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The Best SATA Cables for Your PC

two different black SATA cables side by side

SATA cables are responsible for connecting your motherboard to your storage drives. Your PC relies on these cables to share information from your storage device, whether it’s a hard drive or a solid-state drive. As these cables are important for your computer, here are some great SATA cables that we recommend for you.

What to Look for in a SATA Cable

In a SATA cable, you should look for cables with fast data transfer speeds. Fast cables will make transferring data quicker and more efficient. After that, consider the extent of its compatibility. Determine your computer’s needs and your storage device, and choose a SATA cable accordingly. Lastly, look at the cable’s length and ensure that its length will suit you.


closeup of a black SATA cable

This SATA cable from BENFEI is an affordable, reliable, and fast cable. It’s a SATA III cable with a 6-Gbps data transfer speed. This cable is backwards compatible with older SATA cable generations and with HDD, SSD, and CD drivers and writers. The cable itself is 18 inches and locks on both ends for a firm connection.

Top Pick

Best Value: BENFEI SATA Cable III 12 Pack

closeup of a black and gray SATA cable with blue heads

If you need multiple cables, these cables from Benfei are great for you. This is a 12-pack of SATA III cables at an affordable cost. It comes with a wide range of compatibility, as it is compatible with HDD, SSD, and CD drivers and writers. It can transfer data at 6 Gbps. The cord is 18 inches and has locking mechanisms on both ends.

Best Value

BENFEI SATA Cable III, 12 Pack SATA Cable III 6Gbps Straight HDD SDD Data Cable with Locking Latch 18 Inch Compatible for SATA HDD, SSD, CD Driver, CD Writer

These 6 Gbps cables come in a pack of 12, which makes replacing SATA cables on a large scale affordable and easy.

Best Extension Cable: DAYREE SATA Power Extension Cable

three black SATA cables with a closeup of the male and female ends

This SATA cable from DAYREE is a 13-inch, 15-pin SATA cable. It’s male on one end, and female on the other. It is compatible with various storage devices, including HDD, SSD, and optical drives. It comes in a pack of three.

Best Extension Cable

Dayree 3Pcs Sata Cable 15 Pin Sata Power Cable Sata Power Splitter for HDD, SSD, Optical Drives, DVD Burners, PCI Cards, Hard Drive Disk 13"

If you need to increase the length of your SATA cables, these 13-inch cables will serve you best.

Best SATA To USB: StarTech SATA to USB Cable

coiled black SATA cable with a USB head

This SATA cable from StarTech comes with USB on one end, enabling you to connect to external hard drives. This cable’s USB 3.0 supports 5-Gbps data transfer. It’s a “plug-and-play” cable, allowing you to easily swap storage devices without the installation of any software. Here’s an added bonus: If your computer supports UASP, you can enjoy 70 percent faster data transfer speeds.


StarTech.com SATA to USB Cable - USB 3.0 to 2.5” SATA III Hard Drive Adapter - External Converter for SSD/HDD Data Transfer (USB3S2SAT3CB)

Whether it's to add storage or to backup your data, this particular cable enables you to hook up to an external device.

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