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The Best White Shower Curtains

🕚 Updated September 2021

A shower curtain is an essential item for bathrooms with a tub or shower. Not only do they make a shower or tub look more presentable, but they also help to prevent water from splashing onto the floor.

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  Best Value Best Design Best Patterned Best Hookless Best Textured
Plastic Shower Curtain
Ruffle Shower Curtain
Luxury Hotel Style Striped Fabric Shower Curtain
SnapHook Hook Free Shower Curtain with Snap-in Liner
Waffle Shower Curtain
Our SummaryAn affordable plastic shower curtain with multiple size options and useful features.A tiered, ruffled shower curtain made of machine-washable and quick-drying fabric that will add sophistication to your bathroom.A fabric shower curtain with an attractive herringbone pattern and waterproof properties.A fabric shower curtain with a built-in mesh window and a snap-in liner that gives you a two-for-one deal.A waffle-textured white fabric shower curtain that brings subtle elegance to your bathroom.
ProsGood value, multiple length and width options, 100% waterproof, rust-resistant metal grommets.Decorative, machine washable, mildew/heat/tear/wrinkle-resistant, hooks included.Stylish, waterproof, machine washable, thick fabric.No hooks or rings required, built-in liner, dries quickly, machine washable and iron-friendly.Subtle, three shades of white, quick-drying, several size options, won't shrink or deform.
ConsHooks sold separately, not machine washable, odd smell at first, no design features.Only one size option, may need ironing at first, no weights along bottom.One size only, hooks and liner sold separately, not mildew-resistant.Pricier than most, liner can't be machine washed, one size only.Not 100% waterproof, may soak through, hooks sold separately.
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The Best White Shower Curtains

A modern bathroom with a curved shower rod and a white shower curtain.

Although blocking water is mainly a shower liner’s duty, shower curtains can aid in this task. Shower curtains are also meant to provide privacy for whoever is showering, adding to the user’s sense of security in their home. And, of course, depending on the color, design, and material of the shower curtain, they can add to or enhance your desired bathroom aesthetic. They come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs. However, you can’t go wrong with a classic white shower curtain that will match any bathroom decor and style. Here are a few white shower curtains that we recommend.

Buying Guide for White Shower Curtains

A textured white shower curtain hangs from hooks on a silver shower rod.
Ana Anderson/Shutterstock.com

Here are a few things to think about before buying a white shower curtain:

  • Material: Most shower curtains are made out of fabric or plastic, like vinyl. A fabric shower curtain is often made from polyester, cotton, cotton blend, or microfiber. Cotton is the most common, as it’s machine washable, breathable, durable, hypoallergenic, and easy to maintain. Even if you already have a shower curtain liner, if you opt for a fabric shower curtain, you should try to find one that’s treated to be resistant to water, mold, and mildew if possible. Vinyl shower curtains are generally less colorful and decorative, but they have the advantage of being naturally water-repellent and are thus less prone to mold and mildew. They’re also easy to maintain and clean, generally less expensive, and more transparent than darker colors so that the shower doesn’t feel dark and gloomy.
  • Hooks vs. Grommets: Shower curtains are easy to install as long as you already have a shower rod in your bathroom. There are two main ways that you can hang a shower curtain. Many have buttonholes that are too small to fit around the shower rod and thus require you to buy hooks or rings to hang it. Other shower curtains have grommet holes, which you can slide right onto your shower rod hassle-free. Whichever type you pick, make sure that the hooks or grommets are resistant to rusting since they will be in wet showers.
  • Size: Obviously, your shower curtain won’t do you much good if it doesn’t fit your shower. Your shower curtain should extend to just above the floor and cover your entire shower or tub. You’ll also want to ensure that your shower curtain is wider than your actual shower (preferably by 10-12 inches), as this helps to prevent water from seeping out. A standard shower curtain will be 72 by 72 inches, but plenty of other sizes are available. Measuring your shower beforehand is advised so that you know what size to look for when shopping. In terms of length, keep in mind that you’ll have to account for 3 inches or so for the shower rod as well as for any rings or hooks if your shower curtain hangs from those.

Will a pure white shower curtain look too plain by itself?

Color isn’t the only way to add flair to your shower curtain’s design. If you’re worried about a white shower curtain appearing too basic or too boring, keep in mind that there are design alternatives that will add some style to your bathroom. Plenty of all-white shower curtains come with textured fabric, ruffles, or patterns. There are waffle-like textures, zigzag textures, and more. The actual shower curtain itself might be ruffled from top to bottom, or the ruffles might be sewn on and raised off the fabric. White shower curtains can also be shimmery or embossed for some subtle gloss and shine.

