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The Best Room Dividers

🕚 Updated February 2022

If you're looking to make more efficient use of your living space or want to add a new accent piece to your home, consider buying a room divider. These top picks could make your space more functional yet fashionable.

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  Best Japanese Design Brightest Option Practical Choice Best Woven Design Best Rustic Choice
  Roundhill Furniture
Japanese Screen Room Divider
Legacy Decor
Shoji-Style Room Divider
Wood Mesh Room Divider
Weave Fiber Room Divider with Shelves
Rustic Barnwood Room Divider
Our SummaryA classic Japanese-style room divider that features a lovely plum blossom design.A versatile set of room dividers that offer multiple color choices as well as the number of panels.Flexible and foldable, this simple yet effective room divider will match just about any home decor style.It offers a lovely woven look with a set of built-in shelves for extra convenience.Bring a touch of rustic elegance to your home with these trendy room dividers.
ProsAttractive design, folds up easily, lightweight, easy to move.Multiple panel and color options, two-way hinges, no assembly required, lower price.Simple yet attractive, several panel and color choices, made from real pinewood.Built-in shelving, extra-long length, no assembly required, good quality.Trendy, two-way hinges, completely solid, work in multiple decor styles, good balance of lightweight and sturdy.
ConsLightweight, not as durable.Fragile.Not waterproof or heavy enough for outdoor use.Limited color and size choices, less than 6 feet tall.Pricey, gaps in the bottom.
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The Best Room Dividers

Home living room with wood and paper divider screen blocking sun from window, black metal accent table and sofa, natural colors.

No matter how large or small your living space is, how high or low your ceilings are, or what home decor style you use, it should be easy to find one that suits your home. Whether you want one for functional or aesthetic purposes, there are plenty of good reasons to invest in one or more room dividers.

Buying Guide for Room Dividers

Stylish room interior with white folding screen and plants.
New Africa/Shutterstock.com

Why buy room dividers?

Room dividers can serve a couple of different functions. As the name suggests, their primary purpose is to divide a room into two or more separate areas, depending on the number of room dividers used. For instance, some people who live in studio apartments will place a room divider or two around their bed to create a makeshift “bedroom.” They add an extra degree of privacy, serve a decorative purpose, and can even be used outdoors. They’re often foldable and portable, so if you ever feel like opening up your space temporarily or want to move it to a different area, it’s easy to shift it elsewhere or tuck it away.

What should you look for in room dividers?

  • Size: You’ll want to consider both the height and width of a room divider, including the number of panels it possesses. Do you want it to stretch from floor to ceiling or only partway? Do you want one that folds up to adjust its width as needed? If you have a specific room or area in mind, measure that space, and pick your new room divider based on those dimensions. Some models come with an attachment that allows you to link separate room dividers together, which can be helpful if you can’t find a model wide enough for your needs.
  • Material: There are several common materials that room dividers are made of: wood, wicker, paper, fabric, resin, and acrylic. Consider what you plan to use your room divider for, where you plan to place it, and what will best match the desired room or space. Paper, fabric, and wicker models tend to be more colorful and decorative. Wood and paper usually aren’t the best choices for outdoors since they don’t hold up well when exposed to precipitation.
  • Opaque vs. See-Through: Not all room dividers are 100% solid. Some may have wide or narrow gaps or be made of sheer or semi-sheer materials. Sheer room dividers tend to be more decorative, while the semi-sheer ones provide some degree of screening—but you’ll likely be able to see shadows, outlines, or movements through them. If privacy is your main reason for buying a room divider, you’ll want to opt for an opaque model. If you’re more concerned with aesthetics, you may not mind a room divider with gaps or sheerness.

What are the benefits of each type of room divider?

There are three main types of room dividers you’ll see on the market. The most common are folding room dividers (also known as accordion style). These are a popular choice since they’re freestanding and aren’t fixed in place, so they’re easy to move between rooms and into a new home. They’re also incredibly easy to store and adjust in width since they fold up.

There are also hanging dividers attached to the ceiling via screws, almost like a curtain. These are great if you want something more permanent. Finally, there are bookcase room dividers. As the name suggests, these are room dividers with built-in gaps that serve as shelves for books or other small items. This type is convenient for extra display and storage space, and they’re usually solid in build.

Our Picks for the Best Room Dividers

Best Japanese Design

Roundhill Furniture Japanese Screen Room Divider

A classic Japanese-style room divider that features a lovely plum blossom design.

Pros: If you’re looking for a room divider that is functional and decorative, this is the model for you. Not only is the white-and-pink cherry blossom design and black frame pleasing to the eye, but it’s ready for use right out of the box, no assembly required. The four panels fold up easily for storage or placement adjustment, and the entire divider is nice and lightweight. You shouldn’t have any issues moving this divider if you ever want to relocate it or tuck it into storage.

Cons: Consider placing this divider in an area of your home that’s not very high traffic since it is lightweight and not the sturdiest.

Bottom Line: This lovely accordion-style screen will bring floral beauty to your home while still providing you with privacy. With its white paper body, it still shields you and your belongings from view, and the light filters through without exposing what’s behind it.


Brightest Option

Legacy Decor Shoji-Style Room Divider

A set of room dividers offered in versatile color choices and numbers of panels.

Pros: If you need a shorter or longer room divider for your home, this model is an excellent option for you. It’s available with as few as three panels and as many as eight without needing extra dividers to extend it. There are five different color choices to better match your interior design. This room divider folds up exceptionally well, thanks to the two-way hinges that grant it great flexibility. There’s no assembly required, and the lightweight paper body makes it easy to shift, adjust, or move.

Cons: With all of the paper screening, this is a more fragile room divider, so keep this in mind when planning where to place it in your space.

Bottom Line: If you want more color and several panels from your room divider, this paper model provides you with just that. These options will make it that much easier for you to find the perfect size and hue for your living area and home decor.


Practical Choice

FDW Wood Mesh Room Divider

Flexible and foldable, this simple yet effective room divider will match just about any home decor style.

Pros: Wicker and woven furniture have been a popular choice for decades. This simple yet aesthetically pleasing design will suit a wide range of decor styles and add an understated yet attractive look to your home. If the black color doesn’t suit your living space, there are four shades of brown to choose from, including one multicolored option. The room divider is handwoven from genuine pinewood rather than machine-made, giving you a more authentic feel.

Cons: While this room divider is strong thanks to its pinewood make, it’s not waterproof or particularly heavy, so this may not be best for outdoor use.

Bottom Line: If you want a good-looking room divider, this one will be right up your alley. It’s a versatile option with the best bang for your buck. Its handwoven body made from real pinewood is sure to make a nice addition to many decor styles.


Best Woven Design

Esright Weave Fiber Room Divider with Shelves

It offers a lovely woven look with a set of built-in shelves for extra convenience.

Pros: This high-quality rattan room divider is a two-in-one piece of furniture since it comes with built-in shelving. These four shelves are the perfect place to display succulents, framed photos, and little decorative curios, adding to the overall aesthetic. Even with the shelves, this room divider doesn’t require extra building or installation. At 9 feet (108 inches) in length, you will have no issue dividing up your space.

Cons: This room divider is only available in two different shades of brown and is offered in one size that’s lower than 6 feet tall.

Bottom Line: The built-in shelving gives more functionality that standard room dividers can’t quite match. However you decide to use this divider, it’ll look great. Thanks to the extra-long length, odds are you won’t need to buy a second divider to accompany it.

Final Thoughts

Room dividers can be a huge boon to many rooms and homes—both large and small. Some furnishings are purely decorative, while others are only functional. Our top picks can help you get the best of both worlds.

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