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The Best Silk Hair Wraps for Sleeping

🕚 Updated May 2023

Say goodbye to frizzy ends and damaged roots with a silk hair wrap. It can offer extra-sleek TLC that takes your locks from limp to luscious while you sleep. Take better care of your hair with one of our selections.

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Silk Bonnet
22 Momme 100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Cap
100% Silk Head Scarf
Silk Bonnet
100% Mulberry Silk Lined Sleep Cap
Our SummaryThis adjustable, sleek bonnet will leave your hair protected and silky smooth.Reduce the frizz or keep your hairstyle looking fresh in this lightweight sleep cap.Slip one of these stunning printed head scarfs on for a day out or for sleeping in.Simple but effective, this silk-lined bonnet brings ultimate comfort and coverage to your hair.Rock a relaxed look in this slouchy sleep cap that could easily double as a beanie.
Pros✓ Double-layered
✓ Skin-friendly silk
✓ Adjustable elastic band
✓ Comes in 22 colors
✓ 100% silk
✓ Stretches and fits comfortably on heads up to 23 inches in circumference
✓ Comes in 14 colors
✓ High-quality weaving and dyeing process
✓ Versatile use for neck or waist
✓ Comes in 21 intricate bold patterns
✓ Adjustable
✓ Non-slip
✓ Can wear under hijab or scrub cap
✓ Silk lining and breathable bamboo outer material
✓ Outside made of cotton and spandex, inside made of silk
✓ Adjustable band for heads up to 24 inches in circumference
✓ Comes in 10 colors
Cons✗ Elastic band may be too tight for those with heads larger than 24 inches in circumference✗ May not hold extra-thick or super curly hair✗ May be smaller than expected✗ Clip can be uncomfortable while sleeping✗ Lining is made of cloth so it may rub hairline or edges
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The Best Silk Hair Wraps for Sleeping

Two women sleeping wearing silk-lined hair caps and one cap resting on a white surface.

Buying Guide for Silk Hair Wraps

Four beautiful African American girlfriends wearing hair bonnets and robes.
Yaw Niel/Shutterstock.com

Why buy silk hair wraps?

If you’ve noticed that your hair could use some extra love and care (aside from adding products), a silk hair wrap can do wonders. One primary benefit is that these are typically worn at night while you sleep, so you can let it work its magic. By wrapping your hair in the silk fabric, your hair follicles and fragile strands will be protected from potential breakage and tangles. They offer optimal protection for your hair, no matter the length, and help retain your hair’s natural oils and moisture from the root to the tip, which can all be beneficial if your goal is to grow your hair out. For particularly frizzy hair, a silk hair wrap can fight the unruly tendrils and provide a low-maintenance way to minimize the steps in your hair routine the next morning, saving you time and effort. Lastly, if you’ve curled your hair or gotten a blowout and want to preserve the hairstyle, a silk hair wrap can do the trick.

What should you look for in silk hair wraps?

  • Style/Function: Hair wraps come in various shapes and styles: a bonnet, a turban, a simple cap, and even a scarf that can be tied in multiple ways depending on your preference. If you have shorter hair or edges that need to be maintained, a bonnet, turban, or cap can work well. With longer thick locks, a scarf may give your hair more room to breathe while still keeping them out of your face.
  • Design/Features: Aside from the shine and sleek look of the silk fabric, hair wraps come in every print you could imagine. From florals to bold, bright colors to pastels, you may have a hard time choosing. You’ll want to look for a durable elastic band that fits snug so it won’t slip off but not too tight that it will give you a headache. Some hair wraps are even reversible, so you can switch up your look for bedtime. A cap or a scarf typically has ties for that added security; however, if you don’t want to mess with an added step, bonnets or turbans are hassle-free options that you can just slip on.

Why is silk the best material for hair wraps?

Silk is a delicate yet high-quality material that will leave your hair feeling smooth, which is why it’s one of the most popular fabrics to use for hair care. It’s incredibly breathable and soft to the touch, so you won’t feel itchy or smothered. Unlike other materials like cotton or microfiber, silk won’t soak up any oils or sweat that could cause further breakouts either. And because there’s zero friction, your hair will be able to retain its natural moisture without worry of frizz.

Our Picks for the Best Silk Hair Wraps

Top Choice

Edoneery Silk Bonnet

This adjustable, sleek bonnet will leave your hair protected and silky smooth.

