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The Best Seashell Decor

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🕚 Updated May 2023

The beach is a serene and relaxing place, and beachy home decor will remind you of how you feel when sinking your toes into a sandy shore. And there are few objects that scream "the ocean" better or more distinctly than seashells. If you want to add some beachy vibes to your living space, check out this seashell decor that'll remind you of your favorite beach.

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  Most Practical Best Potpourri Best Wall Art Best String Lights Best Planters
Beach Bathroom Decor
Seashell Potpourri
Seashell Wall Art
Natural Beach Seashell String Lights
Conch Sea Shell Plant Holders
Our SummaryAdd seaside charm to your home with this wall-mounted decorative beach towel rack.Enjoy the scent and aesthetic of the beach with this seashell-inspired potpourri.Hang this wall decor in your home where you want to feel inspired by the sea.Made with real seashells, these lovely string lights are a unique and beautiful way to bring a touch of the beach to your living space.Add a summery, beachy vibe to your home with these shell-based planter pots.
Pros✓ Practical
✓ Aesthetic
✓ Four hooks
✓ Compact
✓ All hardware included
✓ Versatile
✓ Multiple scents
✓ Great decor piece
✓ Large bag
✓ Lightweight yet durable
✓ Clear and crisp design
✓ Six sizes available
✓ Mounting hardware comes included
✓ Adds light, warmth, and decoration
✓ Real shells
✓ Alternate design and lighting options
✓ Remote control with various lighting features
✓ Timer option
✓ Unique and natural way to display plants
✓ Conch or sea urchin option
✓ Real shells
✓ Versatile and decorative
Cons✗ May require more substantial screws✗ Not good for those who don't like heavy scents✗ Flimsy mounting hardware
✗ Color may not match the product photos
✗ Not very durable
✗ Doesn't plug into outlets
✗ Only fits small plants
✗ Plants not included
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The Best Seashell Decor

Beach interior decor: sea shells and lanterns on the wooden coffee table, natural colors.
Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Seashell Decor

Sea interior, sea shells and stars on a wooden table in a larger glass.
Tatyana Korotun/Shutterstock.com

Why buy seashell decor?

Whether you are decorating a beach house, nursery, or office, reminders of the beach can easily be achieved through seashell decor. From useful household items to decorative art pieces, there are many ways you can introduce a beach flair to your home. And it doesn’t require sand or tourist souvenirs. There is a large selection of seashell-themed beach decor out there.

What should you look for in seashell decor?

  • Function: Seashell decor comes in many forms and functions. A group of loose seashells gathered in a glass vase can act as a centerpiece for a coffee table or can be placed in a planter pot for a unique look. Seashell-themed art hanging on the wall instantly adds a beachy vibe to any room. They can also come in dishware patterns to keep the theme running in your kitchen. The possibilities are nearly endless. Different shell sizes and shapes can be used as focal points while contrasting colors can create a dynamic and visually appealing display.
  • Color: You may notice that if you plan to have a seashell decor theme in your home, many of the items will be tan, brown, blue, green, or off-white, which are typical beach and coastal colors. While these neutral colors are easy to pair most home decor with, you’ll want to keep this in mind so it fits within the style of your home. Various shades of coral or pink are also fairly common, which will add more of a pop of color to the room.
  • Real vs. Fake Shells: Some seashell decor will feature genuine seashells, while some are artificial. Real shells bring an authentic touch of nature to your decor as well as unique patterns, textures, and colors that can’t be precisely replicated by artificial shells. If you value the genuine beauty and organic feel of natural shells, real ones are a great choice. But they’re also far more delicate and might not be ethically sourced. Artificial shells are typically made from materials like resin or plastic, making them more durable than real shells. They’re less prone to breakage or damage and can withstand various environmental conditions, making them suitable for high-traffic areas or outdoor settings. They also offer more consistent appearance in terms of size, shape, and color. If you prefer a more uniform and controlled aesthetic for your decor, artificial shells will be more to your liking.

How should you take care of real seashells used as decor?

Many families with younger children may collect seashells from their beach trips as memorabilia and use them in their homes for decor. Real seashells are delicate and need to be taken care of so that they do not break over time. Once you collect your shells, you should clean them as soon as possible. First, you’ll want to remove the outer flaky skin known as the periostracum by submerging the shells in a half-bleach half-water solution for a couple of hours. Then, rinse them in cold water and soak them in fresh water for a few more hours. Spread them out and let them air dry. Once dry, inspect them for any barnacles that you can scrub off with an old toothbrush. Finally, you can polish them with baby oil or mineral oil or go all out and paint them with clear nail polish for an even shinier look.

Our Picks for the Best Seashell Decor

Most Practical

TideAndTales Beach Bathroom Decor

Add seaside charm to your home with this wall-mounted decorative beach towel rack.

Pros: Bring the beach to your home with this 3D textured shell hook hanger. This unique and rustic coastal piece is the perfect addition to your bathroom (or kitchen or mudroom), combining functionality with coastal aesthetics. With four sturdy hooks, it provides ample space to hang your towels and clothes; measuring 16.5 inches in length, this hook hanger is compact yet spacious enough to accommodate your everyday essentials, be it towels, coats, or purses. All the necessary hanging hardware comes included with your purchase, allowing you to effortlessly mount it on any wall in your home.

Cons: To ensure proper, secure installation, consider using more substantial screws when hanging it. While the included hanging hardware provides a convenient starting point, they aren’t the most stable options. Sturdier screws will better ensure that the hook hanger remains firmly in place, even with heavier items hanging from it.

