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The Best Sleep Masks for a Good Night’s Rest

A lack of sleep can not only disrupt your daily life but also cause immunity issues, impact mental health, and impair your memory. However, getting eight hours of sleep at the appropriate hours isn’t always easy. With a sleeping mask, you can catch a few extra z’s during the morning, while you travel, or on your break. Sleep easier with this simple, comfortable, light-blocking tool that conforms to your schedule. Here are some great sleep masks that we recommend.

Choosing a Sleep Mask That’s Right for You

Not all sleep masks are designed the same. Here are some factors to consider:

Material: Those with sensitive skin will prefer sleep masks made of silk or satin because the smooth fabric won’t pull on the skin during sleep. Cotton is the best material for hot sleepers as it is lightweight, moisture-wicking, and washable. Polyester is inexpensive yet durable to make them cost-effective and key for restless sleepers who struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position in bed.

Features: Nose covers and extra fabric lining on the sides of the mask help to ensure complete darkness during wear. Additional layers of fabric also block out light but may be warmer than thinner designs. For side sleepers, adjustment buckles located at the back of the head reduce irritation.

Fit: As you enter REM sleep, your eyes need space to move. Specially formed sleep masks can reduce pressure on the eyes during sleep. Look for masks with recesses or added foam and fabric around the outer edges to reduce discomfort. To avoid a too-tight or too-loose fit, consider a sleep mask with an adjustable head strap.

Best Design Options: Alaska Bear Silk Sleep Mask

With over twenty designs to choose from, the Alaska Bear Silk Sleep Mask is ideal for stylish sleepers. These sleep masks are made from natural mulberry silk on both sides for maximum comfort. The soft material is breathable and cooling, ideal for hot sleepers, migraine sufferers, and those with dry eyes. For side sleepers, the headband is fully adjustable at the back of the head to avoid the irritation that comes with adjusters located at the temple. The Alaska Bear sleep masks are also ideal for travel with their simple design that allows them to be easily folded and stored.

Best Design Options

Best for Travel: Bucky 40 Blinks No Pressure Eye Masks

Whether you are catching a few extra hours of sleep on a plane or adjusting to a new time zone, the Buckey 40 Blinks sleep mask will help to block out the world. This sleep mask features a 3.5-inch tall eye area so that you can freely blink or sleep without any discomfort. The adjustable elastic head straps create a perfect fit with its Velcro closure. Travelers can fold and bend this mask for easy storage due to the durable polyester fabric and foam base.

Best for Travel

Bucky 40 Blinks No Pressure Solid Eye Mask for Sleep & Travel, Black, One Size

This sleep mask blocks light and eliminates pressure on the eyes with its extra spacious design.

Best for Blackout: Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask

This handmade mask is specially designed to block out light from all angles with a built-in bending cartilage feature to block light coming in from around the nose. The mask includes a triangle wing addition to the sides of the mask for comfortable side sleeping. And with layers of cotton, non-woven fabric, black elastic sponge, and pure cotton filler, this mask will filter out the strongest light sources.

Best for Blackout

Most Comfortable: MZOO Sleep Eye Mask

If you want to feel like you are sleeping on a cloud, look no further than the MZOO Sleep Eye Mask. This mask is made from memory foam that comfortably conforms to your face in every sleeping position. The recessed pockets take the pressure off your eyes and allow you to blink with ease. You won’t be left with any red marks on your face when using this mask due to its heat-bonded technology that binds the fabric together without any stiff seems. This mask also comes with a storage bag and earplugs so you can easily sleep wherever you go.

Most Comfortable
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