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The Best Shark Toys for Kids

a young boy riding an inflatable shark toy in a pool with his dad nearby

The shark has always been one of the most exciting and mysterious fishes that many have grown to love. The creature’s mystique especially grows in popularity during the warmer seasons as more and more people travel to the coast for their beach vacation. With films, cartoons, and the Discovery Channel providing plenty of excitement and allure around the animal, it’s no wonder that our kids love them as well. So if your kid is into sharks, then here are some shark toys we recommend.

What to Look for in Shark Toys

Consider these factors:

  • Fun is Number One: Your child’s enjoyment is priority number one, and since there are so many different types of shark toys to choose from, be sure to buy a toy that they would love and have fun with. You know your child best, so if they’re more into action figures than stuffed animals or a shark blanket, then find a toy set of sharks that will pique their interest. Innovative and informative toys can also be fun.
  • Safety in Mind: The majority of toy companies have your child’s safety in mind, but double-check that the toy has passed child safety standards. Age-appropriate toys are also key because you don’t want to buy toys for a young child that they could choke on; instead, you should buy little ones something like a blanket or a night-light.

Best Night-Light: FULLOSUN 3D Illusion Shark Night-Light

a shark-shaped night-light illuminating a young boy's desk and face

This unique 3D night-light brings the illusion of a shark into your child’s bedroom. It comes with a remote control function to control the dim features and the visual effects, such as the four modes of color flashing. There are 16 colors it cycles through, and the long-lasting LED lights are soft and uniform to make it eye-friendly and ideal for young kids. The power supply runs through an included USB cord, or it can run on batteries to take it on the go.

Best Night-Light

Best Blanket: Blankie Tails Shark Blanket

a boy lying inside the mouth of a shark-shaped blanket

This shark blanket glows in the dark and is great for kids of all ages, including adults. It comes in different sizes for different age groups, with the largest blanket constructed to fit an adult, so you and your child can both enjoy a shark blanket. Its premium-quality, double-sided Minky fabric is machine washable and looks and feels super soft. This Blankie Tails blanket makes for a great gift and is also great for sleepovers since it acts as a sleeping bag.

Best for the Water: Intex Great White Shark Ride-On

an inflated shark toy with handles on either side of the fin on top

This ride-on toy is one of the best realistic shark toys for the water. Regardless if you’re at the beach or at a swimming pool party, this inflatable toy will be a great addition to your child’s swimming gear. It’s made for kids aged 3 and older and is designed with heavy-duty grab handles and three air chambers for added security.

Best for the Water

Intex Great White Shark Ride-On, 68" X 42", for Ages 3+

If you're a fan of sharks and are near a body of water, then this shark toy is a necessary companion.

Best Stuffed Animal: The Melissa & Doug Shark

a stuffed shark toy in a dark gray color

If your kid doesn’t like the water much and would prefer a shark toy that they could cuddle with at night, then this stuffed shark from Melissa and Doug should be at the top of your wish list. This lifelike shark measures 3 feet long, with beautiful markings and realistic details. The polyester fabric makes it both super soft and durable, and its size isn’t just great for hugging but can be used as a pillow, for imaginative play, or for decoration in any ocean-themed room.

Best Stuffed Animal

Melissa & Doug Giant Shark - Lifelike Stuffed Animal (over 3 feet long)

A great gift for any shark lover, this stuffed animal is the right size for young kids.

Best Set: Boley Shark Toys

a set of eight different toy sharks with a pamphlet about them resting beneath

This eight-piece shark toy set includes a variety of sharks, from the great white to the blue, the blacktip reef, the hammerhead, and whale sharks. This set is perfect for an intuitive kid looking to learn more facts about their favorite fish. It features realistic details, lifelike colors, and a pamphlet with plenty of pictures and information so that your child can play and learn simultaneously. It’s ideal for children ages 3 and up, and the material is made from soft, pliable plastic, so it can withstand rough play.

Best Set

Boley Shark Toys - 8 Pack 10" Long Soft Plastic Realistic Shark Toy Set - Toddler Sensory Toys and Birthday Party Favors for Kids

This large set of shark toys is both fun and informative with each shark featuring a profile.

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