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The Best Shoe Covers for Floor and Shoe Protection

A person wears black tennis shoes with blue shoe covers over them as they stand on the carpet.

Shoe covers are garments usually made of some sort of plastic or fabric that slide on and fit snugly onto almost all types of shoes and boots. Shoe covers tend to be, but are not always, disposable rather than reusable. Their main purpose is to prevent hazardous chemicals, germs, and other potentially harmful materials from coming into contact with the bottom of people’s shoes. This can help to prevent cross-contamination of these harmful materials in workplaces like hospitals, labs, and daycare facilities or to prevent people’s shoes from becoming discolored or otherwise damaged from chemicals and acids and the like. Some hospitals actually require shoe covers as standard PPE along with disposable gloves, masks, and such. Sometimes contractors, exterminators, and industrial workers will wear them to ensure their client’s home or their work area remains as clean as possible. Many shoe covers are waterproof and have anti-slip properties, which can be handy if a pair of shoes you own doesn’t naturally have these tendencies. They can be worn day-to-day if you live in an area with inclement weather, as they help to keep your shoes clean and save you the time and hassle of wiping off your boots or cleaning out the soles of your shoes, as well as cleaning up the mess of salt, sludge, snow, and water that would otherwise be tracked into your home or office. This will also give your shoes a more professional look since you won’t have to worry about them becoming stained with salt or watermarked. Even though they may look odd to some, shoe covers are incredibly useful items to help you get longer-lasting wear out of your shoes or boots.

What to Consider in Shoe Covers

Here’s what to think about when purchasing shoe covers:

  • Safety: When looking for shoe covers, there are two important safety features that should be found in any that you buy. You’ll want shoe covers that are waterproof and anti-skid/anti-slip. This will greatly reduce your risk of slipping and falling by mistake. Even if your shoes are waterproof and anti-slip, these features won’t do you much good if your shoes are only partially covered.
  • Reusable vs. Disposable: Most shoe covers you’ll find will be disposable and thus sold in larger packs. These are great for guaranteeing you won’t spread germs or other hazardous materials by mistake, since they get thrown away after one use. However, if you don’t want to be constantly buying and replacing shoe covers, you may prefer to buy a reusable pair. If you do decide on reusable shoe covers, just be sure that they’re easy to wash (preferably machine washable) since if you work in a hospital or lab or with dangerous chemicals, they’ll probably require daily washing.
  • Fit: Be sure that any shoe covers you buy will be compatible with and fit the shoes or boots you’ll wear them with. Most shoe covers will work with most shoes or boots, but it never hurts to double-check, especially if you have extra bulky or extra thin ones. You’ll want as snug a fit as possible. The shoe covers won’t do you much good if water or other materials can slide in underneath the covers. You’ll also want to look for shoe covers that are held to your shoes with an elastic band. These tend to stretch better to accommodate more types and sizes of shoes and boots and provide you with a snugger fit.

Top Choice: Oceantree Disposable Shoe Covers

orange sneakers with blue shoe covers

These blue, disposable covers have just about every protective feature you could ask for in a set of shoe covers. They’re specifically designed to be waterproof and dust-proof, protecting your shoes from all sorts of liquid, dust, dirt, and debris. They’re also non-slip, so you don’t have to worry about losing your footing and falling by mistake while wearing them, even on wet surfaces. Thanks to the stretchable quality of the material, these shoe covers are one-size-fits-most. The high-quality material, whether you order these shoe covers in CPE plastic or nonwoven fabric, can withstand more than 4 pounds of weight at once, meaning they’re stronger, thicker, and longer-lasting than most. The rubber band closure is solid and sturdy, not easy to break or snap, and will keep the covers firmly in place as you walk around. You receive 100 pieces, the equivalent of 50 pairs of covers, with your purchase to keep you well supplied for longer. Whether you plan to wear these to work or home, while gardening or traveling, these shoe covers are suited to just about any indoor and outdoor use you might need or want.

Runner-Up: Dssiy Disposable Boot & Shoe Covers

stack of rolled up blue shoe covers

These shoe covers work for daily, weekly, or less frequent usage. They’re made of top-notch blue CPE plastic material, meant to be worn and disposed of after one use. The CPE is machine-made, providing you with better quality than a similar handmade version. You’ll receive 100 covers with your purchase, guaranteeing you 50 sets; if you wear one pair of covers every day for a month straight, this each will keep you supplied for almost two full months, longer if you don’t wear them every single day. The shoe covers come conveniently packed in bags for easy and compact storage. The anti-skid technology along the seam reduces your chances of slipping or falling, and the CPE is waterproof for additional safety. They’ll fit most shoe sizes and provide a snug fit regardless of size, keeping the covers firmly and effortlessly on your feet as you move. They’re great for indoor or outdoor use.

Best Reusable: MyShoeCovers Reusable Shoe and Boot Covers

tan lace-up boots with navy blue shoe covers

Disposable shoe covers are certainly well suited to their assigned task, and they’re a popular choice for a reason. However, if you’re tired of throwing out a pair of shoe covers every time you use them or are trying to be more environmentally cautious, this reusable pair of shoe covers is an excellent alternative. They’re made of black or blue fabric (depending on your preference) rather than plastic and are machine washable for multiple uses. They have the same water-resistant capabilities as disposable plastic models, with a slip-resistant rubberized sole for a superior grip. The fabric is stitched with overlock and safety stitches to ensure durable construction and longer-lasting wear. Unlike disposable plastic options, which tend to be one-size-fits-most, you have five sizing options with these covers—small, medium, large, extra-large, and double extra-large. See the provided chart to determine the correct size option for your feet.

Best Reusable

MyShoeCovers Premium Reusable Shoe and Boot Covers for Contractors - 1 Pair, Non-Slip, Black, Large

High-quality fabric shoe covers that are machine washable and thus reusable rather than disposable.

Also Consider: OGUNUOKI Waterproof Shoe Covers

a pair of black tennis shoes with blue shoe covers on them

This is a high-quality pair of disposable shoe covers with a new and improved design for a thicker and stronger cover that will stand up to wear and tear and therefore last you longer. The high-quality CPE plastic is stretchable and waterproof, well equipped to protect your shoes from all manner of liquids and debris. The surface is covered with anti-slip, eco-friendly particles to give the covers increased friction on floors and other surfaces to prevent slipping and falling. An elastic band holds the covers tightly and securely against your shoes. The stretchable material will fit any shoes or boots up to men’s size 11 and women’s size 12.5. You’ll receive 50 pairs of shoe covers with your purchase, 100 pieces in total.

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