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The Best Shower Mats

🕚 Updated February 2023

Establish a comfortable, nonslip surface with a quality shower mat. If you're accident-prone or afraid you may fall, select one of our reliable options that will completely transform your bathroom experience.

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  Best Overall Best Extra-Large Best Small Choice Best Textured Also Consider
  Gorilla Grip
Patented Shower and Bath Mat
Bath Tub Shower Mat
Square Shower Mat
PVC Loofah Shower Mat
Nonslip Pebble Bathtub Mat
Our SummaryThis is a classic choice in a wide array of colors that's designed to provide the optimal support and safety in the bathtub.This great shower mat comes in larger dimensions,  making it perfect for oversized showers and baths.This is a compact shower mat that's perfect for bathrooms with a smaller shower footprint.This multifunctional shower mat can also double as a bath mat when you're ready to leave the shower.This shower mat features a design imitating small pebbles.
Pros✓ 324 suction grips
✓ Machine washable
✓ Available in 19 colors
✓ Oversized length ideal for bigger baths and showers
✓ Available in 14 colors
✓ Machine washable
✓ Affordable
✓ Ideal for smaller bathrooms
✓ Machine washable
✓ Built-in drainage holes
✓ Multifunctional design
✓ Quick-drying
✓ Doubles as exfoliator for feet
✓ 200 suction cups
✓ Built-in natural drainage
✓ Customizable dimensions
Cons✗ Surface can be a bit slippery when entering and leaving the bath✗ Only compatible with smooth surfaces✗ Not compatible with tile or textured surfaces✗ Only nonslip on smooth surfaces
✗ May unravel prematurely
✗ Not compatible with textured or tiled surfaces
✗ Handwash to clean only
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The Best Shower Mats

three different shower mats; a black pebble one in a shower, a gray textured one draped on a bathtub, and a blue rectangular one on the bottom of a bathtub

Buying Guide for Shower Mats

A wooden shower mat inside of a shower.

Why buy a shower mat?

Shower mats are more than an aesthetic purchase—it’s a matter of safety. Especially if your bathtub or shower doesn’t have built-in tread, bathing can be a dangerous proposition. A good shower mat provides a proper grip for your feet so that soap suds, shampoo, or even simply running water don’t cause you to slip and fall.

What should you consider when shopping for the best shower mat?

  • Suction and Nonslip Functions: Shower mats now provide you with extra stability in nonslip capabilities. This ensures that they won’t slip out from under you, and you can use them on several different types of surfaces. This includes vinyl, tiles, acrylic, porcelain, and composite materials.
  • Versatility: Most shower mats now have an incredibly intuitive design, ensuring that you will get a lot of use from them. They are also super comfortable, offer greater safety protections, and you can easily clean them when they become dirty from frequent usage.
  • Style: Why settle for a shower mat this plain and simple in appearance when there are so many different stylistic designs available? Many shower mats now come in different colors, and others feature a unique arrangement of patterns. This way, you can make your bathroom more visually appealing and fashionable.

What is the best way to clean your shower mat?

How you clean your shower mat depends on the material and, of course, the manufacturer’s instructions—so be sure to check those first. Rubber mats can be handwashed or thrown in the washing machine, while fabric ones tend to do better machine-washed. To handwash your rubber mat, you can use your bathtub as a convenient way to get it done. Just place your rubber mat in the tub and then fill the tub with warm water and two cups of chlorine bleach. Put on rubber gloves and use a brush to scrub the mat on top and bottom. Once thoroughly scrubbed, drain the water and give the mat a good rinse. To machine wash, just throw it in on a gentle, hot cycle and then hang it up to dry. For fabric shower mats, you’d do the same thing as rubber ones and use hot water and let it air-dry afterward.

Our Picks for the Best Shower Mats

Best Overall

Gorilla Grip Patented Shower and Bath Mat

This is a classic choice in a wide array of colors that's designed to provide the optimal support and safety in the bathtub.

Pros: This particular shower mat features 324 total suction cups that hold it in place on any smooth surface. This makes it the ideal option for showers in commercial facilities, such as gyms and spas. It’s larger in size to provide you with better coverage in your shower or bathroom. It’s also machine washable, and it comes in different colors to better accentuate the decor of your bathroom.

Cons: Although the base offers plenty of grip, a few noted that the product had the tendency to be slippery—especially when entering and leaving the shower.

Bottom Line: If you’re familiar with the Gorilla brand, you know that durability is its hallmark offering. This is a solid choice that comes in a variety of colors.


Best Extra-Large

YINENN Bath Tub Shower Mat

This great shower mat comes in larger dimensions, making it perfect for oversized showers and baths.

Pros: With oversized dimensions of 40 by 16 inches, this is a great shower mat for homes with oversized tubs or showers. This machine washable mat has built-in drainage holes and is offered in 14 different colors. The bottom features 200 suction cups for added durability and no-slip confidence.

Cons: Note that this pick will only stick to smooth surfaces, making it unsuitable for bathrooms with tile or textured flooring.

Bottom Line: Ease of use is the name of the game here, and a machine washable shower mat is a definite upgrade.

Best Small Choice

Yimobra Square Shower Mat

This is a compact shower mat that's perfect for bathrooms with a smaller shower footprint.

Pros: Do you need a shower mat with an array of color options? Then this is the best available option. The colors range from navy blue to mint green to light pink. It also has the ideal design for draining water, and it’s free of latex and other unnecessary artificial materials. It will also prevent accidents, thanks to the superb suction cups on the bottom.

Cons: Unfortunately, if you have a textured shower floor or tiling, this isn’t going to stick properly to the surface.

Bottom Line: As long as you have a smooth shower stall, this petite square shower mat is perfect for keeping you safe while you bathe.


Best Textured

LuxStep Shower Mat

This multifunctional shower mat can also double as a bath mat when you're ready to leave the shower.

Pros: If you dislike the traditional plastic shower mats, this PVC loofah-inspired mat will be a great upgrade. With various dimensions and colors to choose from, you’ll like that this pick is designed to dry quickly and can be used as a bathmat or as your shower mat. It’s soft on your feet and features an anti-skid layer for safety. The loofah texture also doubles as an exfoliator for the soles of your feet.

Cons: Along with only being nonskid on smooth surfaces, a few shared experiences of their bath mats starting to unravel after only a few uses.

Bottom Line: If you’re ready for a more elevated and versatile bath mat that pulls double-duty in and outside of the shower, this is a smart choice.


Also Consider

SONGZIMING Nonslip Pebble Bathtub Mat

This shower mat features a design imitating small pebbles.

Pros: This shower mat is viable for most home bathrooms, and it features a unique pebble formation in the design. It also has over 200 suction cups to provide you with better security while showering. The mat includes small spaces in between the pebble pieces so that it can properly drain out your bathwater.

Cons: As with many other shower mats, this pick is only compatible with smooth surfaces.

Bottom Line: When you want a mat with a bit more visual interest, this is a solid option.

Final Thoughts

If your bathtub or shower doesn’t have a gripped base that makes bathing safe, you need a good shower mat. Whether you opt for something practical and utilitarian or more stylish and unique, don’t ignore the motto of safety first in the bathroom.

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