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The Best Runner Rugs

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🕚 Updated May 2022

Are you tired of slipping in the kitchen or tracking dirt from the front door through the house? Protect your flooring and put the finishing touches on your home with these runner rugs.

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  Best Floral Design Best Fluffy Choice Best for the Stairs Best Moroccan Design Best Persian Design
  Maple Rugs
Reggie Floral Runner Rug
Fluffy Runner Rug
Zara Synthetic Sisal Runner Rug
Moroccan Blythe Runner Rug
Well Woven
Sultan Sarouk Red Persian Floral Runner Rug
Our SummaryA durable rug that can be easily cleaned.A deluxe runner that's perfect for living rooms and bedrooms.Ideal for hardwood stairs.A perfect rug style for more traditional home designs.Another solid pick for a classic rug option.
ProsMachine washable, affordable, floral design, four colors, nine size options.Fluffy style, 17 colors and six sizes, 1.57-inch pile, comfy for kids, budget-friendly.Synthetic sisal fiber for better affordability, seven colors and 34 sizes.Polypropylene fibers, affordable, 12 colors and 49 sizes available.Affordable, polypropylene fibers, seven designs and 22 sizes, stain-resistant.
ConsThin pile, tends to bunch up.Can't be washed, spot clean and vacuum onlyMay have a tendency to snag and unravel.Synthetic fibers, thinner pile.Synthetic fiber.
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The Best Runner Rugs

A kitchen floor with a white herringbone runner rug between cabinets.
Ursula Page/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Runner Rugs

A jute runner rug with black polka dots on them in a home.
New Africa/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a runner rug?

Runner rugs are ideal for minimizing dirt and wear on your floors in high-traffic areas. Consider, for example, an entryway. Mud, dust, and even salt from winter streets and sidewalks can get tracked through your home if you walk straight into your home. But a runner rug can serve as a space to wipe your feet, to keep dirt to a minimum on the rest of your home’s floors. Other common areas for runner rugs are hallways, walkways, and kitchens to help preserve your flooring in high-traffic areas.

What should you look for when shopping for a runner rug?

  • Location: Where do you plan on placing your rug? The answer to this question will impact the length, type of material, and even the pattern that you select. An entryway rug should probably be made of more durable and darker material than a runner that sits in an upstairs hallway.
  • Length: This is a factor you can only confirm after determining where the rug will be placed. You might prefer a longer runner in an entryway and one about the length of your kitchen sink or primary food prep space for the kitchen.
  • Materials: Again, depending on your goals, you’ll want to look at different materials when shopping for a runner rug. You might want an easy-to-clean, durable runner for an entryway and one with built-in anti-fatigue padding for a kitchen if you stand for long periods when cooking. Similarly, you may find that a non-woven material is better for the kitchen, as it’ll stand up against spilled foods and liquids better.
  • Maintenance: Most woven rugs usually aren’t machine washable. But these days, if you’re willing to search for it or spend a bit more, you can find some. Meanwhile, non-woven rugs can often be quickly mopped and vacuumed, making them ideal for kitchens. Still, always consider the care instructions listed for your rug and ensure that it works for you.
  • Style: This feature comes down to preference, and there’s no right or wrong answer. While you can opt for solid hues with a runner rug, you can also find more stylized options to fit the space you’re putting it in.

What’s the best runner rug for a kitchen?

In theory, you can easily use any runner rug for your kitchen. But you’ll want to think about how much time you plan on spending in the kitchen and what you’ll be doing. Considering that the kitchen is where you’re most likely to be found cooking food or cleaning dishes, you’re going to want something durable and washable. A good runner can work to prevent slips and trips caused by water or other liquids dropping on the floor. Meanwhile, if you struggle with back, leg, or foot pain, you may find that investing in a version with anti-fatigue padding is a smart upgrade.

Our Picks for the Best Runner Rugs

Best Floral Design

Maples Rugs Reggie Floral Runner

A durable rug that can be easily cleaned.

Pros: Whether you want to keep this rug in the entryway or in your kitchen, it’s machine washable for your convenience. This serious upgrade means upkeep just got significantly easier. Along with its pretty floral design, this rug comes in eight sizes and four patterns. Plus, it’s nonslip.

Cons: Common complaints about this rug centered around the construction quality. In particular, many shoppers noted that the rug was thin and, in some cases, had a tendency to bunch up, which could lead to trips and falls.

