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The Best Slide Boards for Sports Training

If getting stronger and faster is your goal, try a slide board. These pieces of workout equipment have bumpers on the ends and a slick surface to glide on to tone your core, legs, and glutes while amping up your speed, mobility, balance, agility, and flexibility. Here are some impressive slide board options to level up your athletic training.

What to Look for in a Slide Board

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Skill Level: Using a slide board can be tasking. It requires core strength and coordination in order to get the maximum workout from it. Certain slide boards are smaller and easier to navigate if you are a more novice user.
  • Available Space: If you are training at home, there are pieces of equipment that you can utilize within your confined areas. If you have a big open area to work with, some slide boards are larger and can be more beneficial.
  • Portability: If you want to use a slide board for personal training or coaching of some sort, it will be important to be able to pack up your board.

Best for Beginners: SPRI Slide Board

The SPRI Slide Board is the best choice if you are starting out with slide boards. This board is 71 inches long by 20 inches wide. It has a super smooth glide with bumpers on the ends for safety and security so that you don’t slide off. It can be used with many different low-impact exercises that will work your balance and help you get an intense workout in a fun and unique way!

This board comes with a pair of over-the-shoe booties for superior sliding, a carrying bag with a strap to roll up the mat and take anywhere, and a handy exercise guide to help you get started.

Best Adjustable Board: Hockey Revolution Adjustable Slide Board

Your hockey game is about to get a boost with Hockey Revolution’s Adjustable Slide Board. This complete training kit will have you smiling and moving as you glide over 20 interlocking 13-inch by 13-inch tiles. This is the only sliding board that can be adjusted to be used at two separate angles! Link the tiles together to form an “L” shape to practice stickhandling and passing. Four stoppers prevent you from slipping too far in your booties. Not only that, this board comes with a special downloadable app that will turn your device into a personal trainer!

Best Adjustable Board

Hockey Revolution Adjustable Length Training Tiles (My Slide Board PRO)

Add and remove tiles in many different combinations!

Best Premium: Lateral Edge Slide Board

This entirely handmade board by Lateral Edge has a top-of-the-line design, built for regular use by athletes. This board is one solid sheet of a slick surface with a rubber bottom that won’t move as you work out. There are solid wooden bumpers that are adjustable in order to fit the exact length you need for your exercises. Lateral Edge includes a pair of ultra-slick booties and a 3-month premium membership that features expert-guided workouts with a variety of focuses!

Best Alternative Design: MANYTONEZ Core Sliders

Typical slide boards are difficult for beginners. They can be bulky, confusing, and tough to manage. MANYTONEZ has the best alternative if you want to get started using their core sliders. They are small disks that you can strap on to your feet to perform a whole host of exercises. These exercises will strengthen your legs, tone your core, and keep your joints feeling great with this low-impact tool. The foot straps help keep your feet in place, so you won’t slip and fall during your training!

This awesome alternative comes with a digital exercise guide so that you won’t have to fumble for ideas for workouts. Sleeves are included to put over the sliders to save your floors from scratches. You can workout almost anywhere with these.

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