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The Best Scrunchies

🕚 Updated November 2022

Scrunchies are a gentle, fun, and fashionable way to turn a bad hair day into a fabulous one. We've got the scoop on which scrunchies work the best and won't leave your hair frizzy or damaged.

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  Best Bang for Your Buck Good for Most Hair Types Best Velvet Set Best Scarf Scrunchies Most Hair-Friendly Choice
65-piece Velvet, Chiffon, and Satin Scrunchies Hair Scrunchies
Ouchless Hair Scrunchies – 8 Count
12-piece Velvet Scrunchie Set
12-piece Pattern Scarf Scrunchies
100% Mulberry Silk Scrunchies
Our SummaryGet a whole bundle of scrunchies in various colors and designs.These scrunchies have a strong, effective hold on fine or thick hair.A variety of soft, strong, and luxurious-looking scrunchies.Get three vintage-inspired patterns in tons of bright colors.These scrunchies prevent hair from developing kinks.
Pros65 pieces, materials include velvet, chiffon, and satin, multiple sizes and colors.Popular brand, create waves in hair, holds large buns and ponytails, can use to style clothes.12 pieces, can hold ultra-thick hair, multiple colors, casual and formal.Three pattern choices, retro look, adjustable and adaptable.100% natural silk, leaves zero kinks or dents in hair, extra-stretchy up to 8 inches.
ConsSome sizes don't offer a lot of stretch.Not the same stretch as an oversized scrunchie.Elastic band may break if stretched hard and fast.Not real silk chiffon.Most expensive option.
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The Best Scrunchies

a woman puts a scrunchie in her hair.

Surprisingly, scrunchies haven’t been around forever—they’re pretty new, popularized in 1987, alongside the demand for gentler, non-metal hair ties. Today, scrunchies are a full-on fashion trend offered in a ton of styles, prints, materials, and functions. Check out our favorite scrunchies and why we think they’re the best of the best.

Buying Guide for Scrunchies

hair scrunchies of various sizes and colors in a pile on a white table.

Why buy hair scrunchies?

They’re light, fun, and offer more variety than today’s basic black hair tie. Plus, they’re considered “retro” now (to the disdain of those of us born in the ’80s), which gives them that much more alluring. Outside of aesthetics, they truly are a godsend for hair quality of life, especially compared to new-age ponytails featuring thinner, tighter, sleeker hair bands with metal that plucks and pulls.

What should you consider when buying scrunchies?

  • Size: These quirky fabric bands range in size (small to oversized) to fit any ponytail or updo. Clearly, smaller ones will work better for thin and short hair, and larger ones will work better for long and thick hair.
  • Style: Scrunchies are effective during almost any activity, from chasing kids to chasing a volleyball. With thousands of designs and color combinations to choose from, the most challenging part of shopping for scrunchies is picking out which ones best complement your style.

Why use scrunchies over other hair ties?

The most significant benefit of using a soft cloth hair tie over a thinner one with a metal cuff or a firmer coil hair tie is its gentler effect on your hair. Scrunchies are often made with luxurious materials like silk and velvet and are designed to prevent frizz, breakage, kinks, and even headaches. You can even lie down or sleep with your hair in a scrunchie! Thanks to their innate bulkiness, scrunchies won’t painfully tangle hair or disappear into small crevices in your car. Plus, they won’t leave painful indentations on your wrist if you like to keep a hair tie on you at all times.

Our Picks for Best Hair Scrunchies

Best Bang for Your Buck

Cehomi 65-piece Velvet, Chiffon, and Satin Scrunchies

Get a whole bundle of scrunchies in various colors and designs.

Pros: You’ve got 65 pieces to choose from in this Cehomi scrunchie set. Wake up every day and choose from solid or patterned velvet, chiffon, and satin bands in basically every color imaginable. They’re soft, stretchy, and come in different sizes, which is helpful for thicker hair, as many of the ties easily double around most thick ponytails. These scrunchies are designed with quality fabric that won’t break or damage your hair.

