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The Best Rulers for School

a clear ruler placed on a piece of paper on a desk next to a protractor, pencil, scissors, and a laptop

Whether for math class or the art room, almost every student can use a reliable ruler. We’ve gathered together the best for your back-to-school needs!

What to Consider When Purchasing a Ruler

A good ruler will have a few basic elements:

  • Measurement: Most rulers will include both centimeters and inches, which is incredibly useful. The measurements should be clearly marked and easy to read.
  • Straight Edge: Some rulers will offer fun lines or stencils, but at least one side must have a straight edge, preferably the edge with the measurements.
  • Durable: A good ruler should not be easily broken or shattered, so look for ones made of wood, rubber, or thick plastic.

Best Overall: ALLINONE Plastic Rulers

dual view straight clear ruler and person bending the ruler

Available in a range of options, this ruler offers two sides to measure with both centimeters and inches. The clear color makes it easy to follow numbers or letters on pages or easily measure an object. Made of quality plastic, this ruler is also durable and can easily fit into most pencil cases.

Best Overall

ALLINONE Plastic Rulers

Sturdy and durable, this clear option offers measurements in both the metric and standard system.

Best Colored Pack: BAZIC Products Jeweltones Color Ruler

packaged blue, green, orange, and pink plastic rulers
BAZIC Products

Made to have clear lines and proper measurements, these 12-inch rulers come in a variety of colors. Each has three pre-punched holes to easily be stored in a binder. Great for craft and school use, the rulers are durable and accurate.

Best Colored Pack

BAZIC Jeweltones Color Plastic Ruler 12" (30cm), Inches Centimeter Metric Measuring Rulers (4/Pack), 1-Pack

Featuring accurate measurements in both metric and standard, this ruler can be stored in a binder and comes in four fun colors.

Most Durable: Westcott Shatterproof Ruler

green blue and red clear rulers on white background

This transparent ruler is designed with durability in mind, both shatterproof and scratch-resistant. Great for both precise measurements and easy drawing, there are raised beveled edges and plumb lines with both the standard and metric system measurements.

Most Durable

Westcott Shatterproof Ruler, 12-Inch, Green, 16012

Easily used for measuring or drawing, this ruler has beveled edges and is both shatterproof and scratch-resistant.

Most Fun: Woodrow Cissie Bendable Rubber Ruler

fun colored bendable rubber rules displayed straight and in various bends
Woodrow Cissie

This multi-pack of rulers offers four colorful rulers that are dual-sided and brightly colored in red, yellow, green, and blue. Transparent and shatterproof, these rubber rulers have accurate inch and centimeter measurements. They also feature fun stencil designs in the center and are completely bendable and even rollable!

Most Fun

Woodrow Cissie Bendable Rubber Ruler

Coming in a four-pack with fun colors, these rubber rulers are bendable and rollable with stencils.

Best Bulk: EBOOT 50-Pack Clear Plastic Rulers

stack of clear plastic rulers with black measurements

Available in both clear and black, this bulk pack of rulers is great for classrooms or offices. The plastic is high-quality, bendable, and durable. They have both the metric and standard system clearly printed and are great for almost any use.

Best Bulk

EBOOT 50-Pack Clear Plastic Rulers

Made of quality plastic, these rulers have clear markers and are durable.

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