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The Best Seed Spreaders for Your Yard

three different seed spreaders being used outside; two push and one handheld
Agri-Fab/Scotts/Spot Spreader

No need to toss seed into the air and hope for the best. A well-designed seed spreader is the tool you need to sow accurately and quickly. Some include large-capacity hoppers, spike disks for aeration, and simple handheld spot seeders. Whatever your need, no doubt you’ll find a product perfect for your gardening task.

How to Select a Seeder

Look into these factors:

  • Goal: Exactly what kind of project do you need to tackle? If you intend to seed a large plot, look for a model that will cover more ground. Or, do you only need a simple spot seeder for those small dead patches on your lawn?
  • Labor: Some individuals prefer the shoulder seeder to suit their physical capability and desired application. Others may need a less demanding seeder, like a handheld device or an easy-to-use push seeder.

Best Overall: Scotts Elite Spreader

Man pushing a seed spreader in the garden

Need to fertilize or seed a large stretch of land and do a swift and good job, too? Scotts Elite Spreader may be just the thing. Its dual rotors give superb accuracy and a 6-foot spread pattern, which is what you need if you want your lawn to look evenly full. And the hopper holds up to 20,000 square feet of seed, so you don’t need to waste time reloading. The spreader also features an ergonomic handle and even a smartphone holder.

Best Overall

Scotts Elite Spreader

This product has accuracy, a large hopper, an ergonomic handle, and lots more!

Best Tow-Behind: Agri-Fab 100-Pound Seed Spreader

Tow-behind seed spreader outside on a green plot

It just takes one look to see that this Agri-Fab tow-behind spiker, seeder, and spreader means business. Just check out these features: eight galvanized steel spike disks, 100-pound hopper capacity, flat-free wheels, and a universal fit hitch. Its 32-inch controlled spread width allows for accurate seeding. The spiker-seeder combination allows you to aerate and seed simultaneously.

Best Tow-Behind

Agri-Fab 100-Pound Tow Seed Spreader

This option will help you aerate and seed a large area quickly and accurately.

Most Versatile: EarthWay Precision Garden Seeder with Interchangeable Seed Plates

Push seed spreader with 7 seed plates displayed on ground

The EarthWay garden seeder was designed for true garden-lovers and for a full range of skill levels. The frame is constructed of American-made Aircraft grade aluminum, and the hopper holds enough seed for half-acre garden plots. The smartly designed adjustable furrow plow allows for precise seed depth. You’ll be making straight rows and spacing seeds consistently and at an appropriate depth. Now the cool part—seven interchangeable seed plates for seeding hemp, corn, leeks, beans, and many more!

Best Shoulder: Yard Tuff Shoulder Spreader

Canvas shoulder seed spreader bag, "Yard Tuff" printed on front
Yard Tuff

Sometimes it’s easier to throw it over your shoulder and get going. The canvas bag weighs only 3.5 pounds and holds up to 25 pounds of seed, so carrying it is no big sweat. It features a calibrated flow rate adjuster that is easy to operate and assemble. Also included is an adjustable strap to suit all body sizes.

Best Shoulder

Yard Tuff Shoulder Spreader, 25-Pound

It's easy to sling over the shoulder, fasten in place, adjust seed flow, and spread some seeds!

Best Handheld: Spot Spreader Hand Shaker for Seed, Salt, and Fertilizer

a handheld green and black seed spreader
Spot Spreader

Oh no, there’s a brown spot over by the fence! No worries. Get your hands on a Spot Spreader, and you’ll get new grass growing with a few simple steps. Pour your grass seeds into the container, set the screw top in place, choose your pour setting, and apply. The container is durable, lightweight, and easy to use. It’s great for dispensing salt on icy sidewalks, too.

Best Spot Spreader

Spot Spreader Hand Shaker for Seed, Salt, Earth Food, and Fertilizer

This simple, handheld seed spreader is the secret to addressing dead sections on the lawn.

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