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The Best Sippy Cups for Your Toddler

Sippy cups are introduced to children at a pivotal and slightly awkward point in their life: when they’re not quite prepared to handle a glass of water and when their mother is more than ready to free her hands. We may not know when the exact right time is to introduce a child to a sippy cup, but we do know what will benefit the drinker, the pourer, and the household. So, if you’re in the market for a sippy cup that can benefit everyone who handles it, here are a few options that we recommend.

What to Look for in Your Child’s Sippy Cup

Consider these factors ahead of your next purchase:

  • Handling Convenience: The right sippy cup should feel like a natural extension of your child’s arms. You want a cup they can hold with ease for when they’re tired and especially when their hands are messy. Additionally, you should invest in a sippy cup that’s prepared to take damage when a child’s handling is off. Look to options that are durable across cup bodies and feature spill-proof designs on the lid.
  • Mouth Care: A good sippy cup should also mind how it cares for a child’s mouth. The wrong sippy cup is solid plastic throughout, causing damage to the teeth and gums. The right cup will feature a sipping valve that’s soft and bite-proof, allowing children to gnaw on it all they want without breaking it and scratching their gums or knocking a tooth loose.
  • Liquid Capacity: Finally, it’s important to consider a sippy cup that hits the right kind of middle ground in regard to its liquid capacity. If you buy an option too large, you risk filling a cup up beyond what a child is comfortable holding. Moreover, you’re going to want your sippy cup to satisfy a single serving depending on the liquid you fill your cup with. Liquids like milk or other cream-based drinks can quickly run rancid if left out in the open for too long, so it’s important you find a sippy cup that allows for easy consumption in a short amount of time.

Best for Biters: Munchkin Click Lock Bite Proof Sippy Cup

A BPA-free and dishwasher-safe option that’s perfect for children as young as 9 months, this Munchkin Click Lock Sippy Cup comes in a set of two and three different color combinations. A single cup has a 9-ounce capacity for any kind of liquid, featuring a one-piece valve that’s easy to clean. The real treat here, however, is its soft, reinforced bite-proof spout that’s easy on a child’s sensitive gums. The cup’s Click Lock design also ensures the lid is 100% leakproof.

Best for Biters

Munchkin® Click Lock™ Bite Proof Sippy Cup, 9 Ounce,2 Count (Pack of 1), Blue/Green

A leakproof and bite-proof sippy cup that's suitable for children 9 months and older.

Best Disposable: The First Years Take & Toss Sippy Cups

This value pack of Take & Toss Sippy Cups from The First Years is disposable by design and has a notably low price tag. Still, just because you can toss these aside at any moment doesn’t mean they won’t get the job done, and then some. A single cup is durable enough to be used over and over again until you feel it’s time to move on to the next one. They feature snap-on and valve-free lids that are interchangeable with cups and easy to clean. Additionally, they’re available in sets of 4, 6, or 20 cups, all of which can be stacked into the other for easy transport.

Best Spill-Proof: Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup

An intricate visual design matched with 360 degrees of spill-proof technology, this spoutless set of sippy cups keeps things clean while weening children off the bottle. It’s an ideal option for children as young as 6 months old, featuring large side handles that are easy to hold and sealed tight. The lip-activated lid allows users to drink from anywhere around the rim, but when they pull their lip away, the rubber seal automatically shuts flush. It’s a highly convenient way to prevent the mishaps of daily life with a child while proving extremely easy to clean without any spouts, valves, or extraneous pieces.

Best Spill-Proof

Munchkin® Miracle® 360 Trainer Sippy Cup, 7 Ounce, 2 Pack, Green/Blue

A lip activated sippy cup that seals shut whenever a child isn't drinking from it.

Best for Transitioning: NUK Learner Cup

Of course, weening children of their baby bottles is always easier said than ever done. This NUK Learner Cup helps make that transition easier with a variety of baby-friendly features. It features easy-to-grip, anti-slip handles that are removable when a baby grows into a toddler, as well as a soft spout that’s designed for gentle care on the gums. A baby or toddler will find drinking from the cup simple as well, thanks to the included air vent that reduces the chance of swallowing air.

Best for Transitioning

NUK Learner Cup, 5 Oz

This transition sippy cup is ideal for mothers looking to get their child off of the bottle.

Best Stainless Steel: Thegoodlife Designs Stainless Steel Cups With Silicone Lids

Simple as can be, these sippy cups were designed for the active toddler who is still prone to dropping one interesting item for another. It features only two parts: a reinforced stainless steel cup with a stretchy lid. The cup will last for years of use. The lids are designed from pure silicone, stretch and stay over the rim without spilling or tearing, and are easy to clean.

Best Stainless Steel

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