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The Best Skateboard Ramps for Beginners

a skater on a ramp in a driveway

Jump ramps and quarterpipes are the perfect accessories for improving your skills on a skateboard, especially if you’re a beginner. They allow you to master the fundamentals before you decide to hit the streets!

Purchasing Skateboard Ramps

Listed below are the key features:

  • Intuitive Design: Look for skateboard ramps that are versatile, ones you can configure and stack on top of each other, allowing you to create unique obstacles that are perfectly skatable.
  • Sturdiness: Skateboard ramps are extremely durable so that you can use them for hours and hours on end. Furthermore, launch ramps offer optimal stabilization to help prevent injuries.
  • Convenience: You can set up a small skate park in your own backyard with your own ramps! This way, you can avoid having to search around for skate spots, and you also have a controlled environment for practicing your tricks.

Best Overall: Ten-Eighty Skateboard Ramp

This skateboard ramp is incredibly durable and versatile

This durable and user-friendly ramp is the perfect solution for skaters who want to bring the skate park to their homes. You can also use it for scootering, BMXing, and inline skating. Practice your skills at home so that you feel a lot more comfortable on your board when you go skating out in the streets!

Best Overall

Ten-Eighty Skateboard Ramp

Features a durable construction for better support.

Best for Beginners: Sakar Skateboarding Jump Ramps

This skateboard ramp is perfect for beginners

Are you new to skateboarding? If so, this particular ramp allows you to learn the fundamentals at your own pace. You’ll feel less intimated while practicing new tricks, and it will provide you with the courage to test your limits. The ramp is safe to use for skaters who are 8 years old or above!

Best for Beginners

Sakar Skateboarding Jump Ramps

This option will make learning to skate much easier.

Best Design: Ten-Eighty Skate Ramps and Flat Rail

This entire set comes with three ramps and a flat bar

This skateboard ramp has the best overall design because it features a grindable flat bar, and it comes with three separate kickers, so you can get creative with how you arrange your home skate park. More versatility and variety ensure that you can diversify your repertoire of skate tricks.

Best Design

Ten-Eighty Skate Ramps and Flat Rail

Having a grindable bar will help improve your grinding skills!

Best Quarterpipe: Ramptech QUARTERPIPE

A quarterpipe for improving your transition skills

Having a quarterpipe will go a long way in making you feel comfortable at skate parks. You can even purchase two quarterpipes and create a mini-ramp in your own backyard! Quarterpipes are the ideal solution when it comes to diversifying your skateboarding skills and stepping up your game.

Best Quarterpipe


The ideal ramp for practicing your transition skills.

Best Value Set: Landwave 2-Pack Skateboard Ramp

a set of two Landwave skateboarding ramps

In terms of the value you receive in return for the money you spend, you won’t find a better offer. These affordable yet premium launch ramps provide you with limitless possibilities. You can combine them and arrange your ramps the way you want to have ultimate control over your skate sessions!

Best Value Set

Landwave 2-Pack Skateboard Ramp

This value set allows you to personalize your skate sessions.

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