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The Best Shower Organizers

Tenby/KINCMAX/Zenna Home
🕚 Updated January 2023

If you're sick of knocking over bottles of shampoo and feeling cramped in the shower, a shower organizer can be an easy way to upgrade your whole experience. Showers should be relaxing, after all. Take a look at these shower organizers to manage all your products.

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  Top Choice Best Hanging Caddy Best Wall Shelves Best Freestanding Shelf Best Curtain Hanger Best Single-Shelf Option
  Zenna Home
4 Tier Shower Tension Pole Caddy
Zenna Home
Expandable Over-The-Shower Caddy
Shower Caddy Bathroom Shelf
Tenby Living
Corner Shower Caddy - 3 Shelf Shower Organizer
Hanging Mesh Pockets Shower Organizer
Adhesive Shower Caddy
Our SummaryDe-clutter your shower with this adjustable and accommodating shower caddy.Keep your products contained and organized with this easy-to-install caddy.These popular wall shelves drain water and hold your razor.This model doesn't require mounting and will give your shower essentials a home.An easy solution to keep essential shower items close at hand that doesn't require any serious installation.A sleek and simple adhesive wall-mounted shelf to free up counter space.
Pros✓ Four adjustable shelves
✓ Each shelf holds 7.5 pounds
✓ Tension rod
✓ Coating prevents rust
✓ Tall and accommodating
✓ Fits over most shower heads
✓ Rust-resistant, nonslip grip, and suction cups
✓ Drains water
✓ Two strong adhesive shelves
✓ Each holds 15 pounds
✓ Rustproof stainless steel
✓ Durable plastic
✓ Easy to clean
✓ Adjustable height and adjustable feet
✓ Eight pockets
✓ Easy hanging hook design
✓ Affordable
✓ Two shelves
✓ Each holds 15 pounds
✓ Rustproof stainless steel
✓ Strong adhesive
✓ Modern look
Cons✗ Difficult to assemble✗ Suction cups aren't very strong✗ Adhesive isn't forgiving✗ May not fit well in small showers✗ May get in the way when opening and closing shower curtains✗ Adhesive is very strong, so no adjusting
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The Best Shower Organizers

Three different shower organizers in different bathrooms holding body products.
Tenby/KINCMAX/Zenna Home

Buying Guide for Shower Organizers

A metal basket shelf holds three bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in a shower..

Why should you buy a shower organizer?

Most showers aren’t designed with adequate built-in storage for all the hair and body products we like to have on hand while we bathe. This is especially true for shared bathrooms. Rather than cram as many products as you can in the corners of your tub or shower, try a shower organizer. They provide a dedicated and accommodating spot to keep your shower items so that you can have a de-cluttered shower experience and avoid tipping products over and onto your feet in the shower.

What should you consider when purchasing a shower organizer?

  • Placement: A shower organizer comes in many different forms. Whether you want your organizer hanging over your showerhead, mounted on the wall, tucked away in the corner, or standing on the shower floor, you will be able to find one that accommodates your needs and helps you organize your items.
  • Assembly: Most shower organizers are easy to assemble and install because the average person really can’t do much construction within their existing shower. However, you still have a choice between using a tension rod, adhesives, or hanging collars and suction cups.
  • Size: There are a few things to consider when determining which size of shower organizer you will need. Some organizers can hold 15 pounds, while others have a more limited load capacity. You will also want to consider how large your products are and how many you have to organize. If you need something for multiple members of the family or for your roommates, you can find multi-tiered options.

How can you keep your shower organizer clean?

All of the shower organizers in this list have holes or grates to allow water to drip through, reducing the buildup of soap scum, water, and mildew. However, as you clean your shower regularly, including your organizers in that process will help them stay beautiful and functional for the long term. You can simply empty them, wipe them down or rinse them out, and return your items.

Our Picks for the Best Shower Organizers

Top Choice

Zenna Home, 4-Tier Shower Tension Pole Caddy

De-clutter your shower with this adjustable and accommodating shower caddy.

Pros: Give all your shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and cleansers a place to live with this tension pole shower organizer. It has four adjustable tiers that can hold tall bottles. Each rack is 11.6 inches wide and 8 inches deep. Each storage basket can hold 7.5 pounds, is coated to prevent rust, and has open grates to let the water fall through so that soap scum doesn’t build on your items or the caddy. The tension system can extend to about 8 feet tall. You don’t need tools to install this organizer.

Cons: Assembly can be a bit confusing.

