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The Best Scalp Massagers to Improve Your Scalp Health

Everyone washes their hair—why not upgrade your wash with a scalp massager? Scalp massagers have grown in popularity for a number of reasons, from stimulating hair growth to added relaxation and headache relief. They do not damage hair, and they are safe to use as often as every day. Scalp massages can improve your circulation and strengthen your hair follicles as long as you do not rub too vigorously. Below are some of our favorite scalp massagers to improve your scalp health.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Scalp Massager

Scalp massages can be beneficial for anyone—men, women, teens, kids, babies, even pets! The main points to consider when purchasing a scalp massager of your own include the following:

  • Design: A scalp massager with an ergonomic design that easily fits in your hand will make it easier to use while washing your hair. Silicone scrubbers will be gentler on your scalp.
  • Scalp Health: You might not think about your scalp health often, but it’s worth giving some attention. Massagers can remove dandruff, stimulate hair follicles to reduce hair loss, and stimulate hair growth.
  • Relaxation: Scalp massagers effectively relieve headaches and reduce tension to aid in relaxation while in the shower or before bed.
  • Wet or Dry: Some scalp messages can be used on wet hair, others can be used on dry hair, and some are compatible with both situations.
  • Efficiency: Scalp massagers are convenient for anyone with manicured nails to help reduce the wear on your polish when washing your hair. In some cases, scalp massagers can even decrease your shampoo and conditioner use.
  • Operation: Manual operation will always be ready for use and allows customizable pressure and speed, though it will require a little extra effort. Battery-operated or electric massagers will require charging but less effort.

Best Overall: Heeta Hair Shampoo Brush

This scalp massager is manually operated and waterproof. It is ideal for all hairstyles: thick or thin, short or long. It works on wet or dry, or even your pet’s hair! The ergonomic and lightweight design fits easily into the palm of your hand for easy and comfortable use while making your hair and scalp cleaner and healthier than ever before. This soft-silicone-bristled, high-quality massager can help ease scalp itch and promote blood circulation, all while not damaging manicured nails.

Best Overall

HEETA Hair Scalp Massager, Scrubber with Soft Silicone Bristles for Hair Growth & Dandruff Removal, Hair Shampoo Brush for Scalp Exfoliator, Black

This manually-operated and high-quality scalp massager is designed to help your overall scalp health with increased blood circulation and eased itchiness.

Best for Wet Hair: Vebiys Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

This manual scalp massager exfoliates your scalp while you distribute shampoo in the shower or tub to help improve hair growth. It is small and easy to hold as well as pack for travel. It has an amazing grip, especially for use in washing your furry pets. It is completely waterproof and is suitable for all hairstyles: long, short, curly, straight, oily, dry, wet, thick, or sparse, and it is ideal for men, women, kids, or pets.

Best Electric: Yeamon Scalp Massager Comb, ElectricHair Shampoo Brush

This scalp massager offers three different high-frequency vibration modes and 35 massage comb tips in three different styles. This massager has a mouse-like shape that makes it easy to hold and is USB rechargeable and waterproof, with a thumb-accessible switch to adjust vibration modes. The shape contours to your head, making it effective at removing dandruff and massaging. This massager also offers a convenient hole for a hook if you wish to hang it on your wall in the shower.

Best Electric

Yeamon Scalp Massager Comb,Electric Hair Shampoo Brush, Silicone Wet Hair Care Dandruff Brush Cleaner, 3 Vibration Mode Hair Scalp Scrubber

USB-rechargeable with a mouse-like ergonomic design, this scalp massager conveniently changes vibration modes with a thumb switch.

Best for Dandruff: Maxsoft Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

The soft and thick silicone bristles on this manual scalp massager make it work well for wet or dry hair. It is easy to use to massage and clean your scalp and clear away dandruff, all while using less shampoo to get a refreshed and clean feel. This massager strengthens roots, moisturizes your hair, and also relaxes your scalp muscles to relieve headaches faster. It is perfect for daily use, even for those with sensitive scalps or long nails.

Best for Dandruff

MAXSOFT Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush, Scalp Care Brush

Soft and thick silicone bristles strengthen roots while gently cleaning away dandruff.

Best Multi-Pack: Scalp Brush, BeaHot 4 pcs Wet and Dry Shower Shampoo Brush

When used on wet hair, these brushes clean hair to the roots. When used on dry hair, these brushes massage your scalp, stimulate blood flow, and even relieve stress. They come in a multi-pack to keep all for yourself, share with your family, or give some as gifts because you love them so much that you want others to experience them. These massagers work on any type of hair: thick, thin, short, long, oily, or dry. They never tangle hair or damage the scalp, thanks to specially designed soft bristles. The ergonomic shape and concaved bristles perfectly fit the scalp, and the flexible but durable bristles work to easily remove any scalp buildup.

Best Multi-Pack

Scalp Brush, BeaHot 4Pcs Wet and Dry Shower Shampoo Brush Scalp Massager Brush with Soft Silicone Rubber Hair Brush for Women, Men, Kids, Wife, Girlfriend, Daughter, Pet Dogs

Containing four scalp massagers to keep all for yourself or gift to friends and family, these massagers have an ergonomic shape with specially designed bristles to fit and clean your scalp.

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