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The Best Silicone Bibs

🕚 Updated November 2022

Silicone bibs are a modern invention worth celebrating. They're incredibly convenient and effective at keeping mealtime messes under control. We've gathered some of the best silicone bibs to make your life easier.

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  Most Variety Best Set Comfy and Convenient Most Humorous Best Extras
Silicone Baby Bib
3 Pack Silicone Baby Bib for Babies & Toddlers
Roll-Up Bib, 2 Pack
Bella Tunno
Silicone Baby Bib
Silicone Baby Bibs Set of 2 with Spoons and Forks
Our SummaryYour baby will still look sophisticated as food gracefully falls into their bib.These affordable bibs keep your baby clean and give you a break from so much cleaning.These bibs are a mix of silicone and soft material and are easy to take with you.Get in a laugh while your toddler fills his bib with crumbs.This bib and utensil set will keep your toddler happy and clean.
ProsFood-grade silicone, adjustable collar, resists stains, deep front pocket, 28 classy styles.Food-grade silicone, adjustable collar, strong front pocket to stay upright, pack of three is affordable.Easy to clean and durable fabric top, durable silicone pocket, rolls up for portability, six colors.Food-grade silicone, funny sayings, 43 designs.Food-grade silicone, two adjustable bibs, four utensils, waterproof, stain-resistant, 14 color options.
ConsHeavier silicone than others.Silicone is thinner than others.Velcro strap is tempting for curious toddlers, colors bleeding from washes.Buttons are hard to push through with one hand.Utensils are not needed right away.
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The Best Silicone Bibs

A baby girl eats at a high chair with a pink spoon and pink silicone bib.

When your baby graduates from a milk diet into solid foods, it’s an exciting development! As they grow and experiment with tastes and textures, they show even more of their personality…and create even more of a mess. Traditional cloth bibs are adorable, but they don’t hold up to the spills and countless mouth misses. Save yourself the mess and stress so you can enjoy food exploration alongside your baby by using silicone bibs.

Buying Guide for Silicone Bibs

two silicone bibs stacked next to a tiny bowl and spoon
Igisheva Maria/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a silicone bib?

A silicone bib might seem clunky or uncomfortable, but they’re actually the opposite. While they don’t fold as easily as cloth bibs, they bend nicely for your toddler to stay comfortable during meals and snacks. They’re also softer than you might expect.

Their signature feature, aside from being super easy to clean, is the big food-catching front pocket. It catches crumbs and drips of food, making your post-meal cleanup so much faster. Just dump the crumbs in the trash and wipe the bib clean. Imagine never having to hold your toddler in a standing position on his chair, shaking crumbs off his legs and clothes, so you can sweep them up later. How amazing does that sound?

What should you consider when purchasing a silicone bib?

  • Closure: The most common closure type is silicone buttons. It keeps things easy to clean and secure; however, this will also be where wear and tear will appear after heavy use. Another type of closure style is Velcro, which may be more familiar to parents but can become an intriguing feature for your curious tot to test the limits of.
  • Pocket: Some silicone bibs have a deeper, more sturdy front pocket to catch crumbs and spills. Other styles have pockets that dip outwards in the hopes of catching more falling food.

What is the best way to clean and care for silicone bibs?

Unless otherwise noted, silicone bibs only need a little soap and warm water to clean them. They’re made of food-grade silicone, making them easy to wipe or rinse clean and able to withstand scrubbing. Although, since silicone bibs are stain-resistant, you won’t have to do much scrubbing anyways. Many are even dishwasher safe, making cleanup even more simple.

Our Picks for the Best Silicone Bibs

Most Variety

mushie Silicone Baby Bib

Your baby will still look sophisticated as food gracefully falls into their bib.

Pros: Keep your baby clean with these bibs made from food-grade silicone that’s BPA- and phthalate-free. A rounded neck with built-in fasteners allows a comfortable and snug fit, while a deep front pocket catches food and keeps your baby and their seat clean. The silicone bib is easy to clean and resists stains, saving you time to chase after your toddler even more. This bib comes in 28 classic designs.

