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The Best Shoe Cleaning Kits

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🕚 Updated May 2022

Are your new pair of shoes soiled with dirt and mud again? It's inevitable to keep shoes looking sparkly clean like the first time you buy them. Thankfully, you can keep those kicks clean with our favorite shoe cleaning kits.

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  Top Choice Best for White Sneakers Best Wipes Most Gentle Cleaner Most Versatile
Shoe Cleaner Kit
Shoe Cleaner Kit
Jason Markk
30-Pack Quick Wipes
Shoe Cleaner
Jason Markk
Shoe Cleaning Essentials
Our SummaryAn all-in-one kit with multiple brushes and additional accessories.This kit can handle sneakers and shoes tailored for sports.These wipes can tidy up your shoes when you're in a rush.This is a long-lasting, multi-purpose kit that comes with a four-in-one brush.It's a simple kit with a long-lasting formula and cleaning brush.
ProsAll-in-one kit, four different brushes, eight ounces of cleaning solution, shoe tree inserts.Best for white shoes, great for sneakers, sports shoes.Pack of 30 wipes, usable on most material, super easy to use.Four-in-one, multipurpose brush, up to 80 uses.Good value, up to 100 uses, includes solution and brush.
ConsCleaning solution is rather modest, soapy residue.May require hard scrubbing.Relatively steep in comparison to other wipes.Not as effective on older stains.Basic, result isn't as distinct as anticipated.
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The Best Shoe Cleaning Kits

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Buying Guide for Shoe Cleaning Kits

Three sneakers cleaned with soap and a brush.

Why buy shoe cleaning kits?

Unless you walk barefoot, getting your shoes dirty is unavoidable. The surfaces you step on are swarming with bacteria from mud, grime, and fecal matter—not to mention the chewed-up gum you accidentally stepped on last Saturday. A cleaning kit can spruce up your favorite pair of shoes for your next outing.

What should you look for in a shoe cleaning kit?

  • Accessories: Typically, cleaning kits offer you a solution and a brush that works the product into your shoe. However, some kits provide additional accessories or high-quality tools that make the process easier and more efficient. Take advantage of these extra supplies if you can.
  • Type of Shoe: Many cleaning kits are targeted for an all-around cleaning experience. Consider what materials or colors the cleaning kit’s formula can handle. Otherwise, you may run into some trouble.

How much should you expect to spend on a shoe cleaning kit?

The price of shoe cleaning kits depends on the extra accessories included. The most basic kits that typically have one brush and bottle of cleaner are around $15, while the larger kits with multiple brushes, towels, and other accessories like shoe horns will cost more, about $45.

Our Picks for the Best Shoe Cleaning Kits

Top Choice

Factory Laced Shoe Cleaner Kit

An all-in-one kit with multiple brushes and additional accessories.

Pros: If you’re looking for an all-in-one kit, this is the one. It includes four different brushes (soft, hard, brass, suede) for any shoe or sneaker. These brushes are accompanied by eight ounces of cleaning solution, a cloth, a collapsible bowl, and two shoe tree inserts to keep the shoe rigid during cleansing.

Cons: The solution seems to leave a soapy residue on specific types of shoes, so you may have to repeat the process a couple of times to achieve a total cleanse.

Bottom Line: This is one of the best overall shoe cleaning kits. It won’t be surprising if you have a positive experience with this kit.


Best for White Sneakers

Shoe MGK Shoe Cleaner Kit

This kit can handle sneakers and shoes tailored for sports.

Pros: This kit removes dirt, oil, grass stains, paint, and more from your sneakers, but it seems most impactful on white shoes like Nike Air Force 1’s. It comes with one bottle of cleaner and conditioner and a brush to keep your shoes looking sleek and brand new. All you need are a few drops to do the trick. This kit works great for sneakers and general athletic-type shoes.

Cons: It can take longer than you may expect to clean your shoes, as the brush might require a lot of pressure for the solution to take effect.

Bottom Line: The best way to prolong the life of your new white sneakers is to consider this kit from Shoe MGK. This bottle and brush duo is simple and easy to use; this bottle and brush duo will keep your shoes sparkling clean.


Best Wipes

Jason Markk 30-Pack Quick Wipes

These wipes can tidy up your shoes when you're in a rush.

Pros: If you’re in a rush and your shoes need a quick clean, look no further. This set of 30 wipes outshines most as it can clean hard-to-remove stains from various surfaces. They come individually packaged in a dispenser for easy removal and convenience. Each wipe is dual-textured to get in every nook and cranny on the go.

Cons: These wipes are on the more expensive end.

Bottom Line: They perform exceptionally well. It’s not a bad idea to have a set of these with you, as these wipes will undoubtedly clean off any unexpected accidents.


Most Gentle Cleaner

Alloda Shoe Cleaner

This is a long-lasting, multi-purpose kit that comes with a four-in-one brush.

Pros: The kit includes a four-in-one brush that allows gentle cleaning and hard scrubbing, tackling various shoe materials like rubber, canvas, leather, suede, etc. You’ll also get a foam shoe cleaning formula and an absorbent towel.

Cons: It won’t be as effective for older stains.

Bottom Line: Multi-purpose, effective, and at a great value, this rich foaming cleaner can attack and remove the toughest of stains without any water.


Most Versatile

Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning Essentials

It's a simple kit with a long-lasting formula and cleaning brush.

Pros: The kit comes with a long-lasting, 4-ounce cleaning formula and a shoe cleaning brush. It works great on sneakers and can be used on all colors and materials. The formula is made with no harsh ingredients or chemicals, so you can be sure your shoes are in prime condition without any damage.

Cons: It’s relatively basic compared to other cleaning kits, and the result isn’t as dramatic as you might expect for some shoes.

Bottom Line: It’s a decent cleaning kit if you’re looking to clean multiple pairs of shoes with different colors and materials.

Final Thoughts

Dirty shoes are a grim reality for many—so get yourself a proper shoe cleaning kit next time you need to tidy up your sneakers. From the most basic essentials to multiple accessories like brushes and towels, you can find one that fits your needs and keeps your shoes looking brand new.

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