Bottom Line: Once this organizer is assembled, you’ll have an organized shower full of products without it feeling cramped. You can have a tier for each person in the household.


Best Hanging Caddy

Zenna Home Expandable Over-The-Shower Caddy

Keep your products contained and organized with this easy-to-install caddy.

Pros: This hanging caddy is made of alloy steel and coated with chrome to resist rust during shower after shower. Suction cups help keep this caddy in place, as well as the non-slip cover on the showerhead holder. Four adjustable baskets make for convenient storage with room for tall bottles. The caddy also has built-in holders for razors and hooks for loofahs, exfoliating gloves, shower caps, or washcloths.

Cons: The suction cups are not very strong. For best results, evenly distribute the weight of your items on either side so that it doesn’t tip to one side.

Bottom Line: This hanging shower caddy has thoughtful versatility to work with almost any showerhead, even removable ones. The different baskets and hooks are also helpful in keeping items organized. If the suction cups don’t help with stability, the non-slip collar will still perform well.


Best Wall Shelves

KINCMAX Shower Caddy Bathroom Shelf

These popular wall shelves drain water and hold your razor.

Pros: This two-pack of wall shelves comes with one large size, one small size, and four hooks. The open bottom design allows water to fall through, which helps prevent mucky buildup or soap scum. These shelves are made from 304 stainless steel and are completely rustproof. The adhesive is not disrupted by water but stays strong, even when holding a maximum load of 15 pounds.

Cons: The strong adhesive isn’t forgiving of errors in misplacement. Map it out carefully and use a leveler to help you get the shelves in the right spot.

Bottom Line: You can mount these shelves without using any tools, and they’ll stay in place, even on a shower wall that regularly gets wet. They’re a versatile organizing solution for your shower since you can place them in the most convenient spots for you.


Best Freestanding Shelf

Tenby Living Corner Shower Caddy

This model doesn't require mounting and will give your shower essentials a home.

Pros: If you want a simple shower storage and organization solution, this freestanding shelf unit is an excellent option. The durable plastic can be used for years without showing signs of wear and can be easily wiped down for cleaning. Each shelf and accessory holder has holes for draining to reduce water and soap buildup. It is easy to assemble without any tools, and the shelves are adjustable to fit tall bottles. The unit comes with adjustable feet, so you can level it and prevent wobbling or shaking. In addition to the three shelves, it comes with a bar soap holder.

Cons: This shelf unit is designed for a larger corner, so it may not fit in smaller showers.

Bottom Line: This straightforward, easy-to-assemble shelf effectively organizes your shower essentials without complicating things. It has adjustable shelves for adequate storage and holes for water drainage. Just be sure to measure your own shower to ensure a good fit.


Best for the Curtain Rod

MISSLO hanging Mesh Pockets Shower Organizer

An easy solution to keep essential shower items close at hand that doesn't require any serious installation.

Pros: Anyone who’s ever installed a spring-loaded shower organizer knows that they can be a pain. If you have no patience or can’t find the right version to fit in your shower, this simple hanging organizer is much easier to use. You’ll get eight mesh pockets (with four more roomy ones) to carry more items. The organizer relies on hooks, meaning you can easily put it on your existing shower curtain rod with your shower curtain.

Cons: While simple and effective, you might feel this is a little annoying to use if you put it on your shower rod since it may make opening and closing your shower curtain a little annoying.

Bottom Line: If you need to control the clutter that’s taking over your shower yet don’t want an oversized storage solution, this curtain-based organizer is an affordable and simple solution.


Best Single-Shelf Option

KINCMAX Wall Mounted Rustproof Shower Caddy

A sleek and simple adhesive wall-mounted shelf to free up counter space.

Pros: Not everyone wants to line up bottles and soaps around the rim of their shower or bath. If you’re ready to clear out the clutter, this easy-to-install, wall-mounted, rustproof hanging organizer is a great alternative. It features one main shelf with plenty of room for two rows of bottles. Meanwhile, you’ll also get three hooks, including one dedicated to your razor.

Cons: Although most reviews are glowing for this shower organizer, we did note that people mentioned the adhesive might prematurely lose sticking power, leading to a loud crash and a mess in your shower.

Bottom Line: If you love the look of floating shelves—even in your bathroom—this is a smart pick that’s easy to install and affordable.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want a freestanding organizer, adhesive shelves on the wall, or a tension rod caddy, there are plenty of shower organization options to fit your style and needs. Now all you need to do is choose what’s best for you, and you’ll be one step closer to an amazing shower upgrade.

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