Pros: This silk bonnet from Edoneery is a simple solution that delivers damage-free, smooth results. Its double-layered design is made from skin-friendly soft silk that fits just right around the head. Don’t worry about it slipping off or fitting too tight with its adjustable elastic band. Pick from 22 other colors if the simple black or white isn’t your style.

Cons: While it gives plenty of stretch throughout the bonnet, the elastic band may be too tight for those with heads larger than 24 inches in circumference.

Bottom Line: For moments you need a hassle-free, low-key way to keep your hair looking good, this silk bonnet may do the trick. No need to tie or wrap it a certain way; just slip it right on when you need to quickly hop in the shower or catch some sleep.


Premium Choice

ZIMASILK 22 Momme 100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Cap

Reduce the frizz or keep your hairstyle looking fresh in this lightweight sleep cap.

Pros: Don’t sell yourself short with drabby roots or unkempt tendrils—opt for a high-quality 100% mulberry silk sleeping cap like this one from Zimasilk. You’ll have zero chance of frizz or hair breakage when you slip this lightweight cap on that protects and smooths. The front of the cap has a stylish twist, while the inside is lined with an elastic that stretches and fits comfortably for heads up to 23 inches in circumference. You also have 14 other colors to choose from to match your sleepytime style.

Cons: If you have thicker, longer hair, this cap may not securely fit and hold it all in while you sleep.

Bottom Line: Enjoy the elegant comfort of this silky smooth cap that will also shield your locks from harm. It’s a great option to have when you’re washing your face, applying makeup, or doing your skincare routine before bed.


Best Head Scarf

Stlvoll 100% Silk Head Scarf

Slip one of these stunning printed head scarfs on for a day out or for sleeping in.

Pros: Put basic aside and relax in style with one of these gorgeous silk head scarfs from Stlvoll. Each 100% silk sleek piece is made with a high-quality weaving and dyeing process to give you the best texture and most vivid colors. It doesn’t just stop with sleeping—wrap your hair for a date night or wear it around the neck or waist in effortless chic fashion. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to spice up your outfit or bedtime routine with 21 other intricate bold patterns.

Cons: It may appear smaller than expected in the photos.

Bottom Line: Who says protecting your hair has to be boring? Play up your luscious locks and keep them looking that way in this beautiful, versatile head scarf.


Best Pack

CAPLORD Silk Bonnet

Simple but effective, this silk-lined bonnet brings ultimate comfort and coverage to your hair.

Pros: Whatever type of hair you have—curly, straight, thin, or thick—this silk bonnet from Caplord will stretch and move to fully protect it from twists and tangles. It has an inner silky satin lining that makes it easy to smooth right over your hair, while the outside is made of durable bamboo fibers that offer breathability and soft comfort. The adjustable non-slip band ensures you’ll have a peaceful and interrupted sleep and a perfect fit. Feel free to choose from nine other colors and wear it under a hijab, a wig, or even a scrub cap to keep those hairs out of your face.

Cons: While it’s great you can adjust the cap to your liking, the adjustable clip may be annoying to feel on your neck while sleeping.

Bottom Line: Long gone are the days of dried, brittle hair that may seem impossible to repair. This simple, soft solution made out of quality materials will help your hair retain its moisture and overall health.


Also Great

YANIBEST 100% Mulberry Silk Lined Sleep Cap

Rock a relaxed look in this slouchy sleep cap that could easily double as a beanie.

Pros: This sleep cap from Yanibest carries a chill, comfortable style that you can sport while running errands or staying in all day. The outside is made of cotton and spandex, and the inside is where you’ll find the shiny, smooth silk. It has an adjustable band made to fit and stretch with heads up to 24 inches in circumference for a snug feel and comes in 10 solid colors.

Cons: If you’re looking to protect your edges and hairline, you may want to look at other options. While the inside is silk, the hem on both the inside and outside is cloth, so it may rub against those areas.

Bottom Line: This sleep cap has you covered if you tend to toss and turn while you sleep or if you want protection for your curls while you snooze. Take it off the next morning to reveal a not-so-bed-head look and get on with your day.

Final Thoughts

Enhance your hair’s health with a natural, low-maintenance, all-in-one step that is a silk hair wrap. Style it up with a bold unique printed scarf, or bring it back to basics with a bonnet or beanie. Either way, you’re well on the way to maintained, refreshed hair from the root to the ends with this protective and soothing solution.

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