And don’t forget that if you already have a brightly colored or dark-hued bathroom, a pure, snow-white shower curtain will pop nicely by contrast.

Our Picks for the Best White Shower Curtains

Best Value

AmazerBath White Plastic Shower Curtain

An affordable plastic shower curtain with multiple size options and useful features.

Pros: No matter what size tub or shower is in your bathroom, you should be able to find a version of this shower curtain that fits it perfectly. It’s available in 12 different sizes, with variety in both length and width. It’s waterproof to hold up to daily showering, supporting your shower liner and extending its service life. It will hang equally well on curved or straight shower rods, and the buttonholes for the hooks are lined with high-quality metal grommets to prevent ripping. The grommets are also resistant to rust.

Cons: As handy and inexpensive as this shower curtain is, you’ll have to spend a little extra money if you buy it. There aren’t any hooks to attach to your curtain included with your purchase, so you’ll have to purchase them separately. Due to the plastic material, there will likely be an odd smell when you first buy the shower curtain. You’ll want to hang it and wipe it or spray it down, and the odor should be gone within a few days. Keep in mind, too, that you’ll have to continue wiping down this shower curtain to keep it clean. Due to its plastic make, it can’t be washed in the washing machine or dryer.

Bottom Line: Don’t let this affordable plastic shower curtain’s simple appearance fool you. It can get the job done and will suit your needs admirably. Thanks to its length and water resistance, this white shower curtain can function as a standalone or as a liner to another curtain. This makes it a great budget and high-value pick, and an excellent starter curtain for people who are just setting out on their own. But if you want something that’s a bit easier to clean or that doesn’t require hooks, you’ll want to opt for a different white shower curtain.


Best Design

Volens Ruffle Shower Curtain

A tiered, ruffled shower curtain made of machine-washable and quick-drying fabric that will add sophistication to your bathroom.

Pros: This white shower curtain is the ideal blend of decorative and functional. Made of premium polyester, this curtain will dry out quickly and is plenty durable despite its delicate appearance. It’s resistant to wrinkles, heat, tearing, mildew, and fading. The fabric is also machine washable on a cold cycle and dryer-friendly. It has 12 buttonholes along the top for hooks that are reinforced with anti-rust metal grommets. Plus, 12 plastic hooks come included with your purchase, so you’ll be set to hang the curtain. There’s no need to go out and buy your own. Even though this curtain is white, it’s not see-through. It’s plenty opaque to give you privacy in the shower while gently softening sunlight that filters into the bathroom.

Cons: Unfortunately, this white shower curtain only comes in one size. Its 71-inch by 71-inch dimensions will fit more standard tubs and showers, but if you have an unusually shaped tub or shower, you’re out of luck. Although the fabric is decently heavy on its own, this shower curtain doesn’t come with any sort of weights sewn along the bottom in order to keep it in place and prevent water from splashing out while you shower. Thus, you might find more water on your bathroom floor post-shower as compared to other shower curtains.

Bottom Line: If you prefer fabric shower curtains and are looking for a more decorative option, consider this ruffled model. The 10 rows of tiered flounces will give a bathroom a more elegant and chic look while still admirably serving its intended task. And it’s surprisingly strong and easy to care for. Unlike many similar products, the plastic, non-rusting hooks come included, so you won’t have to spend the extra money to buy your own. Just make sure that it will properly fit your tub or shower before you buy.


Best Patterned

Aimjerry Luxury Hotel Style Striped Fabric Shower Curtain

A fabric shower curtain with an attractive, herringbone pattern and waterproof properties.

Pros: This stylish white shower curtain proves that “simple” doesn’t mean “plain” or “boring.” The fabric of the curtain is totally waterproof, ensuring that water will bead on the surface and slide down rather than being absorbed. It’s also nice and thick, meaning that you don’t have to worry about water soaking through it or the curtain turning sheer when wet, even with its white color. As a bonus, it’s machine washable for easy cleaning. The 12 buttonholes with rust-resistant metal grommets enhance the curtain’s strength, so the hook holes won’t rip from their weight over an extended length of time.

Cons: Although the shower curtain itself is quite reasonably priced, it will cost you a little bit of extra money since no hooks, rings, or liner comes included with your purchase. You can try and roll the dice and use it without a liner since it’s waterproof and the fabric is thick. However, it isn’t treated to be mildew-resistant. Thus, if you opt to use it without a liner, you’ll have to wash it with extreme regularity to prevent mildew growth and buildup. Even with a liner, it will probably require more frequent washings than most. And this shower curtain is available only in the standard 72-inch by 72-inch size. If you have an unusually sized, extra-large, or extra-small tub or shower, it’s probably not going to be the right fit for your needs.

