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The Best Round Rugs

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🕚 Updated May 2022

Tired of freezing your feet on the cold floor? It sounds like it's time to upgrade your home with a round rug. Here are some options that will look great in your home.

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  Best Fluffy Best Natural Best Persian Design Abstract Design Premium Choice
5-foot Round Shaggy Rug for Bedroom
Rigo Hand Woven Farmhouse Jute Area Rug
Persian Verona Distressed 5' Round Rug
Well Woven
Echo Shapes & Circles Modern Geometric Round Rug
LR Home
Dazzle 6' Area Rug
Our SummaryA great shag rug that makes a comfy place to take a rest.A durable choice with a neutral hue that will work in most homes.A classy rug design that will look amazing in most homes.A durable rug that's affordable and simple to maintain.A rug that serves as a conversation piece.
ProsAvailable in 16 colors, three diameter options, great for under furniture or as a resting space.Natural jute fiber, 3- to 10-foot diameter, available in four finishes.Persian inspired design, polypropylene construction, two colors and sizes available.Available in six colors, polypropylene fibers, affordable.Beautiful design, 100% wool fibers, latex cotton canvas backing.
ConsCan only be vacuumed and spot cleaned.Can only be vacuumed and spot cleaned.Polypropylene material may not appeal to all.Cannot be washed, some may dislike polypropylene.Expensive.
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The Best Round Rugs

Living room interior with comfortable sofa and stylish round rug.
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Buying Guide for Round Rugs

Round carpet under sofa and ottoman in living room.

Why buy a round rug?

A good rug can do more than simply look pretty. If you live in a home with hard flooring, a round rug can make a lot of sense. For example, you can use it to create a soft boundary, like for your sitting area in the living room or around your bed. It allows for a comfortable place for you to put your feet and can also help to pull a room together so that the decor scheme looks cohesive. Plus, it protects your flooring and helps it look good for longer.

What to consider when shopping for a round rug?

  • Size: You want to make sure that you’re picking a rug that’s spatially compatible with the room where you plan to place it. Round rugs will list their dimensions in terms of diameter—or the total length from one end to another—and usually in inches. Measure the space before buying a rug and err on the side of slightly too big rather than slightly too small.
  • Location: Think about where you want to place your rug. If you’re picking a high-traffic area like a hallway or even your living room or family room, then you’ll want to pick a more durable material that can stand up to more frequent use.
  • Materials: If you’re shopping for an outdoor rug, you’ll want to pick more durable materials that are specifically treated to be waterproof or weatherproof to prevent fading. Also consider whether you want natural or synthetic fibers.
  • Maintenance: Think about how easily you can clean a rug. Most rugs can withstand vacuuming, assuming you’re using the right vacuum. Some rugs can be put in a washing machine, whereas others can only be spot cleaned. Take this into consideration, especially if you’re thinking of buying a rug for a home with small children, pets, or just messy people or areas of the home.
  • Style: As with anything else you adorn your home with, style is going to be important. You want a rug that reflects your personality and decor style. Thankfully, you can find everything from understated solid-hued rugs to more vibrant patterns or even natural woven rugs.

Can you get a rug even if you have carpeting?

Absolutely. While it might seem unconventional, a rug can be a great way to protect the carpeting in high-traffic areas. For example, in entryways or under seating areas, a rug can ensure that your home’s carpeting doesn’t get used and abused as quickly. A rug layered over carpeting can look great and add texture, visual interest, and cushion.

Our Picks for the Best Round Rugs

Best Fluffy

Amdrebio Round Fluffy Shag Rug for Bedroom

A great shag rug that makes a comfy place to take a rest.

Pros: We don’t care what some might say; shag rugs will forever be in, simply because of their coziness. This faux fur rug is perfect for a bedroom and is available in 16 colors. With a 5-foot radius, it works as a central rug in the middle of a room or even as an under-bed rug for twin and full-sized bed frames.

Cons: Although cute, shag rugs can be limiting when it comes to maintenance. You’re limited to spot cleaning and vacuuming. That means it might not be an appropriate purchase for people with small children or pets.

Bottom Line: A vintage rug style gets an update with this modern interpretation of the shag rug. Its 16 colors and large footprint make it great for most kids’ rooms.


Best Natural

nuLoom Rigo Hand Woven Farmhouse Jute Rug

A durable choice with a neutral hue that will work in most homes.

Pros: Jute is a fan favorite material for people looking for a natural fiber rug. This jute round rug is hand-woven and available in a range of sizes. Choose from 3 through 10 feet in diameter and from four different colors.

Cons: While jute is natural, it has limited cleaning options. If you vacuum it, use a vacuum without a beater bar. Meanwhile, it can’t be machine washed, only spot cleaned.

Bottom Line: For those that only want natural fibers in their home, this jute rug is a solid choice. With a radius ranging from 3 to 10 feet and four colorways, this is a smart choice for many.


Best Persian Design

nuLoom Persian Verona Distressed Round Rug

A classy rug design that will look amazing in most homes.

Pros: For those who prefer the timeless look of a classic Persian rug, this option from nuLook is a serious contender. It measures 5 feet in diameter, and you can choose from several different colorways to find the right pick that works with your home decor. It’s made from polypropylene for a more durable finish that’s designed to last.

Cons: If natural fibers are a priority, this isn’t the rug for you, as it’s made from polypropylene. Keep in mind that the rug material can cause it to shift on hard floors, so you’ll need a nonslip base to go under it.

Bottom Line: Persian rugs are beautiful, but authentic ones can be difficult to maintain and incredibly expensive. This option gives you the classic look with synthetic fiber for an easier maintenance routine. With several patterns to choose from and a 5-foot radius, it’s perfect for most rooms in your home.


Abstract Design

Well Woven Echo Shapes & Circles Blue & Brown Round Rug

A durable rug that's affordable and simple to maintain.

Pros: If you love the idea of an area rug but not the sticker shock that often comes with them, you should like polypropylene fibers that can make rugs more affordable. This pick from Well Woven has a contemporary design featuring blue and brown circles and other shapes. It measures 5 feet, 3 inches in diameter and offers easy cleanup with vacuuming and spot cleaning.

Cons: Although meant to be durable, the biggest issue with this rug will come down to people disliking synthetic fibers.

Bottom Line: For affordability and easy maintenance, this polypropylene and jute rug is a solid option that comes in several colorways with a contemporary design. But if you’re focused on all things natural, this might not be the rug for you.


Premium Choice

LR Home Dazzle Area Rug

A rug that serves as a conversation piece.

Pros: Rugs can do more than serve the utilitarian purpose of protecting your floors. They can also act as conversation pieces. And this vibrant, 6-foot diameter round rug is the perfect example of that. While a pricy option, it’s made from 100% wool, making it ideal for those interested in natural fibers. And it’s backed with a latex cotton canvas for added durability.

Cons: This is a pricier option in our round-up. And the cleaning instructions recommend hiring a professional for more thorough cleanings, which might be unrealistic for some.

Bottom Line: This 100% wool-woven rug is a durable and natural option that will give many people peace of mind. However, that natural focus comes at a higher cost.

Final Thoughts

If you have hard floors, you need rugs. They help to protect your flooring while also giving your feet a break from the feel of cold floors. Whether you want something more understated or modern and colorful, a rug is a perfect addition to your home.

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