Bottom Line: Those seeking an affordable and easy-to-maintain runner rug will appreciate this pick from Maple Rugs. Along with being machine washable, it offers a range of designs and comes in eight sizes. Just note that it can bunch up.


Best Fluffy Choice

Ompaa Fluffy Runner Rug

A deluxe runner that's perfect for living rooms and bedrooms.

Pros:  If you’re not satisfied with a basic runner, it’s time to elevate your design choices with this plush, fluffy shag rug from Ompaa. Available in 17 colors, it’s the perfect luxe accent for either a living room or bedroom. Choose from six sizes with a pile that’s 1.57 inches long.

Cons: If you’re looking for a washable rug, this isn’t the one for you. While it’s vacuum-safe, the brand recommends that you spot clean only if there’s a spill and air-dry afterward.

Bottom Line: For a luxurious feel under your toes, get this long-piled runner rug. It comes in 17 colors and six sizes, so you should easily find the right length for your home.


Best for the Stairs

iCustomRug Zara Synthetic Sisal Runner

A runner that's ideal for hardwood stairs.

Pros: Those with hardwood stairs know that they can get slippery, especially if you’re walking in socks. This natural fiber-inspired synthetic runner from iCustomRug is a great way to make sure that your stairs are safe for everyone to traverse. This pick comes in seven colors and 34 sizes, making it ideal for a variety of staircases. And it has a latex backing so that the runner stays in place.

Cons: If you prefer authentic natural fibers, this isn’t the rug for you. While it’s made to look like sisal, it’s synthetic polypropylene. Over time, it could unravel a bit and snag on shoes.

Bottom Line: If you’re specifically looking for a runner solution for stairs, this one is great, thanks to the wide range of sizes.


Best Moroccan Design

nuLoom Moroccan Blythe Runner Rug

A perfect rug style for more traditional home designs.

Pros: Traditionalists can appreciate the appeal of a Moroccan rug like this one from nuLoom. And thanks to polypropylene fibers, it’s incredibly durable and affordable, making it more accessible for a wider range of households. You can choose between 11 different designs and 49 sizes.

Cons: Authenticity purists will turn their nose up at the polypropylene synthetic fibers, even though that’s the critical component that makes this pick affordable and durable. Additionally, some shoppers noted that this rug was very thin, which might not be ideal for high-traffic areas.

Bottom Line: If you like the look of a Moroccan rug but not the sticker shock that comes with it, this polypropylene version is a solid choice that’s designed to be durable and stain-resistant. But if you’re a purist, the synthetic fibers might knock this off your shortlist.


Best Persian Design

Sultan Sarouk Red Persian Floral Runner Rug

Another solid pick for a classic rug option.

Pros: Similar to Moroccan rugs, Persian rugs are another classic choice that will work for most home decor styles. While traditional Persian rugs are costly upgrades, this is another polypropylene fiber option. And that means that not only is it more affordable, but it features a more stain-resistant fiber for easier maintenance. Choose from seven designs and 22 sizes.

Cons: Again, purists might be inclined to turn their noses up at polypropylene synthetic fibers. Meanwhile, many shoppers noted that this rug had a strong chemical odor straight out of the package. So, be prepared to air it out before placing it in your home.

Bottom Line: Persian rugs don’t have to be unattainable if you want the look of that style without the price markup. Thanks to polypropylene fibers, this is not only affordable but incredibly durable.


Best Natural Woven Design

Safavieh Natural Fiber Collection Handmade Jute Runner

A nice splurge made from natural handwoven fibers.

Pros: For those who dislike the idea of a synthetic fiber runner, this Safavieh rug is the perfect splurge-worthy alternative. This handwoven jute runner rug is available in nine colors and an astounding 40 different sizes. It’s reversible and incredibly durable.

Cons: While Safavieh is a popular brand, it’s not known for being wallet-friendly. The reliance on natural fibers and handmade construction means that you’ll spend a pretty penny to take this home with you. And jute is a fiber that can’t be washed. So, you’ll be limited to vacuuming and spot cleaning.

Bottom Line: Natural fiber fans will prefer this handwoven jute runner rug that comes in nine colors and 40 sizes. If you’re ready for a bit of a splurge, check it out.

Final Thoughts

Whether you prefer natural fibers, traditional runner designs, or something with anti-fatigue padding, runner rugs are a smart addition to have in your home. These suggestions could complete your home.

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