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The Best Rugs for Your Laundry Room

Dark and dingy laundry rooms can deter you from washing your clothing for days, which only leads to more laundry piling up. While this room typically isn’t recognized for its aesthetic presentation, finding small ways to transform the space will have you spending more time beating laundry day procrastination. You can spice up your laundry room with the addition of a laundry rug. Whether it’s for a little extra support or for a fun decoration, laundry rugs can make the experience more enjoyable. Here are some great laundry room rugs we recommend.

Purchasing a Laundry Room Rug

Rugs come in all shapes in sizes, but make sure to find a rug that reaches at least 54 inches so that you aren’t left with cold feet as you move from washer to dryer. Along with the length, consider the height of a particular rug. Thicker rugs will provide more comfort and posture support but may disrupt the laundry room door’s ability to open and close with ease. A non-slip feature will also ensure that your feet stay on steady ground while moving heavy loads of laundry.

Most Comfortable: WiseLife Cushioned Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

This mat will take the weight off your shoulders and feet during laundry day. Made from ultra-thick gel foam and 0.47 inches thick, this laundry rug will support you while you’re doing loads of laundry and folding clothing. The non-slip backing will keep the rug firmly in place while you bend over to remove clothing from the washer basin or reach for laundry detergent. Tears and water damage won’t be an issue due to the water-resistant and durable PVC material. This laundry rug’s neutral tone and elegant pattern will easily fit into any decor and have you ready for chores.

Best Washable Rug: SussexHome Washable Laundry Room Rug

The SussexHome Washable Laundry Room Rug is the ideal mix of style and function. The simple pattern and neutral color tones will bring a sense of elegance into your laundry room. Made from 70% cotton and 30% polyester, you can vacuum lint and dirt with ease or put it in the washer when it gets stained. The material also makes this rug durable while remaining soft on bare feet. Wash, dry, and spill without worry with this fashionable, stain-resistant laundry rug.

Best Washable Rug

Best for Budget: Ottomanson Runner Rug

If you need some motivation to do your laundry, look no further than this expressive rug. The nylon, soft pile of this rug is stain-resistant and durable against daily wear. The non-slip backing will keep all 59 inches of this colorful decoration from moving around your laundry room. While this rug is a bit thinner than others, it allows for doors to easily move over the fabric without catching it. This rug will add flair and comfort to your laundry room without breaking the bank.

Best for Budget

Also Great: Eanpet Braided Rug

Those with more understated decor tastes will enjoy the look of the Eanpet Braided Rug. The fringed tassels add visual interest without being distracting. This rug keeps its shape over time with its 80% cotton and 20% polyester blend that is machine washable. This rug comes in five tones to add a subtle style that fits your look. Soft enough to be a blanket but durable enough to handle high levels of foot traffic, this rug is ideal for the laundry room.

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