Cons: The bib is heavier than cloth designs and may take some time to get used to for a little one.

Bottom Line: These unique, elegant designs are unexpectedly snazzy looks for a toddler during messy meals. The deep front pocket aids in keeping your little ones clean so that they can run off and have fun right after they’re done eating.


Best Set

ChenYuTe 3 Pack Silicone Baby Bib for Babies & Toddlers

These affordable bibs keep your baby clean and give you a break from so much cleaning.

Pros: These bibs are made with BPA-free silicone, making them safe for your toddler to suck on (because they will). The adjustable collar is designed to grow with your baby, fitting a 6-month-old up to a 6-year-old! These bibs have a large reinforced pocket that’s specially designed to stay upright and not fold over accidentally. This pack of three is an affordable choice for parents, which is especially nice if your budget just increased to include baby food.

Cons: These silicone bibs are thinner than others, making them fold over a bit more, but the pocket still stays mostly upright.

Bottom Line: This is an affordable pack of quality, safe, and comfortable silicone bibs. Since they adjust for months and possibly years, they’re a smart investment for your fast-growing kiddo.


Comfy and Convenient

OXO Roll-Up Bib, 2 Pack

These bibs are a mix of silicone and soft material and are easy to take with you.

Pros: Durable, easy-to-clean fabric covers your baby’s chest and wraps around their neck comfortably while a sturdy silicone pocket catches food crumbs. These are machine washable, too. To take them on the go, the fabric rolls up into the silicone pocket conveniently to then slip into your diaper bag. These bibs close with Velcro and are adjustable to fit just right. The set comes in six different color pairs.

Cons: The Velcro strap closure catches the attention of curious toddlers and may become a messy distraction. Some people have issues with the colors bleeding during hand or machine washes.

Bottom Line: These bibs consider the comfort of fabric with the utility of silicone to make a wonderful hybrid design. In addition, the portability makes it attractive for those who are on the go often.


Most Humorous

Bella Tunno Silicone Baby Bib

Get a laugh while your toddler fills their bib with crumbs.

Pros: Along with all the main benefits of a BPA- and PVC-free and adjustable silicone bib, these ones add some laughs to a messy meal with your toddler. The silicone is soft yet durable and adjusts to fit your little one comfortably with silicone button closures. The front pocket sticks out to catch more food rather than collapsing in. They’re stain-resistant, dishwasher safe, and come in 43 different colors and sayings.

Cons: The buttons can be tough to get through the holes and take most people two hands to secure.

Bottom Line: Sometimes, a funny little one-liner is just what you need during a busy day with your little one. Let these silicone bibs keep your kiddo clean while you enjoy a chuckle during meals or snacks.


Best Extras

Bear&Joy Silicone Baby Bibs Set of 2 with Spoon and Fork

This bib and utensil set will keep your toddler happy and clean.

Pros: This complete set of two silicone bibs and four utensils gives your baby what they need to eat alongside you at the table. The food-grade silicone bibs are durable and soft for your baby to snack comfortably in, while the large pocket catches everything they drop. They are waterproof and stain-resistant to make cleanup super easy. As your little one grows, you can easily adjust the bib to fit their growing neck. The small forks and spoons are ideal for clumsy little hands and are soft for when the food doesn’t make it straight into the mouth. The set comes in 14 different color options.

Cons: Your baby can start using the bibs a lot sooner than the utensils. While this set is convenient, you will have to hold off on the utensils for a few months.

Bottom Line: This set is a great value for two adjustable bibs and four utensils. They’re durable yet soft and comfortable for a baby and toddler to use. The utensils may hang out in a drawer for a few months, but the bibs can fit an infant during their first seat at the table. This set would be a thoughtful gift at a baby shower.

Final Thoughts

Exploring new food with your baby and toddler can be an enjoyable experience for babies and parents, especially when there’s less mess. Bring the focus back on new tastes and textures and leave the mess in the front pocket of one of these silicone bibs.

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