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The Best Screen Protectors for Your iPhone 11

Human beings are innately clumsy. We constantly trip over our own shoelaces, drop things, and bump into people. You name it; we’ve likely broken it. One of the things we are most clumsy with is our phones. Seeing someone use a phone with a shattered screen is a common occurrence. This is why it’s critical to invest in the right phone screen protector for you! Screen protectors are valuable because they guard against the natural clumsiness of the average human being. Here are a few high-quality phone screen protectors that we recommend.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Screen Protector

Look for a screen protector that provides full screen protection against bumps, scratches, and scrapes. You’ll want to make sure that your entire screen is covered, not just a portion of it. You’ll also want to be sure that your screen protector is completely transparent. You don’t want a screen protector that makes your phone screen blurry and hard to use. Speaking of hard to use, look for a screen protector that won’t affect your iPhone’s functionality. A good screen protector will not limit your phone’s access to Face ID technology, touch recognition, or any other functions of your iPhone.

Best Overall: TETHYS Glass Screen Protector

Looking for complete screen protection for your iPhone 11? This tempered glass screen protector guards both iPhone XR and iPhone 11 against scratches, bumps, and minor drops by providing edge-to-edge protection. The screen protector is completely transparent, so you won’t even notice it’s there. It is also touchscreen-friendly, which means that your phone’s functionality will not be impacted. The screen protector will fit most phone cases except those with large raised edges, such as battery cases. This screen protector comes in a three-pack and includes a guidance frame to help you easily align the protector to your screen, wet and dry wipes to clean your screen, dust removal/guide stickers, and a user guide. If you are looking for a durable screen protector that will guard your device and maintain your phone’s functionality, this is a great option.

Best Overall

Best Value: Trianium Screen Protector

We all like to make sure that we’re getting the most bang for our buck, and this screen protector does just that. The screen protector comes in a three-pack and is ultra-slim: measuring only 0.25 mm thick, the protector won’t get in the way of your screen time. The protector uses both protective hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings to protect your screen from fingerprints and liquid residues. This completely transparent and scratch-proof screen protector will guard your phone’s screen against rough impacts while maintaining the integrity of the iPhone experience.

Best Privacy: Leadstar Privacy Screen Protector

Looking for a little more privacy when it comes to your screen time? This privacy screen protector will help you keep wandering eyes away from your phone screen. It is designed with premium scratch-proof material that is both anti-shock and anti-impact. With both oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings, the screen protector resists all fingerprint smudges. If you are worried that a privacy screen protector might affect the functionality of your iPhone, this screen protector is the perfect solution. It is compatible with Face ID technology and is 3D Touch-sensitive, so your phone’s functionality will not be limited. To make this screen protector work with most phone cases on the market, it is designed to be slightly smaller than your phone’s actual screen. This privacy screen protector will guard your phone’s deepest secrets while ensuring that your screen remains protected and scratch-free.

Best Anti-Glare: Mothca Matte Screen Protector

Have you ever tried using your phone on a bright, sunny day? The glare coming off of your screen can make using your phone seem nearly impossible! This screen protector eliminates this problem: it features an anti-glare matte finish that won’t affect the clarity of your phone screen. Designed to feel like silk, it resists dirt, sweat, and fingerprints. This screen protector uses the same technology as the Kindle E-reader to guarantee no screen glare, making it easy to use your phone outdoors or under bright lights. It comes with a dry cleaning wipe, a wet cleaning wipe, and dust wiping sticky tape. This screen protector will shield your eyes from bright glares while guarding your phone’s screen against scratches and bumps.

Best Anti-Glare

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