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The Best Seat for Your Mountain Bike


There are a variety of mountain bike features that can go unnoticed at times, but to even the casual rider, there is no escaping the presence of a bad bicycle seat. They are painfully uncomfortable, and those are two words that you don’t want to be associated with your rear end. It’s nice to ride in style on a sleek set of wheels, but you should also ride in comfort and equip your mountain bike with a seat that feels like you just hopped on it even after you’ve trekked three miles into the woods. If you’re looking for a new seat that will treat your delicate region delicately, here are some we recommend.

Choosing the Perfect Bike Seat

Consider these factors when buying your next mountain bike seat:

  • Cushion: The epitome of comfort is what you should really be investing in. Luckily, there are plenty of bicycle seats that know how to combat any rider’s previous history of uncomfortable seats with Grade-A materials that are plump, plush, and treat your rear with the respect it deserves.
  • Space: A dependable size for your mountain bike seat should also be in consideration. This works right alongside cushion because you can’t have a narrow bike seat and still expect to sit comfortably on long rides. Find something that offers ample room to fit the entirety of your behind.
  • Alternative Features: Of course, while a comfortable bicycle seat is a top priority, don’t let that get in the way of finding a seat that can take care of you beyond comfort. Features like water-resistant material and built-in reflective strips ensure that your seat is in it for the long haul, and so are you.

Most Comfortable: Wittkop Bicycle Saddle

matte black mountain bike seat with red accents and white writing

For over 120 years, the Wittkop brand has been providing mountain bikers with the necessary “cush” for their tush along the rocky pathways. What makes this option so deserving of our “Most Comfortable” award is a pair of words that should make any bike rider ecstatic to hit the trail: memory foam. This special layer of foam isn’t too dense nor too soft; rather, it molds to the curvature of your body, and with its ergonomic 5-Zone seating concept, you’re guaranteed one of the most comfortable riding experiences you can buy. And whether you attach this seat to your mountain or stationary bike, you’re still getting the full benefit of its enhanced airflow system to help cool and dry your bottom to prevent uncomfortable sweat build up.

Most Comfortable

Wittkop Bike Seat [City] Bicycle Seat for Men and Women, Waterproof Bike Saddle with Innovative 5-Zone-Concept Exercise Bike Seat - Wide Bike Seat

Enhanced with memory foam cushion, this bike seat gives cyclists one massively cozy reason to hop on their bikes.

Best Safety Features: Giddy Up! Bike Seat

back view of a black leather-like mountain bike seat with small red lights

Combining premium comfort with supreme safeguarding, the Giddy Up! Bike Seat knows how to take care of its rider. Its memory foam material is only complimented by the seat’s two shock-absorbing rubber balls that ensure a smooth ride over rocky roads and potholes. Its main appeal, however, is just how much it does in service of rider safety than any traditional bike seat can do. Located in the rear of the seat but at the forefront of security, there’s a built-in LED taillight that will alert others to your presence on the trail or road, day and night. A purchase here also includes a reflective band that the rider can wear, enhancing visibility for others and granting a safer trip.

Best Safety Features

Most Stability: Eapmic Bicycle Saddle Bike Seat with Soft Back Tricycle Seat

textured black mountain bike seat with a small backrest

For some people, the overall experience of bike riding can simply be ruled out of their favor because of the bike seat alone. Traditional seats are not terribly comfortable, nor do they always offer the right amount of space for a rider’s entire rear. And for casual riders with sensitive backs, it can take a lot of effort to remember proper riding posture when done so infrequently. To combat these woes, Eapmic created the long-lasting Bicycle Saddle with a Soft Back Tricycle Seat for a secure ride on the trail. Its sturdy backrest offers easy movement and plenty of relaxation, so those who ride on a mountain or E-bike can lay back and refocus their attention on their legs and not on their lower backs.

Most Stability

Bicycle Saddle Bike Seat with Soft Back Tricycle Seat for Mountain Bike, Road Bicycle, Hibrid and Stationary Exercise Bike (Style -1)

If you're looking for a seat that eases the pain on your bike while riding, this one allows you to lean back and enjoy the sights of the ride.

Also Consider: SGODDE Comfortable Bike Seat

long black leather-like mountain bike seat

An anti-scratch and water-resistant replacement for all standard mountain bikes, stationary bikes, and kids bikes, the SGODDE Bike Seat is another great option for riders who are tired of riding around on hard rubber. This bike seat’s artificial gel replaces the plastic polymer of traditional seats, thus reducing pain and pressure on the rear by up to 40%. It also features an ergonomic and breathable design that provides great safety for your hips and the necessary ventilation on longer rides. With this bike seat, it’s a matter of comfort first, so you can enjoy a ride that doesn’t bring pain, irritation, or chafing.

Also Consider

SGODDE Comfortable Bike Seat-Gel Waterproof Bicycle Saddle with Central Relief Zone and Ergonomics Design for Mountain Bikes,Road Bikes,Men and Women

You're looking for comfort with every ride, and this bike seat provides all of the right cushion your rear needs.

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