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The Best Shirts for Big and Small Dogs

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When the sun goes down and the wind rolls in, man’s best friend could always use an extra layer of warmth, courtesy of a dog shirt. However, dog shirts aren’t just for warmth. They’re also a great means of playing doggie dress up or protecting your pet when they suffer from skin irritation. If you’re in the market for a new dog shirt, here are some that we recommend for your pet.

Finding the Perfect Attire for Your Pup

Consider these factors when picking out your next doggie duds:

  • Measurements: The single most important factor you need to consider when picking out attire for your pup is the measurements, moreover, the correct measurements. Every item you’ll find listed below stresses the importance of measuring your pet to the tee before buying their product. The closer you are on your measurements, the more sure you are to fit your pet into a garment that’s comfortable throughout.
  • Material: Consider the material of the garment you’re looking into; it can be beneficial in more ways than one. As always, anything that’s lined with fleece or Sherpa will have your pet feeling cozy all day long, but what if they don’t want to feel it? Lightweight cotton materials are your best bet for a pup who may not enjoy the extra weight of some dog shirts.
  • Appearance: Of course, how your pet should look is entirely up to you. There are various dog garment styles out there, from the evocation of modern sporting attire to an everyday t-shirt look. While your pet won’t always be able to see the color of the garment you buy, consider a shirt that’s bright and contrasts with their environment.

Best Casual Wear: DroolingDog Cotton Clothes

To start this list, let’s think of the average pup for a moment. If this is the first time you’re putting clothing on them, then they may need some warming up to do. Because of this, it’s important you buy them a shirt that’s comfortable to the point of being non-detectable. While wearing a DroolingDog piece of clothing, your dog will hardly feel a thing. This two-pack of mixed shirts is made from a soft and breathable cotton fabric that rests easily on the skin. In fact, its organic materials cater to the skin so well that it is recommended for hairless animals and those with skin conditions. This two-pack is available in three different striped and dotted patterns. It’s also available in four sizes for dogs weighing as little as 3 pounds and as much 13 pounds.

Best Casual Wear

DroolingDog 2 Pack Small Boy Dog T Shirts Striped Dog Clothes Puppy Stripped Tshirts Breathable Cotton Tshirt for Boys Dogs

This two-pack of dog shirts is made from organic cotton that's extremely soft to the touch.

Best Dress-Up: Koneseve Dog Shirt

If you’re looking for more excitement in your pet’s doggie duds, a good button-up, and a plaid one at that, is ripe for any occasion. Koneseve’s Plaid dog shirt brings natural, soft cotton fabric that’s warm yet porous. Dogs will be dogs, but you don’t have to worry when yours takes a few laps around the backyard at full speed because this article of clothing features professional workmanship in each stitch, from its collar to its cuffed sleeves. This is a stylish piece of western wear for your pet, but it also functions perfectly well as a pajama shirt too. It’s available in three plaid patterns and 11 sizes, fitting dogs that weigh as little as 2 pounds and as much 105 pounds.

Best for Cold Weather: Fashion Focus Knitwear Dog Sweater

Don’t take their coats for granted—when the sun goes down and the breeze rolls in, some dogs just need a little bit of extra warmth. In this case, a regular cotton shirt may still not be enough, but Fashion Focus’ Knitwear Sweater? Well, it just might be the perfect combo of adorable style and unmatched warmth. Made from cozy woolen materials, this dog sweater is ideal for pets with or without furry coats of their own. It’s also fit for dogs of smaller stature, serviceable for pets weighing 1.3 pounds or 16.3 pounds depending on the size you select, of which there are seven. This is an easy-to-wash-and-dry garment that’s available in over ten exciting colors, from rose red to khaki.

Best for Cold Weather

Jecikelon Pet Dog Clothes Dog Sweater Soft Thickening Warm Pup Dogs Shirt Winter Puppy Sweater for Dogs (Grey, M)

This dog garment is great for smaller, shorter-haired pets who need an extra layer of warmth when the breeze rolls in.

Best Bundle: Scheppend Original Adidog


A purchase worth the humorous appeal alone, Scheppend’s Original Adidog tracksuit offers your pup top and bottom warmth and costs no more than pocket change. Featuring a fun design evoking the style of modern sportswear, this tracksuit promotes comfort and easy movement for your pet. This top and bottom set is made from the same sweatshirt cotton material an owner would buy for themselves, providing warmth with its Sherpa fleece lining when it’s cold and breathability while on a quick jog around the dog park. Its elasticity provides easy fitting for dogs of larger stature, comfortably hugging pets as long as 29.5 inches down their back and 37 inches along their chest. This tracksuit is available in 11 different sizes, reaching as high as 9XL, and ten different colors that are sure to bring out the track star in your pet.

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