The Best Small Space Heaters

Amazon Basics
🕚 Updated November 2021

On chilly days that threaten to disrupt your sense of personal comfort, a small space heater can make a huge difference. They can replace cold drafts with warm embraces in your time of need.

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  Best Overall Best Oscillating Option Best Fireplace Design Most Affordable Best with Thermostat
Portable Electric Space Heater
Oscillating Electric Tower Heater
Comfort Zone
Portable Fireplace Heater
Amazon Basics
500-Watt Mini Space Heater
360-Degree Space Heater
Our SummaryA reliable space heater that provides optimal temperature control functions.An oscillating space heater that effectively distributes heat throughout your room.This portable space heater provides physical and visual warmth as it resembles a fireplace. A reliable space heater that is compact, versatile, and cost-effective. A space heater that's easy to use and offers great energy efficiency.
ProsMultiple safety features, fast and efficient heating, tip-over protection, carrying handle, fan setting.LED flame display, multiple heating modes, taller, prevents overheating.Overheating protection, sleek metallic finish, produces realistic-looking flames, not an eyesore in the corner.Available in four different colors, small enough for tables and desktops, affordable cost.Digital and programmable thermostat, two power settings, 360-degree dissipation, enhanced safety features.
ConsA little loud if you're a light sleeper, needs level surface to work.Prone to falling over, will have to turn it back on.On the louder side, might not want the flames at night.Less powerful, not good for larger rooms.Doesn't maintain temperature as well on the low setting.
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The Best Small Space Heaters

A small space heater being used in a bedroom

It’s nice to save money on your utility bills, but you also shouldn’t have to suffer through the bitter cold. The cost of running your furnace can be expensive, but having a space heater ensures that you can survive the cold months while on a budget. Furthermore, most small space heaters now feature upgraded technology for better temperature control and added safety features.

Buying Guide for Small Space Heaters

A small space heater on top of wooden desk
Amazon Basics

Why buy a small space heater?

Small space heaters can effectively distribute heat throughout your living room, bedroom, and many other areas of your home or workspace. They can provide warmth and comfort for your children, pets, and guests, ensuring an escape from chilly drafts. Or perhaps you run colder than your coworkers and want a little space heater companion for your office or cubicle. Small space heaters can still provide a lot of warmth. Also, with upgraded safety features, most modern small space heaters won’t cause any additional risk of residential or commercial fires.

What should you look for in a small space heater?

  • Safety: This is the priority. Fortunately, most small space heaters now offer advanced safety functions, including automatic shutoffs that prevent overheating and motion sensors that detect when young children are too close to the device.
  • Noise Levels: Most modern space heaters are incredibly quiet when they operate, which will greatly reduce noise disturbances. Some heaters even make use of radiant heat, which is virtually noiseless.
  • Power: For a bedroom that’s 10 by 12 feet in size, you would want a small space heater that can produce 1,200 watts of power. When it comes to larger living areas, you would ideally want multiple space heaters to provide a comfortable and consistent temperature throughout.

What are some tips for using a small space heater?

When it comes to small space heaters, you want to ensure that you’re using them safely and efficiently. We recommend turning off the heater whenever you leave the room, not using an extension cord to power your space heater, and maintaining a minimum 3-foot safety buffer between you and the heater to use it safely.

Our Picks for the Best Small Space Heaters

Best Overall

GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater

A reliable space heater that provides multiple temperature controls.

Pros: This two-in-one space heater has a multi-protection safety system, a compact size, powerful heat-generating technology, and multiple temperature and fan controls. It will automatically cycle on and off to keep the room at the selected setting. With an automatic shutoff, tip-over protection, and flame-retardant material, this space heater prioritizes safety.

Cons: It’s a little bit loud while running, so if you’re a light sleeper, it might not be great to use through the night. It also needs a completely flat surface to work, so it might not work on some carpeted floors.

Bottom Line: This space heater will establish a comfortable and consistent temperature throughout the room you use it in. It offers optimal thermostat control, ensuring ideal heat distribution and overall energy efficiency. It’s great for bedrooms, college dorms, living rooms, RVs, and more!


Best Oscillating Option

Infray Space Heater

An oscillating space heater that effectively distributes heat throughout your room.

Pros: This reliable space heater oscillates for optimal heat distribution. It features special LED lighting that resembles flames on the base to help you locate it in the dark. Also, it offers multiple safety protections: the heater shuts off automatically when it tips over and has a system in place that prevents overheating.

Cons: Because of the slender and narrow design of the heater, it’s more prone to falling over, which will require you to pick it up and turn it on again to your desired settings, which can get annoying.

Bottom Line: This oscillating space heater will ensure there’s enough warmth to go around in your home. During chilly days, it will serve as a reliable source of heat while you go about your day.


Best Fireplace Design

Comfort Zone Portable Fireplace Heater

This portable space heater provides physical and visual warmth as it resembles a fireplace.

Pros: This small space heater produces a realistic-looking 3D flame effect that resembles a fireplace. This will help set the mood and create a relaxing environment for you, your guests, and your family members. It has 1,200 watts of warming power for small- and medium-sized rooms. You can also turn on the flame effect without activating the heating settings, allowing the flames to flicker whether you want the heat blasting or not. You can grab the handle on the top and move it around easily.

Cons: The biggest complaint about this small space heater is that it can be a little loud while operating, which can be annoying and disruptive at times. If you want to use it in your bedroom through the night, you can’t turn off the flame display setting, so it will exude light.

Bottom Line: This unique space heater is practical and pretty. It establishes a cozy and family-friendly ambiance while keeping you warm. It’s ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and home offices.


Most Affordable

Amazon Basics Personal Mini Heater

A reliable space heater that's compact, versatile, and cost-effective.


Pros: This compact space heater from Amazon Basics is perfect for tightly-packed living quarters, such as college dorm rooms and studio apartments. It comes in four different colors, and the ceramic coil instantly generates heat so that you don’t have to spend one second in the cold. Also, when it comes to cost, this small space heater is the most budget-friendly option.

Cons: This is not the most powerful space heater out there. If you want something for a larger room, you should look elsewhere.

Bottom Line: This is a fantastic space heater if you want to save money. It will get the job done and serve as a reliable source of heat in smaller spaces. Since it’s so compact, you can even take it with you while traveling!


Best with Thermostat

Honeywell 360-Degree Space Heater

A space heater that's easy to use and offers great energy efficiency.

Pros: This energy-efficient space heater comes with an accurate digital thermostat, multiple heat settings, and a remote control. It distributes heat in each direction, and it’s backed with 1,500 watts of power. It comes equipped with an auto-shutoff timer, allowing you to be more conservative with your energy consumption. You can set it at a specific temperature and grab the handle on the top to easily move it where you want it.

Cons: If you use the thermostat setting, you’ll want to set the power on high. On the low setting, it won’t maintain the temperature as well.

Bottom Line: This space heater is ideal for small to medium rooms. It utilizes smart, forward-thinking technology that allows your space heater to generate programmable warmth to keep the family cozy throughout the cold months.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right space heater for you should be a simple, hassle-free process, which is why we’ve rounded up some great options to consider. Think about how, where, and when you plan to use your space heater to help you decide on the right one for your needs. Each of these picks should keep you nice and cozy when the chilly days hit.

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