The Best Sensory Toys for All Ages

Two kids playing with colorful sensory water beads.
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Health professionals often recommend sensory toys for kids with developmental disabilities, attention disorders, and individuals of all ages who suffer from anxiety and stress. Engaging with a sensory toy can help distract someone from overstimulation in order to focus their mind and soothe their worries. For young children, these toys also serve as tools of fun! Here are some great sensory toys that we recommend.

Purchasing a Sensory Toy

When shopping for the ideal sensory toy, keep these key factors in mind:

  • Preference: Everybody is different. Think about what you or the person you are gifting like in a toy. Not all kids will find sensory beads sufficiently engaging. Some kids become overwhelmed with the variety that comes with a bin of sensory toys. Think about the activities they enjoy and find a toy that supports that passion.
  • Desired Outcome: Interestingly, some sensory toys aid in focusing and distracting, but other toys will calm rather than stimulate. Keep in mind your child’s disposition and challenges, and choose accordingly.
  • Variety: If you want a cornucopia of toys, you can have it. Want something simple? Perhaps a reliably satisfying stress ball will do the trick. With just a bit of research, you will discover that many toys have a variety of uses.

Best Assortment: Scientoy Fidget Toy Set

Woman and young boy playing with sensory toys.

This set of sensory toys contains 35 items for your child to enjoy. That’s a huge assortment — from coil springs to fidget spinners to egg slime putty! Scientoy designed their products for children and adults with ADD and OCD. You name it, and they have the stress-relief or distractor toy for you. These products meet American Society for Testing and Materials safety standards.

Best Assortment

Best Push Pop Design: Colplay Push Pop Bubble Sensory Toy

Boy and girl play with a green popping toy.

Are you popping with anxious energy? The Colplay push pop bubble sensory toy gives you the medium to express emotional energy in a safe and fun manner. This toy comes with games that challenge you or your kids to use strategy and math skills. This super sensory toy promotes playful exploration in kids while providing the elderly with a method to prevent brain degeneration and build the ability to focus.

Best Sensory Bin: Creativity for Kids Sensory Bin

Bin filled with black sand and numerous outer-spaced themed toys.
Creativity for Kids

This bucket of sensory toys makes for fantastically fun times. It comes with items of different shapes, sizes, and textures that kids will love to touch. Kids are unaware, but as they play, the toy encourages their brain development, social interaction skills, and even critical thinking skills. Choose a sensory bin from several themes like outer space, ice cream shop, and construction zone.

Best Sensory Bin

Creativity for Kids Sensory Bin: Outer Space - Preschool Sensory Space Toys for Kids

This themed sensory bin allows your kid to learn, relax, and play with sensational toys.

Best Stress Balls: Power Your Fun Arggh Mini Stress Balls

Packaging in background and a hand squeezing a green ball in foreground.
Power Your Fun

Stress balls became popular in the 1980s and have maintained their status for over 20 years! The sensory toys come in different resistance levels and colors, so you can find the perfect ball for you. These toys offer a safe method for releasing anger as you can squish and squeeze them softly or brutally. Stress balls can have a calming effect on individuals with attention disorders. Squeeze, stretch, or pick at the Arggh ball and watch as it changes color! Fidgeting with a stress ball can help you concentrate, too, so take one to the office!

Best Stress Balls

Best for Kids: Elongdi Water Beads

Two hands cupping a mound of sensory beads.

Does the kid in you remember the pleasure of pressing your fingers into sand or dirt? That action soothes and stimulates at the same time. Elongdi water beads offer a similar experience. Fill a bucket or bath with water, pour the beads in, and watch as they expand to roughly an inch in diameter. Playing with these beads provides children with a way to learn fine motor skills, color recognition, and more.

Best for Kids
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