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The Best Skateboarding Shoes for Women

Owning a pair of skate shoes is as quintessential to the ride as any set of wheel bearings or trucks could be. They can be stylish or Plain Jane, big and bulky, or light as a feather. There’s so much to owning a pair of skate shoes that’s dependent on who you are as the rider. From the way the fabric breathes to what kind of lace-up, slip-on, or Velcro design they employ, your shoes speak to your preferences and carry you all the way through to stick the landing. However, if you’re in the market for a new pair of skateboard shoes, here are a few options that we recommend.

What the Right Shoes Will Offer You

Here are a few things to consider when buying:

  • Absorption: It’s different for every skater out there, but the one thing they can all attest to is owning a pair of shoes that knows how to protect their feet. Whether you’re leaning toward something slim and thin or large and in charge, you should find a shoe that offers enough padding without getting in the way of easy movement.
  • Weight: On the flip side of all that shock-absorbing cushion, however, is just how heavy you’ll want your shoes to feel. You will want to be as light as possible while on the move, but a heavier pair of shoes does allow you to land tricks easier and with less pain.
  • Design Style: You should also consider a pair of shoes that knows how to care for you while making a statement. Shoot for the right balance of panache and practicality when buying your next pair of cruising kicks.

Tried and True: Vans Asher Slip On Trainers

It’s been a skate and style favorite for as long as it’s been off the wall, so it should come as no surprise that Vans’ Asher Slip On takes the first spot on our list. This pair of Vans offers skaters a great combination of durable canvas and elastic side accents for longevity and easy maneuverability on the ride. Its rubber waffle outsole provides traction, while its slip-on design saves you from accidentally tearing or catching it while riding.

Tried and True

Vans Women's Low-Top Sneakers, Multicolour Checkerboard Heather Rose White Xwm, 4.5

This pair of shoes is a skateboarding favorite thanks to generation-defying style and peak comfort.

Best Design Options: Reebok Club C 85

It’s a name brand that isn’t typically associated with sporting outside of athletic cleats and sneakers, but Rebook’s pair of Club C 85 shoes is a real treat. This pair of skater shoes features a flat-footed sole but a comfortable low-top arch inside, so it’s a training and walking shoe at heart as well as a worthwhile option for your board. They’re durable, crafted from leather, and weigh just over 2 pounds, yet avoid the bulkiness of other shoes with a slimmer design. Other features are standard procedure for a dependable skating shoe, like efficient foot support by way of an EVA midsole and a high abrasion rubber outsole for further shock absorption. This all comes to you in 20 of the sleekest shoe designs available.

Best Design Options

Reebok Women's Club C 85 Vintage Sneaker, Chalk/Glen Green/Paperwhite/Excellent RED, 9

This pair of shoes offers users a comfortable walking, running, and skating option with some great longevity to its name.

Best Budget: Adokoo Canvas Shoes

While it owes a good amount of design credit to the classic high-top shoes before it, Adokoo Canvas Shoes are casual wear for easy riding and trick sessions. What makes this such an ideal candidate as your next pair of skate shoes is just how comfortably light they are. Made from breathable fabrics and quality canvas that bends easily with your movement, you can expect this pair to make quick-timed tricking a breeze. Its thick, anti-slip outsole is also a big perk, especially if you’re riding longboards or cruisers without grip tape. They’re affordably priced, well crafted, and tie any outfit together with a timeless look.

Best Budget

Adokoo Womens Canvas Shoes Casual Cute Sneakers Low Cut Lace up Fashion Comfortable for Walking?Black,US5

A casual shoe that's conveniently priced and knows how to keep your feet on the board.

Best Ankle Support: DC Pure High-top V Skate Shoe

Capping this list is an option that offers the right kind of support for your ankles when tricks don’t go according to plan. Rising to just about the ankle with a foam padded tongue and collar, DC’s Pure High-top V Skate Shoe is all about protection. It isn’t necessarily about reducing a skater’s wiggle room, but more so a means of keeping you firmly in place during those rough landings. It also features a removable hook and loop power strap to really fasten a skater into their boots. Additional perks include its abrasion-resistant rubber outsole, mesh lining, and wrap cupsole construction for added traction.

Best Ankle Support

DC Women's Pure HIGH-TOP V Skate Shoe, Leopard Print, 5 M US

This pair of skate shoes offers skaters the kind of weight, padding, and support they're desperate for.

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