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The Best Shower Mats for Optimal Comfort and Safety

three different shower mats; a black pebble one in a shower, a gray textured one draped on a bathtub, and a blue rectangular one on the bottom of a bathtub

Shower mats have become more prevalent in residential bathrooms, and that’s because they establish a comfortable, nonslip surface. They ensure that you can take a shower and go about your normal hygiene routine without any inconveniences or accidents. Shower mats are suitable for a range of hard surfaces, and they even add some style. Having one will completely transform your bathroom experience.

Buying a Shower Mat

Here are some of the key features:

  • Suction and Nonslip Functions: Shower mats now provide you with extra stability in nonslip capabilities. This ensures that they won’t slip out from under you, and you can use them on several different types of surfaces. This includes vinyl, tiles, acrylic, porcelain, and even composite materials.
  • Versatility: Most shower mats now have an incredibly intuitive design, ensuring that you will get a lot of use from them. They are also super comfortable, offer greater safety protections, and you can easily clean them when they become dirty from frequent usage.
  • Style: Why settle for a shower mat this plain and simple in appearance when there are so many different stylistic designs available? Many shower mats now come in different colors, and others feature a unique arrangement of patterns. This way, you can make your bathroom a lot more visually appealing and fashionable.

Best Overall: Asvin Soft Textured Bath Mat

feet shown on a gray textured bathmat inside a shower and outside a tub

This is the best overall shower mat in terms of versatility and performance. It offers the ideal suction and nonslip features for optimal safety, and it’s also incredibly comfortable on your feet. Made of high-quality PVC material, it’s also recyclable and machine washable. It’s ideal for virtually any bathroom because it won’t cause any damage to sensitive flooring or bathtub materials.

Best Nonslip Design: Gorilla Grip Shower Mat

a hand lifting a clear bath mat to show the suction cups on the bottom
Gorilla Grip

This particular shower mat features 324 total suction cups that hold it in place on any smooth surface. This makes it the ideal option for showers in commercial facilities, such as gyms and spas. It’s larger in size to provide you with better coverage in your shower or bathroom. It’s also machine washable, and it comes in different colors to better accentuate the decor of your bathroom.

Best Color Options: Yimobra Original Bathtub Mat

blue bath mat with diamond-shaped holes and suction cups on the bottom

Do you need a shower mat that comes in an array of color options? Then this is the best available option. The colors range from navy blue to mint green to light pink. It also has the ideal design for draining water, and it’s free of latex and other unnecessary artificial materials. It will also prevent accidents, thanks to superb suction cups on the bottom.

Most Affordable: Amazon Basics PVC Bath Mat

a long clear shower mat with suction cups on the bottom
Amazon Basics

If you need a shower mat that you can purchase at a budget-friendly price, then look no further. This one has every design feature that you need—a textured surface for better grip, durable construction, and nonslip suction cups. It also includes a non-porous surface, which will prevent bacteria and germs from accumulating underneath your mat.

Most Affordable

Also Consider: SONGZIMING Pebble Bathtub Mat

a shower mat made with fake black pebbles connected

This shower mat is viable for most home bathrooms, and it features a unique pebble formation in the design. It also has over 200 suction cups to provide you with better security while showering. The mat includes small spaces in between the pebble pieces so that it can properly drain out your bathwater.

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