a variety of goodies!

Most Popular: Farberware Classic Wood Rolling Pin

light colored wooden rolling pin on white background

Made of durable and moisture-resistant hard rosewood, this rolling pin is ideal for rolling out almost anything from pizza dough to pie crusts to tarts and cookies! Easy-grip handles are designed for your comfort and better control with a 360-degree rotatable roller. This pin is also designed to be easy to clean, so it’s ready for the next cooking adventure!

Most Popular

Farberware Classic Wood Rolling Pin, 17.75-Inch, Natural

This pin is comfortable, easy to grip, and easy to clean.

Best Silicone Set: Chefast Rolling Pin and Pastry Mat Set

large blue and small red silicone rolling pins on blue mat with cookie cutters

With one traditional and one half-sized silicone rolling pin, this set is ready to help you nail your next baking project! Also coming with the set are two stainless steel cookie cutters and a large non-slip measurement mat. This set can handle just about all kinds of doughs. Nonstick silicone makes for easy rolling without added stress (and is both 100% food-grade and BPA-free) and the mat is also resistant to high heats.

Best Adjustable: Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin

packaged wooden rolling pin with colorful height adjust handle

Evenly flatten your dough with this adjustable rolling pin, ready to help ensure your baking is uniform. Constructed of solid beech, there are etched pastry-width measurement guides printed on the rolling pin as well as multiple removable discs (1/16, 1/6, 1/4, and 3/8 inches) to make sure your dough rolls out to the desired thickness.  Ideal for a range of treats, this adjustable rolling pin is designed to take the guesswork out of rolling.

Best Adjustable

Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin with Removable Rings, 13.6", Multi-Color

No more guessing on dough thickness with adjustable discs.

Best Stainless Steel: NatSumeBasics Stainless Steel Rolling Pin

stainless steel t-shaped rolling pin on white background

This T-shaped roller is designed to be heavy and press the dough with little effort and without sticking. There is no paint, wax, or smell on this sleek stainless steel rolling pin. Thanks to the balanced design, this rolling pin can be used for pizza crusts, noodles, tortillas, even egg tarts, fondant, or cookies (as well as multiple other tasty treats).

Best Embossed: Xunlimen Paisley Embossed Rolling Pin

a wooden rolling pin with an embossed paisley design; six cookies are shown with the pattern in them

This rolling pin is sure to but a gorgeous patterned design on your next batch of tasty treats! Made of natural wood, engraved, sanded, and finished, this rolling pin is great to purchase for yourself or even to give as a gift! The engraving is designed to be pressed deeply to ensure the patterns are clear and can be used for cookies, pies, or even fondant. Or you can mix it up and try this rolling pin on a clay creation for an unforgettable design on handmade pottery.

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