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The Best Sleep Sacks

Burts Bees/Love to Dream/baby deedee
🕚 Updated November 2022

Sleep sacks, also called wearable blankets, are a fairly recent development in the world of baby care and sleep safety. If you have a young baby, we've gathered some great sleep sacks to help you both sleep soundly.

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  Top Choice Best Snug Fit Best Long Sleeve Best Swaddle Style Warmest Choice
  Burt's Bees Baby
Baby Beekeeper Wearable Blanket
Love To Dream
Swaddle UP
Hudson Baby
Unisex Baby Cotton Long-Sleeve Wearable Sleeping Bag
Micro Fleece Sleepsack Swaddle
Baby Deedee
Sleep Nest Sleeping Sack
Our SummaryChoose from 24 different designs to wrap your baby in 100% organic cotton comfort.Keep your baby snug for better sleep with this option.This wearable sleeping bag helps keep your baby warmer during the cooler months.This sleep sack makes the traditional swaddle easy.This sleep sack makes your baby feel like they're wrapped in a thick, warm blanket.
Pros✓ Room to move
✓ 100% organic cotton
✓ Reverse zipper with pocket
✓ Shoulder straps
✓ 24 colors
✓ Allows baby to have hands near face without scratching or startling
✓ Cotton and elastane blend
✓ Two-way zippers
✓ Three colors
✓ Three sizes
✓ Extra warmth with long sleeves
✓ 100% cotton
✓ Set of two
✓ 14 colors
✓ Easy three-step swaddle
✓ Microfleece for warmth
✓ Three different position options
✓ Three sizes
✓ 22 colors
✓ Quilted warmth for cooler temps
✓ Cotton exterior and polyester interior
✓ Easy shoulder straps
✓ Reverse zipper
✓ Three sizes and nine colors
Cons✗ Small zipper can difficult with wiggly baby
✗ Not as warm for chilly nights
✗ Sizing must be accurate to have enough room for tummy and arms✗ May shrink after washing
✗ Fold-over mittens are shallow
✗ Size max at 6 months, keep Velcro away from high chest area to avoid accidental scratches✗ Neck hole sizing must be accurate for baby's size to be safe
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The Best Sleep Sacks

Three different babies in different sleep sacks.
Burts Bees/Love to Dream/baby deedee

As the name suggests, a sleep sack is a wearable sleeping bag or blanket for an infant to wear as they sleep. At their core, sleep sacks share many similarities and benefits with the more traditional swaddling blanket, yet they’re even safer. They keep babies warm without the accidental suffocating risk of loose blankets; they prevent the newborn startle reflex from jerking babies awake, and they help babies feel safe and secure as they sleep. These benefits are intended to help infants fall asleep faster, fuss less in their sleep, stay safe, and even sleep undisturbed for longer stretches.

Buying Guide for Sleep Sacks

A baby in a a pink sleep sack sleeps in her crib in a nursery.
Love to Dream

Why buy a sleep sack?

Unless you’re a pro swaddler, keeping an infant wrapped in a blanket through the night is not only difficult but can also be unsafe if your baby breaks free and moves the blanket over his mouth or nose. Instead of losing sleep because your baby keeps waking up or because you’re so paranoid that they broke free, consider a sleep sack for safe and cozy sleep for all of you!

Older babies that don’t need to be swaddled anymore can still benefit from a sleep sack, too. There are many models without the swaddle feature on the arms to accommodate older babies. There isn’t loose fabric near the face, but they keep babies warm and cozy. They can also keep toddlers from getting their legs stuck between crib bars.

What should you consider when purchasing a sleep sack?

  • Material: Most sleep sacks will be made of a fabric like cotton, wool, or fleece. The only real difference between these fabrics is how light or heavy they are. Wool and fleece are a bit heavier and warmer, so they might be a better choice for the colder months, while something light like cotton is more appropriate for the warmer ones.
  • Age: There are different designs that may be better suited for your baby, depending on their age. For instance, a swaddle design will only be tolerated by your infant when they’re a few months old. After that, consider a design that allows your baby to sleep how they feel most comfortable while still staying warm and safe.
  • Baby’s Preferences: They already get to eat on-demand, but yes, they should still get some say in how they sleep. For nine months, they got to rule the womb, and those habits are hard to break. If your baby wants to keep their hands close to their face, it’s okay. Find a design that allows them to have that soothing comfort during the middle of the night. Not only does it bring them more restful sleep, but it could also allow you a few extra minutes or hours of much-needed rest as well.

What should you do with all your sweet baby blankets after a sleep sack wins the night?

Baby blankets are still useful after you find the perfect sleep sack for your little one. The lightweight muslin blankets are great for nursing covers. You can also bring them along to outings so that you’ll always have a safe, clean surface for your baby to lay or sit on if needed. Plus, once they’re older and playing make-believe, they make great capes.

