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The Best Shower Scrubbers

🕚 Updated February 2022

It's safe to say that no one likes the sight of mold, dirt, or soap scum in the shower, the place you go to get clean. These scrubbers make it easy to get your shower walls to shine!

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  Top Choice Best Electric Brush Set Best Multi-Brush Set Best Grout Scrubber Also Great
Good Grips Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber
4Pack Drill Brush Power Scrubber
5 pack Deep Cleaning Brush Set
2-in-1 Grout and Corner Scrubber Brush Tool
Good Grips Heavy Duty Scrub Brush
Our SummaryA shower scrubber that’s super versatile and gives a total clean.A set of four shower scrubbers that attach to your drill for a deep clean.A set of five different brushes that gives you the versatility to clean wherever you find dirt, grime, or mold.A two-in-one scrubber that gives you impressive cleaning power.A solid shower scrubber featuring a classic design and powerful bristles.
ProsIncludes anti-microbial head, fits into corners, and head is replaceable.Comes with four, nylon bristles, and works well on most materials.Versatile with five brushes, includes an ergonomic grip, and reaches into corners.Gets rid of mildew and dirt, 360 degrees of cleaning power, and offers firm grip.Comes with classic design, non-slip handle, and the bristles are wide.
ConsRetains water.Requires a drill.Bristles could be harder.Doesn't work well on soft surfaces.Could use stronger bristles.
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The Best Shower Scrubbers

a scrubbing pad on a pole moving around on a tiled shower wall.

Buying Guide for Shower Scrubbers

Gloved hands spray and scrub a tiled shower wall.
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Why buy a shower scrubber?

With all their walls and corners, shows have a lot of surface area to keep clean. To cut down on time, use an effective shower scrubber. Some make accessing corners or tall edges easier, while others take away some of the wrist strain. Get rid of dirt and grime wherever it’s lurking in your shower so that you can feel that much cleaner when you finish bathing.

What should you consider in a shower scrubber?

  • Strength: How dirty is your shower? You might need something that’s meant for a shower that hasn’t been cleaned in years, or you might only need a mild scrubber to maintain your clean shower. There are options out there for whatever you need.
  • Handle: It’s likely that you’ll be holding on hard to your scrubber and applying plenty of elbow grease to get rid of all that dirt. You’ll want a scrubber that’s easy to hold, that won’t slip when wet, and that won’t hurt your wrist. Look for a shower scrubber that features an ergonomic design!
  • Size: Some scrubbers are large enough to cover a solid portion of a wall in one go! You won’t have to spend as much time scrubbing with those options. However, these products might have trouble reaching smaller corners where dirt or soap scum is hiding, so get the right-sized option for your cleaning needs.

How much should you expect to pay for a shower scrubber?

You should be able to find a quality shower scrubber for around $10 or even less. While it’s not unreasonable to pay closer to $30 for a long-lasting, deep-cleaning option, you shouldn’t have to pay more than that for a scrubber that works well.

Our Picks for the Best Shower Scrubbers

Top Choice

OXO Good Grips Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber

A shower scrubber that's super versatile and gives a total clean.

Pros: The OXO Good Grips Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber can get your shower or tub looking spiffy in a jiffy. It works on tiles, glass, and floors. It can easily clean up narrow spaces but covers a good amount of surface area. The anti-microbial head features an abrasive cleaning surface that can wipe away dirt spots. Plus, you can use it to get into hard-to-reach corners. The head is even replaceable, so you can attach a new one when you’re ready.

Cons: The only issue with this shower scrubber is that the unit sometimes retains water, which will splash out as you’re cleaning.

Bottom Line: People love how convenient and easy to use this shower scrubber is! It gets hard-to-reach spaces and leaves your shower or tub looking extra clean.


Pros: This four-pack of brushes works great on floors, tiles, grout, and even upholstery. The nylon bristles are stiff enough to cut through dirt effortlessly. It’s super easy to use this brush as well. Just attach it to a cordless drill and get cleaning.

Cons: The major drawback to this shower scrubber is that you’ll need a drill. It’s not possible to use it effectively unless it’s attached to a drill.

Bottom Line: If you have a cordless drill ready, this is a great option. Your drill will supply the power, while these scrubbers will deliver the clean. In the end, you’ll have a shower or tub that looks squeaky clean.


Best Multi-Brush Set

Holikme 5 pack Deep Cleaning Brush Set

A set of five different brushes that gives you the versatility to clean wherever you find dirt, grime, or mold.

Pros: The Holikme Deep Cleaning Brush Set comes with five different brushes so that you get the kind of brush you need no matter where you’re cleaning. It includes two scrub brushes, a grout brush, a groove gap brush, and a scouring pad brush. All of these items feature an ergonomic grip that makes it comfortable to use them. It’s super easy to get in your shower’s corners or hard-to-reach areas with these brushes.

Cons: The only common complaint is that some of the brushes could use firmer bristles.

Bottom Line: This pack of shower scrubbers comes at a great price and includes plenty of cleaning options for you to get the job done. Take your pick of brushes to clear away dirt and mold easily and quickly.


Best Grout Scrubber

Unger 2-in-1 Grout and Corner Scrubber Brush Tool

A two-in-one scrubber that gives you impressive cleaning power.

Pros: Take hold of the Unger Grout and Corner Scrubber Brush Tool for total cleaning power of any spots in your shower or tub. Get rid of mildew, soap, and more with this convenient and easy-to-use tool. The brush head offers you 360 degrees of cleaning power to reach wherever you need to get rid of dirt. Plus, the handle is meant to provide a firm grip, whether it’s wet or dry, so you can clean without having to worry about dropping it.

Cons: This scrubber isn’t great for every surface, especially carpet or the softer parts of your shower. While it works great on tile and glass, you won’t want to use the tough bristles on more delicate surfaces.

Bottom Line: You’ll need to apply some elbow grease with this scrubber, but it gets the job done. It thrives at cleaning the corners where dirt tends to collect.


Also Great

OXO Good Grips Heavy-Duty Scrub Brush

A solid shower scrubber featuring a classic design and powerful bristles.

Pros: The OXO Good Grips Heavy-Duty Scrub Brush offers a classic design for your cleaning needs. It’s perfect for tubs, tiles, floors, and more, thanks to the tough bristles that excel at reaching tricky spots. Plus, the soft, non-slip handle gives you plenty of grip even when the scrubber is wet. The bristles of this brush are relatively wide as well, so you can clean pretty large surfaces quickly.

Cons: If there’s an issue with this brush, it’s that the bristles could be slightly firmer. While they do a great job cleaning, they would last longer if they were a little tougher.

Bottom Line: This easy-to-use, simple shower scrubber does what it’s meant to: clean your shower or tub effectively without slipping around. If you’re looking for a no-frills option, try this brush.

Final Thoughts

Shower scrubbers are cost-effective options that give you the cleaning strength you need when cleaning the bathroom. They do a great job at improving the overall look of your shower or bathtub without you needing to make too much of a financial investment.

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