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The Best Shower Caps

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🕚 Updated February 2022

Extending the time between hair washes can keep your scalp healthier, help your hair grow, and save you time getting ready. Use one of these shower caps to keep your hair dry in the shower on the days between washes.

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  Top Choice Best Patterns Largest Cap Best Disposable Premium Choice
  Betty Dain
Resuable Nylon Shower Cap
Shower Caps
Premium Super Jumbo Shower Cap
Disposable Shower Caps
Grace & Company
Luxury Shower Cap
Our SummaryThis reusable shower cap is nylon on the outside and soft terry cloth on the inside.These three shower caps are waterproof, adjustable, double-layered, and patterned.This jumbo sized shower cap holds all your hair/braids inside without being too tight around your head.These 50 disposable shower caps are durable and one size fits all.This luxurious, waterproof shower cap is chic, modern, reusable and is adjustable for added comfort.
ProsSoft, waterproof, nylon exterior, terry cloth lining, good with almost all hair types.Great for adults & kids, three patterns, waterproof, oversized.Super jumbo size, durable, 100% waterproof, protects hair.Single-use, variety of uses, waterproof, oil-proof, dust-proof, transparent.Waterproof, concealed leakproof band, adjustable, machine washable, durable.
ConsElastic band may be uncomfortable, could loosen over time.Not adjustable, may be too tight.Elastic band may overstretch and rip.Not ideal for thick hair or perms.May be too tight depending on head size.
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The Best Shower Caps

A young woman in a shower cap smiles in the shower.
Dean Drobot/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for the Best Shower Caps

A brunette woman in the shower wears a clear shower cap over her hair.

Why buy a shower cap?

Shower caps are waterproof, stretchy, loose caps that will completely cover your hair, making it possible and more convenient for you to shower without getting your hair wet. Even if you try to avoid the showerhead, water can splash and get your hair if it’s left unprotected. The humidity can be enough to make your hair flat if it’s out in the open, too. If you like to go a few (or several) days without washing your hair, a shower cap is a must-have for simplifying your routine and helping you extend your hairstyles.

What should you consider before purchasing?

  • Size and Hair Type: Look for a shower cap with an adjustable band to get a more customized fit. This will help keep the water out and keep the shower cap comfortably on your head. Different shower caps fit better over shorter vs. longer, curly vs. straight, and thick vs. thin hair. Make sure the shower cap you choose will accommodate your hair type. For example, looser or larger caps will be required for super thick or curly hair, and smaller caps will work well for short and thin hair.
  • Material: Obviously, the shower cap you purchase should be waterproof! Although, if you want to use the shower cap to sleep in to protect your curls, then it doesn’t have to be as waterproof.
  • Reusable vs. Disposable: A reusable cap is excellent for regular at-home use. Disposable shower caps are practical and more hygienic for traveling since you won’t have to dry out or pack a wet cap.

What are other good times to wear a shower cap?

Shower caps are all-around handy tools for personal care. They don’t just shield your hair from water while you bathe. You can sleep in a shower cap to keep your hairstyle intact for the next day. If you’re doing a deep conditioning treatment on your hair at home, slipping your shower cap on to help the product soak in is an excellent method. You can also put your hair up in a shower cap while you wash your face before bed.

You can also wear a shower cap while deep cleaning to protect your hair from collecting dust, chemicals, and dirt. Similarly, you can wear a disposable shower cap while painting to prevent getting paint in your hair. There are several benefits to having a shower cap or two on hand.

Our Picks for the Best Shower Caps

Top Choice

Betty Dain Reusable Nylon Shower Cap

This reusable shower cap is nylon on the outside and soft terry cloth on the inside.

Pros: This shower cap is soft with a waterproof nylon exterior and a plush terry cloth lining that absorbs moisture and steam. It can even be used as a sleep cap and works for various hair lengths and thicknesses. It comes in various fun patterns to match your style and personality.

Cons: The elastic band on this shower cap can be uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time. The elastic may also become loose after heavy use.

Bottom Line: This high-quality shower cap is an excellent choice for most people since it’s accommodating, comfortable, and effective.


Best Patterns

AIPAO Shower Caps

These three shower caps are waterproof, adjustable, double-layered, and patterned.

Pros: If you want a set of shower caps that work for adults and children, try these. This trio of shower caps is oversized and comes in three different patterns. The caps are reusable and waterproof.

Cons: These shower caps are not adjustable, so they may not fit all head sizes.

Bottom Line: This set of shower caps is an excellent value for the price. They come in fun prints and will keep your hair dry and protected.


Largest Cap

ELEBOX Super Jumbo Shower Cap

This jumbo-sized shower cap holds your hair inside without being too tight around your head.

Pros: Go big or go home with this super jumbo shower cap! It’s the perfect size for braids or super thick hair. It’s 100% waterproof, so it will keep your hair dry when you shower. It’s also a great choice to protect your hair during makeup application.

Cons: The elastic band in this shower cap may stretch out over time.

Bottom Line: This oversized shower cap holds a lot of hair with no hassle. Plus, it’s not too tight around your head, so it’s comfortable enough to sleep in.


Best Disposable

AIDIQIU Disposable Shower Caps

These 50 disposable shower caps are durable and one size fits all.

Pros: If you want single-use shower caps, these are great for anything from spray tans to hotel hair salons to cooking and even protecting your hair while painting. They’re waterproof, oil-proof, and dust-proof. The transparent fabric and stretchy elastic make them great for almost everyone, and they work with both long and short hair.

Cons: These disposable shower caps are not ideal for thick or permed hair.

Bottom Line: This large pack of disposable shower caps is made of high-quality polyethylene and durable plastic that won’t break down when you need them most.


Premium Choice

Grace & Company Luxury Shower Cap

This luxurious, waterproof shower cap is chic, modern, reusable, and adjustable for added comfort.

Pros: This shower cap is 100% waterproof and protects against humidity, too. It features a concealed leakproof flexible band that secures around your hair and helps to preserve blowouts, curls, and hair treatments. The bow in front is adjustable to provide comfort for most head sizes. The fabric is latex-free, durable, machine washable, and made to last.

Cons: Some people may find this shower cap too tight for their liking.

Bottom Line: This shower cap is a great choice for someone who wants a long-lasting and above-average choice. This product is made by women and would make a cute gift to yourself or a friend.

Final Thoughts

Shower caps are a great way to freshen up without starting fresh on styling your hair. These caps are stylish and practical and will likely become staple tools in your bathroom.

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