Bottom Line: This beach hook hanger is unique and will add some nautical charm to your bathroom, giving you functional space to hang your essentials.


Best Potpourri

ANDALUCA Seashell Potpourri

Enjoy the scent and aesthetic of the beach with this seashell-inspired potpourri.

Pros: Elevate the ambiance of any (or every!) room in your home with the enchanting allure of this large bag of seashell-inspired potpourri. Imbued with a captivating blend of invigorating lemon, zesty lime, soothing sandalwood, delicate rose, and warm tonka beans, it effortlessly infuses your living space with a delightful fragrance. If this particular scent doesn’t appeal to you, there are seven other scents and arrangements from which to choose. Not only does this potpourri exude a captivating scent, but it also adds a touch of oceanic charm with its exquisite assortment of seashells, starfish, and driftwood. The bag of potpourri also includes a 20-ounce vial of fragrance, allowing you to increase the intensity of the scent if desired.

Cons: The potpourri itself is already strongly scented, even before you add the included fragrance, so this product may not be the best option if you or someone you live with has sensory issues or are otherwise sensitive to strong smells.

Bottom Line: This scent is great for beach lovers and will look lovely as an accent in a dish or bowl. Not only does it tantalize your senses, but it also serves as a stunning accent piece when displayed in a decorative container, adding a touch of natural elegance to any room.


Best Wall Art

YOOOAHU Seashell Wall Art

Hang this wall decor in your home where you want to feel inspired by the sea.

Pros: Revitalize your bathroom, living room, or bedroom with these stunning sea life prints. With their muted colors and exquisite design, they are the perfect addition to your bathroom or living room walls. You and your guests will appreciate the beauty of these pictures for years to come. The clear printing and crisp colors make the seashells and coral designs look all the more realistic. Since there are four pictures per set, you can hang them all together on the same wall or spread them out throughout your home. There are six different sizes available, so there’s an option to fit just about any space, no matter how small or large. Regardless of which size you select, this artwork is crafted from lightweight and durable canvas slung across a wooden frame. Thus it’s not only visually appealing but is built to last for years. And hanging them on your wall will take minimal effort, thanks in large part to the included wall hangers and tape measure that provide more precise spacing.

Cons: As convenient as the plastic mounting equipment might be, it’s prone to breaking during installation. You’ll want to keep additional nails on hand as a backup, just in case. And while the artwork will be beautiful regardless, the color of the prints in the product photos may not accurately match its description or real-life appearance.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re revamping your bathroom, living room, or bedroom or seeking a unique gift, these wall prints offer exceptional value and are sure to impress. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your living space with these lovely, sea-based pieces of art.


Best String Lights

WSgift Natural Beach Seashell String Lights

Made with real seashells, these lovely string lights are a unique and beautiful way to bring a touch of the beach to your living space.

Pros: These stunning shell string lights not only add a beachy element to your space but a touch of enchantment and elegance as well. The string of real shells securely attached to the strand showcases the authentic beauty of the ocean. The natural shells blend seamlessly with other beach-themed decor, making them perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, or even patios. The warm and inviting glow emitted from each shell creates a serene and captivating ambiance reminiscent of a peaceful beach getaway. There’s also a conch-themed option, as well as brighter white LED lights if you prefer sharper and crisper lighting. The included remote control offers various blink and fade modes, allowing you to customize the lighting effects to suit your mood and preference. The timer option also adds an additional layer of convenience, allowing you to set specific times for the lights to come on and go off, and it saves battery life in the process.

Cons: While beautiful, these aren’t the most durable string lights. The natural seashell construction makes them more delicate, while the lights themselves may die after less than a year of use. The string wire that holds the lit seashells together is also on the thin and fragile side. Some customers also expressed disappointment that these lights don’t plug into outlets and instead run on batteries, as this can be more expensive due to requiring constant battery changing and buying replacements.

Bottom Line: String lights may not be the first decor item that jumps into your head when you think of seashell decor, but you’ll reconsider that mindset once they’re in your home or on your porch. Whether you’re creating a soothing atmosphere or accentuating a beach-themed decor, these lights will elevate your home with their warmth, elegance, and versatility.


Best Planters

ANPHSIN Conch Sea Shell Plant Holders

Add a summery, beachy vibe to your home with these shell-based planter pots.

Pros: These seashell plant holders are a unique and natural way to display your plants and succulents. They’re made from real conch shells or sea urchins, depending on which design you opt for, providing an authentic touch of natural ocean beauty to your shelves. While meant to be used as planters, these seashells are versatile and can be used for various other functions or in other decorative ways. Whether you want to bring a touch of the ocean to your own home or surprise someone with a lovely and thoughtful gift, these seashell plant holders are a wonderful choice.

Cons: Due to their rather diminutive size, these seashell planters can only be used to hold the smallest of plants. Anything larger than a mini succulent will likely be too big to fit, so be sure to double-check the dimension of these shells and their openings before you buy. Also note that no plants come included with your purchase, just the planters.

Bottom Line: Another unusual and creative seashell decor option, these spiky conch shells planters are a unique take on traditional plant pots and can act as a fun conversation piece in your home. They’re also an excellent gift for the ocean and/or plant lover in your life.

Final Thoughts

Just because you aren’t at the beach doesn’t mean you can’t relish that same feeling when you’re there. Enjoy the serenity of the ocean with any of these fun beach-themed seashell decor pieces in the comfort of your own home.

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