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The Best Round Bar Carts

Nathan James/Signature Design by Ashley/RiteSune
🕚 Updated December 2021

If you like to entertain, bar carts are a must. We've gathered some great round bar cart options for your home that'll elevate your get-togethers.

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  Compact and Cute Modern Design Best Classy Design Best Vintage Design Also Great
  Nathan James
Mid-Century Round Bar Cart
FirsTime & Co.
Gold and Brown Odessa Bar Cart
Sinclair 2-Tier Serving Cart
Signature Design by Ashley
Modern Vintage Metal Bar Cart
Gold Rolling Bar Cart
Our SummaryA reliable rolling bar cart that will fit in most homes.A well-crafted round bar cart that adds more decorative appeal to your home.This bar cart features a nostalgic yet sturdy design.This bar cart offers plenty of style and elegance in its details and finish.A round rolling bar cart with glass shelving and racks for storing drinkware.
ProsHigh-quality caster wheels, optimal storage capacity, simple assembly.Nice craftsmanship, trendy design.Durable built-in handles, tempered glass shelving, sleek metallic appearance.Beautifully crafted, modern-looking design, durable metal frame.Durable design, high-capacity storage, caster wheels lock into place.
ConsNot the best quality, smaller size.Wheels don't match the frame.Gold finish is prone to scratches.Quality isn't the best.The handles take up a lot of space.
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The Best Round Bar Carts

Three different round bar carts in different homes.
Nathan James/Signature Design by Ashley/RiteSune

Round bar carts display your alcohol, cocktail shakers, and glassware collection beautifully. They’re available in many unique styles and designs to match your home decor. They’re also quite functional for storing and serving your favorite drinks. You can even use bar carts for serving and storing coffee and mugs, hors d’oeuvres, and more. In the end, bar carts are stylish and versatile additions to your home.

Buying Guide for Round Bar Carts

four wine glasses on a stainless steel shiny bar cart

Why buy a round bar cart?

Round bar carts are convenient to use since they’re accessible from all angles and don’t take up too much space in your home. However, they still provide you with room to organize your home bar items. Furthermore, you have many different style options to choose from, ensuring that your brand new bar cart will correspond to your home decorations.

What should you look for in a round bar cart?

  • Storage Capacity: Round bar carts vary in size and capacity. Be sure to choose one that will accommodate the amount of drinkware and beverages you’d prefer to store on it.
  • Style/Design: Bar carts can provide unique decoration while storing your items. There are many options to consider in terms of the overall aesthetic. There’s an entire spectrum of designs, from simplistic and practical to elegant and luxurious.

What do you stock on a bar cart? 

Most bar carts offer you enough space to store various items, ranging from drinks to margarita glasses to coasters to decanters to an ice bucket with tongs. Try to be selective when it comes to what you store in it so that you can move the cart around with greater ease. Also, remember that some alcoholic beverages like wine will last longer in a wine cooler or a wine rack than in a bar cart. Instead, whiskey, tequila, vodka, and gin are good options to keep on your bar cart.

Our Picks for the Best Round Bar Carts

Compact and Cute

Nathan James Retro Round Bar Cart

A reliable rolling bar cart that will fit in most homes.

Pros: This mid-century modern bar cart features rounded edges and plenty of space to store your favorite drinks and glassware. It also features caster wheels that lock into place, ensuring that your cart doesn’t accidentally roll away or tip over. It requires minimal assembly that should take less than 30 minutes.

Cons: It’s not the highest quality, and it’s not as big as other models.

Bottom Line: This round bar cart makes it easy to host more get-togethers. You can use it for serving drinks or hors d’oeuvres. Plus, since it’s small and round, you can store the cart without it getting in the way.


Modern Design

FirsTime & Co. Odessa Bar Cart

A well-crafted round bar cart that adds more decorative appeal to your home.

Pros: This bar cart features a gold metal frame and two wooden shelves. It’s simple yet eye-catching. If you want to make a statement, this is the bar cart for you. It’s just as functional as it is visually appealing, though. Its two tiers and large shelves can accommodate a good amount of food, glasses, or beverages.

Cons: The wheels are black, but the frame is gold, so some people might want to paint the casters to make them match.

Bottom Line: This is a great option if you want a versatile and modern-looking bar cart. You can use this cart for serving alcoholic beverages as well as food. It will quickly become a decorative focal point in your home.


Best Classy Design

Silverwood 2-Tier Serving Cart

This bar cart features a nostalgic yet sturdy design.

Pros: With a sturdy metal frame with a gold finish, this traditional-style bar cart also features tempered glass shelves that can hold up to 50 pounds each. Its caster wheels lock into place, and two ergonomic (yet elegant) handles make it easy to transfer the cart from room to room. You can also rejoice in the fact that this cart features three built-in wine bottle holders on the bottom tier.

Cons: The gold finish scratches easily, especially when it comes in contact with rings, tongs, and other metal items.

Bottom Line: This round bar cart is the way to go if you want something sturdy and functional. It has a traditional-looking and classy appearance that a lot of people find appealing, too.


Best Vintage Design

Signature Design by Ashley Clarkburn Modern Metal Bar Cart

This bar cart offers plenty of style and elegance in its details and finish.

Pros: This stylish bar cart features a unique design and superior craftsmanship that you won’t find from any other brand. With smart shelving and durable caster wheels, this bar cart will certainly get the job done. It has a sweet vintage look with a bronze finish and decorative borders.

Cons: The quality isn’t the best.

Bottom Line: This bar cart offers you that classy look while also providing optimal storage space for multiple dining amenities. It’ll help set the mood of your home or special event.


Also Great

RiteSune Gold Rolling Bar Cart

A round rolling bar cart with glass shelving and racks for storing drinkware.

Pros: With multiple spacious storage shelves, a durable frame, racks for hanging glasses, and a decorative golden finish, this bar cart is impressive. It’s portable and has a simple assembly. Also, the full rotational design makes it much easier to push the cart through different rooms and areas of your home.

Cons: The upside-down rack is small. The handles of the cart take up a lot of space, so you need to be mindful when transporting it through tightly-packed areas.

Bottom Line: With fancy mirrored shelves and a shiny golden frame, this is an amazing bar cart for hosting a party. It provides you with a luxurious appearance that goes hand in hand with special celebrations.

Final Thoughts

Before choosing a round bar cart for you, think about where you’ll put it, how much you want to keep on it, and what look you’re going for. Then, check out our top picks for some inspiration. Round bar carts can provide impressive convenience, visual appeal, versatility, and storage for your home bar.

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