Our Picks for the Best Sleep Sacks

Top Choice

Burt's Bees Baby Unisex-Baby Beekeeper Wearable Blanket

Choose from 24 different designs to wrap your baby in 100% organic cotton comfort.

Pros: This transition baby blanket sleeper is a safe way to give your infant room to move but stay cozy in blanket-like comfort. Made with 100% organic cotton, it is safe for your baby’s most sensitive skin. The zipper closure opens at the feet for easy diaper changes, and it has a zipper pocket to hide the pull handle from curious fingers. With a sleeveless design, your baby can keep their fingers near their face for natural comforting tendencies and is good year-round. This sleeper comes in 24 colors and a variety of sizes to find the best fit for your infant.

Cons: The zipper provides parents some trouble, and as those with babies know, those moments of figuring out a zipper are crucial for a happy baby and a calm parent. It may be too thin for a cold night.

Bottom Line: This soft organic cotton sleeper gives babies enough room to move without getting tangled in a blanket. Diaper changes are easily accessible with the zipper, but groggy parents may have trouble redoing the zipper from the first latch.


Best Snug Fit

Love to Dream Swaddle UP

Keep your baby snug for better sleep with this option.

Pros: This uniquely designed sleep sack allows your baby to sleep with their hands by their face but still covers them up and keeps them snug. Since most babies naturally soothe themselves by putting part of their hand or fingers in their mouth, this swaddle allows this behavior while keeping them from startling or scratching themselves. This swaddle sleeper is made with both cotton and elastane to give a snug, cozy feel to your baby all night long. It has a two-way zipper, making diaper changes easy. This swaddle comes in three colors and sizes.

Cons: Sizing is important to get right so that your baby has enough room in the hands and stomach area but not too much legroom.

Bottom Line: If you find your baby always tries to get their hands by their face and breaks free from blanket swaddles, this would be a promising option to try.


Best Long Sleeve

Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Long-Sleeve Wearable Sleeping Bag

This wearable sleeping bag helps keep your baby warm during the cooler months.

Pros: Give your baby extra warmth during the cold months with the long sleeves in these sleep sacks. Made with 100% cotton, these cozy sleepers provide your baby room to move but are gentle on delicate skin. Choose from 14 design options.

Cons: After a few washes, it could shrink a bit. The fold-over mittens on the sleeves are a bit shallow, making it easier for your baby to wiggle their fingers free.

Bottom Line: These sleep sacks are an affordable option to help keep your baby warm, safe, and sleeping.


Best Swaddle Style

HALO Micro-Fleece Sleepsack Swaddle

This sleep sack makes the traditional swaddle easier.

Pros: Swaddling has been done for centuries. But let’s face it; swaddling can be tricky and time-consuming. This three-step sleep sack swaddle comfortably hugs your baby, keeping them cozy and still for less interrupted sleep. Your baby can wear their own pajamas underneath. It comes in 22 colors and is made of microfleece for the ultimate cozy feel. This swaddle can be worn in three different ways: traditional swaddle with the arms in, arms out, and hand to face for those who like to self-soothe or thumb-suck.

Cons: This swaddle only comes in three sizes, maxing out at six months. It’s made of microfleece, which is excellent for cold days but could be too hot otherwise. The Velcro can stick all over the swaddle, but it’s best to make it in a v shape so it doesn’t ride up and scratch the baby’s chin or face.

Bottom Line: This warm and cozy swaddle option provides customization for how your baby likes to sleep. The Velcro allows you to give your baby a tighter hug or looser hug, depending on their preference.


Warmest Choice

Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Sleeping Sack

This sleep sack makes your baby feel like they're being wrapped in a thick, warm blanket.

Pros: Fuzzy or quilted baby blankets are absolutely adorable. Unfortunately, they can be unsafe to wrap your baby in and impractical for staying in place throughout the night. These sleepers are quilted for extra warmth and made with a polyester and soft cotton exterior. They’re ideally used in 64-74 degrees Fahrenheit to keep your baby warm and cozy. This sleep sack is meant to be worn over your baby’s pajamas. With easy shoulder straps and a two-way zipper, dressing and diaper changes are simple. This quilted sleeper comes in three sizes and nine different colors.

Cons: Before leaving your baby alone to sleep in this cozy sack, make sure the neck hole is small enough to stay under the chin all night.

Bottom Line: This is a great answer for parents looking to keep their baby warm and safe during chilly nights. The quilted comfort provides a safe and cozy covering as long as the sizing fits your baby appropriately.

Final Thoughts

One of these baby sleep sacks can give you peace of mind knowing that your baby is warm and safe and allow you you catch up on as many ZZZs as your baby will allow!

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