Bottom Line: This is a great white shower curtain for people who are looking for an option with just a smidge of color and an attractive pattern that won’t overwhelm you. The thick, waterproof fabric will feel incredibly reassuring, both in terms of your privacy while showering as well as not needing to worry about water soaking through it. But if you don’t want to spend the extra money on a new shower liner, you might be better off buying a white shower curtain that’s treated to be more mildew-resistant, especially if you don’t own a washing machine.


Best Hookless

Lagute SnapHook Hook Free Shower Curtain with Snap-in Liner

A fabric shower curtain with a built-in mesh window and a snap-in liner that gives you a two-for-one deal.

Pros: This white shower curtain has built-in holes along the top that are large enough to thread directly through your shower rod, so no extra hooks or rings are required. You won’t have to worry about buying your own or metal hooks that rust or rings that unsnap or fall off. That’s not the only built-in benefit that this shower provides, either. It comes with its own detachable, snap-in PEVA liner that can be removed and reattached at will thanks to the snap-in buckles. The liner is thick enough to add another layer of privacy and is thus heavy enough to hold itself in place as you shower. The fabric is a high-quality weaved polyester with a sheer mesh window that lets in light so that you won’t feel stuck in the dark as you shower. The window is purposefully placed high enough up on the curtain that it won’t take away from your privacy. This mesh panel also aids in evaporation to allow the curtain to dry out quicker. The curtain itself is also safe to iron when wrinkled, and machine washable on gentle cycles.

Cons: Although the fabric curtain is iron- and washing machine-friendly, be sure to remove the liner first. The liner wipes clean only and will melt under a hot iron. And the built-in liner and snap-on hooks mean that this shower curtain costs more than most other white shower curtains on the market, so it’s not the most budget-friendly option. And you’ll have to consider its size on two fronts. The curtain is only available in a 71-inch by 74-inch size, and you’ll want to be sure that the 1.8-inch rings will fit around your shower curtain rod. If your shower curtain rod is thicker than the rings, you won’t be able to snap them directly onto it and use them.

Bottom Line: If you don’t own shower hooks and/or a shower liner and are shopping for those items alongside a shower curtain, you’re in luck. This three-for-one purchase saves you the trouble of getting items separately, while still invoking the feeling of a modern luxury hotel or spa bathroom. You’ll have to spend a bit of extra money for these included amenities, so it might not be a great choice for the more budget-conscious. But you might consider the higher price to be worth the tradeoff for the shopping time that it saves you. Just make sure that the holes along the top will fit your shower curtain rod or you’ll have to go out and buy different hooks for it.


Best Textured

AmazerBath Waffle Shower Curtain

A waffle-textured white fabric shower curtain that brings subtle elegance to your bathroom.

Pros: This white shower curtain and its waffled texture strike the perfect balance between decoration and subtlety. It’s more ornamental than a plain white shower curtain, yet it’s far from showy or overwhelming. The fabric has other benefits beyond its texture, too. It will dry out quickly, is heavy enough to stay in place even in a sudden breeze, and it won’t shrink or deform even after extended exposure to water. And the curtain comes in four different sizes, increasing the odds of finding one that will fit your tub or shower. There are also matte white and cream-colored options if you want a slightly different shade than pure white.

Cons: This is definitely a shower curtain that should be paired with a liner. It’s water-resistant but not 100% waterproof. Thus, while it will repel most water, some will absorb into the fabric and might soak through. This does run the risk of some water leaking out of the shower and onto your floor if not paired with a shower liner. Neither a liner nor hooks or rings is included with your purchase, so you’ll have to buy them separately.

Bottom Line: Subtle flair is the name of the game with this white shower curtain. The waffle-like texture gives the curtain some decoration without overpowering or overwhelming your tub or bathroom. It also helps ensure that the curtain is soft to the touch, so it won’t feel irritating or abrasive if you brush against it while showering. It also offers some variety in the shade of white that you can buy, unlike many other white shower curtains. Just make sure that you own (or don’t mind buying) a 100% waterproof shower liner.

Final Thoughts

If you want to ensure that your shower curtain will match your bathroom, no matter where or when you move, you can’t go wrong with an all-white one. It’s classic and timeless, and it’s perhaps the one color that could suit any design, decor, or color scheme.

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