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The Best Shoe and Boot Dryers

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🕚 Updated April 2023

Whether you exercise or get caught in the rain, your shoes and boots can get moist. If you're concerned about nasty odors taking hold, consider using one of these convenient shoe and boot dryers.

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  Best Overall Least Noisy Best for Multiples Best Quick Drying Best for Boots
Electric Shoe & Boot Dryer
Boot Dryer
Force Dry DX + Travel Boot Warmer Bundle
Mighty Dry Boot Dryer with Timer and Fan
Force Dry Boot Dryer
Our SummaryThis classic shoe dryer is always on and ready to dry your shoes.This is an affordable shoe dryer that's unobtrusive and quiet.This is a great solution for drying two pairs of shoes simultaneously.This is a quick-drying shoe rack that offers three settings and a temperature range.This is a convenient shoe dryer that folds flat for easy storage between uses.
Pros✓ Silent operation
✓ Always on
✓ Longer length compatible with boots
✓ Quiet operation
✓ 24/7 continuous operation
✓ Tall bays ideal for boots too
✓ Affordable
✓ Available in multiple quantities
✓ Can dry two pairs simultaneously
✓ Dries in three hours or less
✓ Can be used in the car
✓ Dries two pairs simultaneously
✓ Adjustable tubes to support tall boots
✓ Dries in three hours or less
✓ Adjustable ports for fold flat storage
✓ Dries in three hours or less
✓ Supports up to 10-inch tall boots
Cons✗ Not suitable for drying multiple pairs of shoes✗ Long dry times✗ Higher noise output because of forced air✗ Higher noise output because of forced air✗ Higher noise output because of forced air
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The Best Shoe and Boot Dryers

Tennis shoes with shoe dryers inside of them.
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Buying Guide for Shoe and Boot Dryers

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Why buy a shoe or boot dryer?

Sometimes you walk into puddles or deep snow or forget to wear socks one day. For whatever reason, your shoes can get wet or moist with foot sweat. A good shoe dryer can ensure that your shoes are properly dried so that you can wear them the next day and not begin to stink.

What should you consider when shopping for the best shoe and boot dryers?

  • Compatibility: Consider your shoes and what styles you have. A low-profile shoe dryer makes sense if you only have sneakers or low-top shoes. Meanwhile, if you have boots, you’ll want dryers with longer extensions that can effectively get to the soles of your boots.
  • Capacity: You can find single-pair shoe dryers, which are great if you live alone. But if you live with others or, for some reason, need to dry several pairs of shoes simultaneously, you’ll want to think about a dryer that offers higher capacity for more than a single pair. Also, consider whether you want varied heights for different types of shoes.
  • Speed: Think about how quickly your dryer can dry your shoes. A good shoe dryer will offer different modes depending on how wet or damp your shoes are. Remember that if your shoes are soaking wet, you’ll need to let them dry for at least an hour, if not more. So, look for a shoe dryer that offers modes ranging from a few minutes to as many as three hours.

Can you leave a shoe and boot dryer on overnight?

Yes, most shoe and boot dryers you can leave on all night. This can be convenient if your shoes are especially wet and need more than a few hours to dry thoroughly. It also saves time since you can sleep—then, by the time you wake up the next day, they would be completely dry for you to wear.

Our Picks for the Best Shoe and Boot Dryers

Best Overall

PEET Original Electric Shoe & Boot Dryer

This classic shoe dryer is always on and ready to dry your shoes.

Pros: If you struggle with remembering to turn items on, you’ll appreciate this shoe and boot dryer. Designed with a single set of dryers, once you plug it in, it’s always ready to go. Better still, it works quietly while still warming the air to help dry your shoes. It can be safely used on all materials, including vinyl, synthetic, fleece, and microfiber.

Cons: While effective, you’ll only get one set of dryers. So, it could take some time if you need to dry multiple pairs of shoes.

Bottom Line: This straightforward set of shoe dryers is a must-have for a simple solution to dry your shoes. It’s stable and sturdy and will keep your shoes in good condition.


Least Noisy

JobSite Boot Dryer

This is an affordable shoe dryer that's unobtrusive and quiet.

Pros: Available in three quantities, you’ll like that this affordable shoe and boot dryer is designed to be quiet and offers three simple settings. Warm your shoes in 30 minutes or dry damp shoes in eight hours. Meanwhile, soaking wet shoes require overnight drying. Still, this pick works quietly and promises not to shrink or over-dry your shoes.

Cons: While the quiet feature is nice, the long drying times for damp shoes make this a bit impractical for anyone hoping to reuse their shoes in a few hours.

Bottom Line: If you’re not in a rush, this quiet shoe and boot dryer is a solid option and comes in various quantities.


Best for Multiples

DryGuy Force Dry DX + Travel Boot Warmer Bundle

This is a great solution for drying two pairs of shoes simultaneously.

Pros: If you’re in a rush, you’ll appreciate that this shoe dryer works to dry most shoes in as little as one to two hours. Meanwhile, the maximum run time is three hours. We like that you have easy-to-use settings knobs and that this pick has four bays to dry four shoes simultaneously. The forced air reaches temperatures of up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Note that this pick also has extension tubes, so you can use it with boots up to 15 inches tall.

Cons: Unfortunately, the shorter drying time is because this is forced air. So, be prepared for a bit of noise.

Bottom Line: Quickly dry multiple pairs of boots and shoes simultaneously, and even use them for taller boots.


Best Quick Drying

JobSite Mighty Dry Boot Dryer with Timer and Fan

This quick-drying shoe rack offers three settings and a temperature range.

Pros: This two-pair shoe dryer is the perfect option when you want something that keeps your shoes fresh and dry. It features both shoe and boot-drying tubes. Choose from three settings ranging from 15 minutes to up to three hours to warm your shoes or dry completely wet shoes. The maximum run-time is three hours with an automated shut-off to prevent damaging your shoes. Note you can also use it to dry wet socks, hats, and other accessories.

Cons: Because of the faster drying times, don’t be surprised that this pick is a bit noisier.

Bottom Line: This easy-to-use dryer keeps shoes, boots, and even accessories dry.


Best for Boots

DryGuy Force Dry Boot Dryer

This is a convenient shoe dryer that folds flat for easy storage between uses.

Pros: Most shoe dryers remain upright, even when not in use. While this isn’t the end of the world, it can be annoying if you have limited floor space. This alternative features shoe tubes that fold flat for easy storage between use. The ports rotate 180 degrees, so you can dry your shoes horizontally. As with other forced air dryers, you’ll get a range of drying times of up to three hours.

Cons: Keep in mind that faster dry times require forced air. So, be prepared to hear the motor.

Bottom Line: This fold-flat option is a must-have when you need to stow your shoe dryer between uses.

Final Thoughts

One thing that many can agree on is that wet shoes are an unfortunate mishap and undesirable feeling. But more importantly, they can encourage bacteria and mold growth. Put an end to that disaster by investing in a good shoe dryer.

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