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The Best Shower Curtains

🕚 Updated November 2021

Shower curtains are a bathroom essential; they help prevent water from splashing on the floor while you bathe or shower. This addition will help stop mildew, water damage, and rust from forming in your bathroom.

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  Top Pick Best Hookless Best Farmhouse Design Best Black-and-White Most Humorous
  Barossa Design
Cotton Blend Shower Curtain
SnapHook Shower Curtain
White Farmhouse Shower Curtain
Shower Curtain
Funny Cat Shower Curtain
Our SummaryThis waffle weave shower curtain is soft, elegant, and luxurious.Effortlessly hang this shower curtain on a rod within seconds.This country style shower curtain offers a unique design with ruffles and wooden buttons.This elegant shower curtain is water-repellent and simple in a great way.Cat and ocean lovers will get a kick out of this funny shower curtain featuring a cat riding a whale.
ProsClassic, waffle weave, poly cotton blend, machine washable, rust-resistant metal grommets.Checkered fabric, "SnapHook" built-in rings, detachable liner, machine washable.Ruffles, standard size, comes with hooks, polyester cotton, machine wash and dry.Classic stripes, black and white, polyester fabric, water-repellent, weighted, machine washable.Funny design, water-resistant, breathable material, comes with hooks, machine washable.
ConsShows dirt/mold, may shrink in washing machine, better for less frequent use.Liner is thin, not weighted, short, wipe clean only.May need ironing, needs liner.May be short, doesn't come with hooks, color may vary. Shorter than standard, busy pattern, not as elegant.
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The Best Shower Curtains

A bathroom with double oval marble sink and a printed shower curtain.

Shower curtains also provide you with privacy and significantly add to your bathroom’s aesthetic. If you’re looking to switch up your bathroom design, here are some shower curtains we recommend.

Buying Guide for the Best Shower Curtains

A modern bathroom with a white shower curtain.

Why buy a shower curtain?

If your shower doesn’t have glass doors, you’ll likely need a shower curtain. They will help keep your bathrooms free of mildew, mold, and dangerously slippery floors. They can also provide a focal point for your bathroom. They should last for a long time, so purchase one in a design that you really like. Some people even like to switch their shower curtains during each season, which can also be a fun idea.

What should you consider when buying a shower curtain?

  • Size: Most standard shower curtains measure 72 by 72 inches, but it’s best to measure your shower before buying. If you have a custom-built shower, you could require a different shower curtain than the standard sizes.
  • Material: Shower curtains can be made of plastic, canvas, fabric, or polyester. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, so be sure to consider which material you prefer and what best suits your needs. You may also want to consider a plastic shower curtain liner to give extra protection against the water from getting onto the floor and to lengthen the life of your shower curtain.
  • Function: Some shower curtains come with additional features such as anti-mildew properties or pockets to hold your toiletries.
  • Design: Shower curtains come with a wide variety of colors and patterns, so don’t be afraid to hold out for a style that really suits your tastes and fits the color scheme or theme of your bathroom. Some shower curtains attach to the rod by hooks, while others have loops built into the curtain to slide over the rod for a different look.

Are shower curtains easy to clean?

You should plan to clean your shower curtain every so often. Most types of vinyl or plastic curtains (and liners) are machine washable, but double-check the instructions before tossing them in the washing machine. Some may be hand wash only. Cleaning your shower curtain regularly will help prevent the buildup of soap scum, mold, and mildew.

Our Picks for the Best Shower Curtains

Top Pick

Cotton Blend Shower Curtain

This waffle weave shower curtain is soft and elegant.

Pros: You may recognize this type of shower curtain from staying in hotels. It’s a classic white shower curtain with a waffle weave. It’s made with a poly-cotton blend fabric that’s machine washable in cold water. It comes with 12 rust-resistant metal grommets to be hung on a shower rod.

Cons: White fabric shower curtains will show more dirt and lint than vinyl ones, so this choice isn’t the best if you want something low maintenance. It might be better for a shower that doesn’t get daily use to help preserve its longevity.

Bottom Line: This standard-sized shower curtain is a simple choice for someone who wants a clean bathroom aesthetic that will match your decor. It’s elegant and made to be durable and long-lasting.


Best Hookless

Lagute SnapHook Shower Curtain

Effortlessly hang this shower curtain on a rod within seconds.

Pros: This shower curtain is made with a quality woven fabric and doesn’t require hooks, thanks to the built-in rings. The included liner is detachable with snap-in buckles and doesn’t cling to your body while in the shower. If you need to wash the shower curtain, it’s safe to put it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, but the liner should only be wiped clean.

Cons: It’s a little thin, it’s not weighted, and it could be too short for some showers.

Bottom Line: The top see-through panel of this shower curtain allows plenty of light into the shower while maintaining your privacy. It dries out quickly and is a practical option for most bathrooms.


Best Farmhouse Design

Shaina White Farmhouse Shower Curtain

This country style shower curtain offers a unique design with ruffles and wooden buttons.

Pros: If you’re looking for a unique shower curtain that will add flair to your bathroom, this shabby chic ruffled one is sure to delight. It’s a standard 72- by 72-inch shower curtain and comes with shower hooks. It’s made with 100% polyester cotton and is safe to put in the washing machine and even the dryer on low heat.

Cons: Because this shower curtain can only go in the dryer on low, it may need to be ironed to smooth out wrinkles after washing and drying. It needs a liner behind it for privacy since it is a sheer white fabric.

Bottom Line: The curtain is adorned with wooden buttons and ruffles, which add a nice focal point to your bathroom. It’s a great choice if you like farmhouse decor.


Best Black-and-White

AmazerBath Black Shower Curtain

This elegant shower curtain is water-repellent and simple in a great way.

Pros: This shower curtain has a classic black-and-white striped pattern and is made of premium polyester fabric. It’s water-repellent and has two heavy-duty clear weights in the bottom to keep it from moving around. It has 12 durable metal grommets that fit with most curtain hooks. It’s easy to clean, too; simply put it in the washing machine.

Cons: This curtain is a bit shorter than expected, and it doesn’t come with hooks. Some find the black color leans more navy.

Bottom Line: This beautiful, heavy-duty shower curtain is a great way to enhance your bathroom and put you in a good mood. It will transform boring and drab bathrooms into a nice space.


Most Humorous

Coxila Funny Cat Shower Curtain

Cat and ocean lovers will get a kick out of this funny shower curtain featuring a cat riding a whale.

Pros: This shower curtain is sure to give people who enter your bathroom a good laugh. It features a cat holding a trident and riding a whale, which is a fun combination for those who love the ocean and/or cats. It’s a water-resistant, breathable material. It comes with 12 plastic hooks and reinforced hook holes that make hanging it a breeze. You can safely put this shower curtain in the washing machine.

Cons: This shower curtain is a bit shorter than the standard, so it may not hang long enough. It’s also a busy and whimsical image, so it may not match your bathroom decor.

Bottom Line: This shower curtain is lightweight, machine washable, and compatible with curved shower rods. It has low transparency to protect your privacy while showering.

Final Thoughts

Shower curtains are a necessity if you don’t have showers with doors. Besides keeping water inside the shower and tub, they’re an easy way to spruce up your bathroom decor.

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