The Best Sheets for Your Queen Bed

a bed with white satin sheets on it in a room with purple walls and modern decorWhether you’re looking to upgrade from a well-loved pair of sheets or just bought your first queen-sized mattress to match your new grown-up lifestyle, finding well-fitting and comfortable sheets is required for the perfect night’s rest. Sheets that keep you up all night turning your bed into a sauna aren’t giving you the proper nighttime experience, nor is the annoying itch caused by old fabric slowing pilling and thinning out. With the perfect set of sheets, you can feel like royalty and fully enjoy your queen-sized bed. Here are some fantastic queen bed sheets that we recommend.

Purchasing Bed Sheets

When you are ready to upgrade your sleeping situation, keep these things in mind to find the perfect bed sheets:

  • Thread Count: Higher thread counts indicate softness and durability. Sheets with thread counts between 300 and 800 will likely be long-lasting and soften even further with use. But don’t be fooled by excessive thread counts, as they are not always an indicator of quality. If you are on a budget, a well-sewn sheet with a 200 to 300 thread count will be soft and comfortable.
  • Material: While cotton is breathable, knit cotton doesn’t help to cool you off at night as well as woven cotton. Microfiber fabrics are best for sleepers looking to hold onto warmth at night as they don’t offer much airflow. Both fabrics are traditionally inexpensive and easy to find in different colors and patterns. Silk and satin create that super-smooth feel that can keep hot sleepers cool. The natural strength of silk makes it resistant to pilling and stretching, while more budget-friendly cotton and polyester sheets aren’t able to hold up as well.
  • Size: Queen-sized sheets aren’t one size fits all. Before buying new sheets, measure the depth of your mattress to ensure the sheet’s elastic will be snuggly tucked away beneath the edge of your bed. Natural fibers such as cotton or linen shrink in a warm wash cycle, so if the bed sheets you are eyeing look like they may fit a little snug, you should reconsider your choice. People with thick mattresses can typically use sheets with at least a 16-inch depth. Remember that mattress pads also add some inches, so take that extra space requirement into account.

Best Cotton: Chateau Home Collection 100% Egyptian Cotton

Two silver pillows and a matching sheet being displayed on a bed.

Crafted from 100% Egyptian yarn, these 800 thread count sheets will feel like sleeping on a cloud. The close weave and long-staple cotton fibers ensure that these sheets last years and even soften with continued use. These sheets feature a special merrow stitch to add a touch of shine that amplifies the elegant design. Cotton sheets help regulate temperature, and the silky smoothness of these sheets will make your entire body feel as though it is on the cool side of the pillow.

Best for Hot Sleepers: PeachSkinSheets Night Sweats

A white husky wrapped in grey sheets and laying on a bed.

Sweaty sleepers can finally enjoy a moistureless night of sleep with these specially made sheets from PeachSkinSheets. The fabric doesn’t magically stop your sweating, but the athletic-grade fabric quickly wicks moisture away while allowing for adequate airflow. This isn’t the typical athletic fabric you get from a dry-fit shirt or running shorts. The 1,500 thread count level makes it ultra-soft, durable, and fast-drying. With lots of solid colors to pick from, hot sleepers won’t have to sacrifice style for functionality.

Best for Hot Sleepers

Night Sweats: PeachSkinSheets Classic White 1500tc Soft Sheet Set - Queen

Beat the heat that keeps you awake at night with the specially made fabric of these moisture-wicking sheets.

Best Color Options: Amazon Basics Lightweight Super Soft Easy

A set of two blue and white patterned pillows laying on a matching sheet.

The 44 different colors and patterns of these sheets have the bonus of being budget-friendly as well as stylish. The polyester microfiber material is durable to ensure that the flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcases last after a quick wash in warm water. The all-around elastic and deep pockets can stretch around any mattress comfortably. And if getting your favorite colored sheets isn’t enough, you can throw in a matching duvet cover to create the perfect set that matches your style.

Best Color Options

Amazon Basics Lightweight Super Soft Easy Care Microfiber Bed Sheet Set with 14” Deep Pockets - Queen, Blue Damask

Show off your personal style with one of the soft solid colors or go bold with any of the 20 patterned options.

Best Silk: THXSILK Silk Sheet Set 4 Pcs, 19 Momme Silk Bed

A bed with dark purple silk sheets and matching pillows sitting in a dark room.

When you spend at least eight hours each day sleeping soundly in your bed, investing in luxury sheets like these is worth it. The 100% mulberry silk material is smooth to the touch and provides temperature regulation as your body heats and cools through the night. Silk is also great for absorbing moisture and is gentle on sensitive skin to reduce the chances of wrinkles. The 19 momme silk creates an incredibly durable sheet that is made to outlast all of your other bedsheets. You will get the luxury hotel look with the envelope closure of the accompanying pillow shams that match the sheets perfectly.

Best Silk
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