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The Best Shoe Storage Organizers

🕚 Updated January 2022

If you want to bring order to the shoe chaos in your home, we've gathered these racks, drawers, and bins to help you keep your pairs of kicks protected, accounted for, and out of the way.

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  Best Over-the-Door Unit Best Storage Capacity Best Under-Bed Storage Best Storage Cubbies Best Closet Shelves
  Simple Houseware
Door Hanging Shoe Organizer
Simple Houseware
Six-Tier Shoe Organizer
Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer
12-Pack Shoe Storage Boxes
Hanging Shoe Shelves
Our SummaryThis shoe organizer helps you use space that would otherwise go unused.A sturdy metal rack that can store up to 34 pairs of shoes at once.A shoe organizer that you can slip underneath your bed to save space.Twelve stackable storage cubbies made of high-end, durable, and long-lasting clear plastic.A shoe storage organizer that you can easily hang from a closet rod.
ProsFits 24 pairs of shoes, hangs onto any standard door, protects shoes from damage.Great for all types of footwear, metal construction can support plenty of weight.Holds up to 24 pairs of shoes, slim enough to fit underneath most beds, keeps your shoes fresh.Ideal for multiple storage purposes, stackable design, promotes space-saving solutions.Features durable metal frame, versatile design, easy to set up.
ConsPlastic pockets aren't very sturdy.Assembly can be challenging.Don't slide well on carpet.Smaller capacity.Smaller capacity.
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The Best Shoe Storage Organizers

A shoe storage organizer for underneath your bed

Buying Guide for Shoe Storage Organizers

Several pairs of shoes stacked in clear box containers

Why buy a shoe storage organizer?

Storage optimization and accessibility are huge when it comes to storing your shoe collection. Shoe organizers are great for freeing up entryways inside your home and eliminating and preventing clutter. They ultimately allow you to take better care of your shoes. Plus, you won’t have to search high and low for them every time you want to slip them on and head out the door.

What should you look for in a shoe storage organizer?

  • Quantity: Take a look at the number of shoes you want to organize and how much storage space you have available. Do you want an organizer for multiple members of the family to use? If so, look for something that can store a pair or two of each family member to make getting ready easier for the whole household. Or, if you’re a huge shoe lover yourself, pick something that can accommodate your collection and fit inside your closet.
  • Categories: Organizing shoes into different categories may help you decide how to break them up into separate shelves or bins as needed. For example, you can put shoes you regularly wear, sometimes wear, or rarely wear in different spots. You might also consider putting different types of shoes in different spots (shoes for work, casual shoes, fancy evening shoes, athletic shoes, etc.).
  • Location: If you want a storage solution for the shoe clutter that accumulates in your entryway or living room, get an organizer that will fit in your entryway or mudroom to give your family members’ shoes a designated spot. It should be readily accessible for the whole household and preferably not stick out like a sore thumb among the rest of your decor. On the other hand, if you want to store seasonal shoes away for several months, you should get by with a smaller container that zips up and tucks away under your bed or on a back shelf.

What are some creative tips for organizing shoes?

You can sort and organize your shoes in your collection based on several things. If you’re an admirer of the Home Edit, you can sort them by color to create that gorgeous yet practical rainbow effect that should help you find pairs easily. You could also separate them according to how often you wear each pair of shoes or put them in different styles or seasons. For example, you could keep your boots in one section and your sandals in another.

Our Picks for the Best Shoe Storage Organizers

Best Over-the-Door

Simple Houseware Hanging Shoe Organizer

This shoe organizer helps you use space that would otherwise go unused.

Pros: At 19 inches wide by 64 inches long, each of the 24 sewn-on clear plastic pockets measures 4.5 inches by 7.5 inches, so it’s great for flatter shoes. The organizer hangs on a standard door, and the hooks are included. It’s available in multiple color options, and you can use the organizer to store various accessories like belts and scarves, too.

Cons: Many customers claimed that the plastic pockets were not as sturdy or flexible as mesh alternatives.

Bottom Line: You can keep your flats, sandals, and flip flops neatly stored and handy in this over-the-door shoe organizer. It’s a fantastic option for kids’ shoes or other accessories, too.


Best Storage Capacity

Simple Houseware 6-Tier Shoe Rack

A sturdy metal rack that can store up to 34 pairs of shoes at once.

Pros: This six-tiered sturdy metal rack is ideal for storing shoes in a closet, but it’s attractive enough to stand on its own in a room. Each shelf has an overall weight capacity of 30 pounds, and the entire organizer can store up to 34 pairs of shoes.

Cons: Some found the rack challenging to assemble, as it comes with several different components and pieces of hardware. Overall, the process can become somewhat tedious.

Bottom Line: This storage rack is an excellent option for families or people with extensive shoe collections. Since it can accommodate 34 pairs of shoes, it’s an impressive and convenient rack to have in your home.


Best Under-Bed Storage

Woffit Under-Bed Shoe Storage Organizer

A shoe organizer that you can slip underneath your bed to save space.

Pros: These two Woffit under-bed shoe storage containers each keep 24 pairs of shoes tidy and tucked away under your bed—a space that’s wasted in many homes. They’re made from tough non-woven fabric with a clear vinyl top that makes it easy to find your shoes. They also feature heavy-duty zippers and handles that will last for years and make it easy to get your shoes out when the time comes.

Cons: The organizers don’t slide very well on carpeted floors.

Bottom Line: These under-bed storage organizers are amazing space-saving options. You can keep many pairs of shoes in them for long-term or short-term storage.


Best Storage Cubbies

Seseno 12-Pack Shoe Storage Boxes

Twelve stackable storage cubbies made of high-end, durable, and long-lasting clear plastic.

Pros: These clear, stackable cubbies make it much easier to organize your shoes and save space. The sturdy plastic construction of the cubbies not only protects your shoes but also has ventilation holes that promote proper airflow, keeping your shoes nice and fresh. Since they’re clear and have doors that open on the front, you can easily see which pair is inside and slide them out. You can stack these cubbies all together or spread them out across your home where they’re needed.

Cons: These cubbies aren’t the best space-saving option. You get 12 in a pack, but those 12 take up a good amount of space when stacked all together.

Bottom Line: These stackable storage cubbies offer a unique way to organize your shoe collection, electronics, books, office supplies, and more. They’re a fun modern solution to shoe clutter.


Best Closet Shelves

Whitmor Hanging Shoe Shelves

A shoe storage organizer that you can easily hang from a closet rod.

Pros: This closet organizer can hold up to eight pairs of shoes at a time without taking up a ton of storage space. Made of breathable, reinforced fabric and featuring a sturdy metal frame, this organizer provides optimal strength and support. It’s also incredibly easy to set up and doesn’t require assembly on your end. It’s by far one of the most affordable shoe organizers that you can find online.

Cons: This isn’t ideal for those with large collections since it has a limited capacity.

Bottom Line: If you’re searching for a more versatile storage option, look no further. This closet organizer can hold your favorite pairs of shoes along with scarves, belts, shirts, and more.

Final Thoughts

Storing and organizing your shoe collection is something you should prioritize if you want to eliminate the clutter around your home and free up space. The organizers reviewed in this article are all excellent options, but you should be sure to find the right one for you.

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