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The Best Shaker Bottles for Your Fitness Routine

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Working out is one of the best ways to increase your health and overall longevity, but the number of steps that go into creating a fitness routine can be overwhelming. When should you do cardio? How much protein should you be eating? Is there a right way to lift weights? While creating an effective fitness regimen can seem daunting, there are plenty of ways to ease into a routine that will work for you. One of the best tools to add to your fitness routine is a shaker bottle. These bottles feature a mixing mechanism, such as a shaker ball or a vortex-shaped design that breaks up protein powders or other supplements and then blends them into a smooth pre- or post-workout shake. A wide variety of blender bottles on the market come with different features and designs, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one that works for your routine. Here are some fantastic blender bottles that we highly recommend!

What to Look for When Buying a Shaker Bottle

Here are some things to consider before purchasing a shaker bottle:

  • Materials: If you want to get the most bang for your buck, you should invest in a shaker bottle crafted with high-quality materials. Tritan plastic is one of the best materials to look for when purchasing a shaker bottle: it is super durable, odor-and-stain-resistant, and BPA-free to eliminate any risk of contamination. Look for a blender ball crafted with surgical-grade stainless steel, as this will keep the ball from rusting or losing its shape.
  • Features: It is important to look for a shaker bottle with features that work for your fitness routine. If you want to make sure that you are getting the most precise measurements for your protein powders and supplements, look for a bottle that comes with embossed markings that help you measure both ounces and milliliters. If you haven’t found a shaker ball that can mix your shake to the consistency you like, you should invest in a shaker bottle that doesn’t require a shaker ball. Vortex-shaped bottles will mix your smoothie together with just a simple shake of the bottle, and electric bottles will blend your shake with just a click of a button.

Best with Storage: BlenderBottle Shaker Bottle with Organizer

black shaker bottle with a black lid, a transparent pill organizer, and a steel blender ball around the base of the bottle

If you’re looking to make your protein shakes on the go, you should check out this convenient shaker bottle. It features a ProStak system that comes with two interlocking jars that allow you to easily store protein powders, supplements, and much more with or without the bottle. The bottle also comes with a space-saving pill organizer that fits into the interlocking jar lids, giving you room for both vitamins and powders in the same jar. The shaker uses a stainless steel blender ball designed to whip around the inside of the bottle to give you a smooth drink every time.

Best with Storage

BlenderBottle Shaker Bottle with Pill Organizer and Storage for Protein Powder, ProStak System, 22-Ounce, Black

This shaker comes with an interlocking jar system that allows you to easily store protein powders, vitamins, and much more.

Best Budget: BlenderBottle Pro-Series Shaker Bottle

black shaker bottle with a steel blender ball sitting at the base of the bottle

This shaker bottle should simplify your pre-workout routine: the bottle features a wide opening that allows you to easily pour in powders and liquids without the risk of spilling them. It is crafted with durable, odor-resistant tritan plastic that is dishwasher safe for your convenience. The bottle comes with a stainless steel shaker ball that easily blends protein powders and supplements into a smooth consistency; it also comes with a screw-on, leak-proof lid that uses a spout guard to protect you from unwanted germs. The side of the bottle features embossed markings that measure both ounces and milliliters in order to help you craft the perfect pre-workout smoothie.

Best Budget

BlenderBottle Shaker Bottle Pro Series Perfect for Protein Shakes and Pre Workout, 24-Ounce, Black

The side of this shaker bottle is embossed with markings that measure both ounces and milliliters.

Best without Shaker Ball: Helimix Vortex Blender Bottle

transparent green blender bottle on a white background

If you always seem to misplace the blender ball that comes with traditional shaker bottles, you may want to consider investing in a bottle that will perfectly mix your pre-workout shakes without the help of a blender ball. This shaker uses a patented vortex-blender design that allows for optimal mixing with just a few good shakes of the bottle: the ingredients are forced into a reverse-rotational direction that easily combines powders and liquids as you shake the bottle, giving you an efficient and powerful way to craft your smoothies. It is made with odor-resistant, shatter-proof tritan plastic that is BPA-free in order to ensure that your powders and supplements stay clean.

Best without Shaker Ball

Best Electric Bottle: VOLTRX Premium Electric Shaker Bottle

black electric blender bottle next to white tube packaging

There are few things more unpleasant than finding a dry clump of unblended protein powder in your smoothie. If you are looking to eliminate this problem completely, you should check out this electric shaker bottle! It uses a motor-powered base to whip through powders and supplements, creating an even-textured smoothie with no caked residues or powdery clumps. It comes with a rechargeable battery providing up to one month of usage from a two-hour charge. It is crafted with shatter-resistant tritan plastic that is durable and super easy to clean! The bottle features a luminous base that highlights the blender’s vortex design in order to give you a more exciting smoothie-making experience.

Best Electric Bottle

VOLTRX Premium Electric Protein Shaker Bottle, Made with Tritan - BPA Free - 24 oz Vortex Portable Mixer Cup/USB C Rechargeable Shaker Cups for Protein Shakes

This electric bottle comes with a rechargeable battery that provides up to one month of usage from a two-hour charge.

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