Cons: Some of the sizes included don’t offer maximum stretch and are more effective on children or adults with fine hair.

Bottom Line: You can’t beat the price of this scrunchie set! They’re quality products at a great value. Your happy hair will thank you for these soft, stretchy scrunchies.


Pros: When it comes to hair ties, Goody is a popular go-to. These metal-less, “Ouchless” scrunchies are simple, gentle, and won’t pull precious hair or leave a dent post-ponytail. Even better, they can help create cute beach waves if you want. They’re soft, lightly textured, and strong enough to hold a large messy bun or thick ponytail but still dainty and can stylishly tie the bottom of a t-shirt without looking bulky—another retro look.

Cons: These scrunchies don’t offer as much stretch for super-thick ponytails, so it’s safe to say they’re ideal for fine and medium-thick hair.

Bottom Line: Goody is a renowned brand known for its quality hair accessories, so you can purchase with confidence right off the bat. Long-lasting Ouchless scrunchies work with just about every hair type, even extremely fine strands, providing all-day comfort and hold.


Best Velvet Set

AFSTEE 12-piece Velvet Scrunchie Set

A variety of soft, strong, and luxurious-looking scrunchies.

Pros: This 12-piece set of shiny AFSTEE scrunchies offers more than just looks—they’re strong enough to hold ultra-thick and ultra-fine hair without breaking or damaging your mane. Choose from multiple deep, luxurious colors that pair great with a little black dress or your favorite pair of jeans. All of these hair ties are the same size.

Cons: Handle these luxurious-feeling scrunchies with care, as their elastic bands may break if stretched too hard and too fast.

Bottom Line: You can find larger velvet sets for the same price, but they may not promise the same quality in fabric and hold. AFSTEE delivers a soft, rich-textured product for a fair price, so they’re worth the try! Just remember to handle them carefully.


Best Scarf Scrunchies

Aileam 12-piece Pattern Scarf Scrunchies

Get three vintage-inspired patterns in tons of bright colors.

Pros: These are unique scrunchies. They’re attached to colorful, patterned scarves (three striped, four polka-dot, and five flowers). They’re surprisingly adaptable and make for a stylish, retro look perfect for adults and kids. With more material than basic scrunchies, you’re not limited to just the scrunchie part; use the scarf to wrap and twist your hair however you like. You can even remove the scarf from the scrunchie and use it as a bandana. It’s a simple way to add a bold statement to your wardrobe.

Cons: The scrunchie and scarf material isn’t top-quality silk chiffon but polyester chiffon, which is widely used in clothing manufacturing today because it’s less expensive. As long as you don’t expect real silk, you won’t be disappointed.

Bottom Line: You’ll invest in a quality tie and a unique statement piece. Aileam scarf scrunchies are fun, functional hair ties that offer multiple finished looks in one.


Most Hair-Friendly Choice

LilySilk 100% Mulberry Silk Scrunchies

Designed to prevent pulling and breaking hair.

Pros: Ever hear of soft, luxurious mulberry silk? It’s a natural, gentle, and durable material perfect for maintaining healthier-looking hair. These LilySilk 100% handmade mulberry silk scrunchies leave zero marks on your mane, and they won’t break or tear your hair when you remove them for the day. They’re incredibly stretchy—up to 8-inch stretch, the largest of our picks—and hold your style for hours, even while you sleep.

Cons: For the price of 12 scrunchies from another manufacturer, you get one genuine 100% silk scrunchie from LilySilk. The better the material, the higher the cost.

Bottom Line: There’s a reason these scrunchies are pricier. Real silk costs more money, but it’s definitely worth the upgrade, especially if it means maintaining your hair’s integrity long-term. LilySilk is worth the investment, and it’s also an eco-friendly company!

Final Thoughts

The world is bringing back the ’90s in one of the best ways—scrunchies. Not only are they fun to wear and pair, but they also protect your hair from the snagging, plucking, and painful pulling caused by thin, restricting, metal-clasped hair ties.

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