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The Best Sanding Belt for Your Belt Sander

two coiled sanding belts, one upright and one on its side, in front of a storage box
Red Label Abrasives/S SATC

If you’re a woodworker, or you’re just looking for a useful tool to add to your DIY toolkit, investing in a belt sander is a smart choice. These devices can be used for sanding wood and other surfaces to give them that smooth, professional-grade finish. The outcome of your sanding project depends highly on the sanding belt you choose to use with your belt sander. Check out the options we’ve listed below to determine which sanding belt will be the best option for your next project.

Best Overall: Red Label Abrasives Aluminum Oxide Multipurpose Sanding Belts

coiled sanding belt in front of its storage box
Red Label Abrasives

This variety pack from Red Label Abrasives comes with six different belts for your belt sander. Each belt has a different grit level: 60, 80, 120, 220, 320, and 400. Ideal for wood surfaces, these belts are multi-functioning, as they can be used on many other materials such as leather, rubber, plastic, and non-ferrous metals. The belts are flexible and are great for conquering surfaces with curves and contours. Each belt is coated with premium aluminum oxide to serve as a grinding aid that regulates heat and reduces buildup. Made in the U.S.A., these homegrown belts would be the perfect partner for your belt sander.

Best Overall

Red Label Abrasives 2 X 42 Inch Flexible Aluminum Oxide Premium Quality Multipurpose Sanding Belts 60, 80, 120, 220, 320, 400 Grit, 6 Pack Assortment

The Red Label Abrasive Multipurpose Sanding Belts are versatile in application and have an aluminum oxide coating that helps reduce heat and buildup.

Best Value: M-Jump 18-Piece Sanding Belt Set

six single-loop sanding belts

M-Jump offers an 18-piece set of sanding belts that will help you tackle a variety of different projects. There are three belts in each grit-level: three at 60, 80, 120, 150, 240, and at 400. Made with premium aluminum oxide, the belts are anti-static and contain an additive in the resin that prevents buildup. As an added bonus, these belts are washable, so you won’t have to worry about damaging the belts when cleaning up.   

Best Value

M-jump 18 PCS 3 x 21 inch Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belt Kit-Include 3 Each of 60 80 120 150 240 400 Grits-Premium Sandpaper Sander Belt for Portable Belt Sander

This 18-piece set from M-Jump offers a variety of belts at different grit levels, and the belts are made of a washable material.

Best for Less: Abrasive Brand Sanding Belts for Belt Sander

skinny sanding belt wrapped up

If you’re looking for a deal on high-quality sanding belts, Abrasive Brand has you covered. This product is a 24-pack of belts at 60, 80, 120, 150, 240, and 400 grits, with four belts at each grit-level. The belts are coated in aluminum oxide and a resin-on-resin formula that promotes durability. Use these belts on materials of all kinds, including wood, aluminum, fiberglass, rubber, plastic, and non-ferrous metals. The belts are anti-washable and anti-static, and the material is heat and moisture-resistant. Offering the best quality, the belts are expertly crafted so that the seams won’t break under pressure.

Best for Less

S SATC Sanding Belts 1×30-Inch Sanding belt Belt Sander Belt Sander Paper, (4 Each of 60, 80, 120,150,240,400 Grits) Aluminum Oxide 24PCS

These sanding belts by Abrasive Brand come in a 24-pack variety and are expertly crafted to avoid breakage.

Also Consider: PowerTec Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belt Assortment

two coiled sanding belts lying on top of each other

PowerTec offers an 18-piece variety pack of sanding belts with expert capabilities. The belts are compliant with many different sanding machines and applications and act as a heavy-duty sanding and stripping agent. Along with the aluminum oxide coating and resin-on-resin bond, the outer layer of each belt is made with a superior X-Weight clothed backing. This material is heat and moisture resistant, and the seams of the belts are designed to withstand pressure, making them a great choice for longevity.

Also Consider

POWERTEC 110860 3 x 18 Inch Sanding Belts | 40 Grit Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belt | Premium Sandpaper for Portable Belt Sander – 10 Pack

The PowerTec Sanding Belts are made with X-Weight material for durability and are designed to withstand all your sanding projects.

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