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The Best Small Space Heaters

🕚 Updated March 2022

On chilly days that threaten to disrupt your sense of personal comfort, small space heaters can make a huge difference. Many feature upgraded technology for better temperature control and safety, so check out these recommendations to keep the chill away.

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  Best Deal Great with Handle Best Oscillating Option Best Design Also Great
Portable Electric Space Heater
Small Space Heater for Home and Office
Small Oscillating Space Heater
PTC Fast Heating Small Space Heater
Portable PTC Fast Heating Small Space Heater
Our SummaryA small but powerful space heater that’s portable and easy to use.This small space heater activates quickly and is ETL certified.An oscillating space heater that effectively distributes heat throughout your room.A powerful mini space heater that adds a retro decorative accent.A PTC-powered heater that’s practical and uniquely stylish.
ProsCompact and portable, heats up just the area around it, runs quietly, smallest option, 500W PTC ceramic heating element heats quickly, energy-efficient, safety features.PTC technology, heats up within two seconds once activated, three heat modes, adjustable thermostat, energy-saving.Oscillates 90 degrees, PTC ceramic heating element, 1,500 watts, heats up to 70°F in three seconds, 2- to 12-hour timer, remote, three heat settings, reaches further, multiple safety protections.Alternative style, pleasing oval shape, four sturdy wood-colored legs, three heating modes and fan mode, PTC ceramic heating element produces heat in only two seconds, powers off after six hours.Comes in pink and green, four metal legs and leather handle, PTC ceramic heating element, three modes, safety features.
ConsLacks adjustable thermostat settings.Can be loud.Could get tipped over.Plastic legs are less sturdy than expected.Might be too small for your needs.
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The Best Small Space Heaters

A small space heater on a desk next to a stack of books.

Buying Guide for Small Space Heaters

Modern air heater in a bright apartment in the interior.
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Why buy a small space heater?

Small space heaters can effectively distribute heat in your living room, bedroom, and other areas of your home or workspace. They can provide warmth and comfort for your children, pets, and guests, ensuring an escape from chilly drafts. Or perhaps you run colder than your coworkers and want a little space heater companion for your office or cubicle. Small space heaters can still provide a lot of warmth without affecting the entire home or workplace. Also, with upgraded safety features, most modern small space heaters won’t cause any additional risk of fire.

What should you look for in a small space heater?

  • Safety: This is the priority. Fortunately, most small space heaters now offer advanced safety functions, including automatic shutoffs that prevent overheating and motion sensors that detect when young children are too close to the device or when it has been tipped over.
  • Noise Levels: Most modern small space heaters are incredibly quiet when they operate, which allows you to use them in shared spaces without disturbing others or fall asleep with them on. Some heaters even make use of radiant heat, which is virtually noiseless.
  • Power: For a bedroom that’s 10 by 12 feet in size, you would want a small space heater that can produce 1,200 watts of power to heat the room thoroughly. When it comes to larger living areas, you would ideally want multiple space heaters or an electric fireplace to provide a comfortable and consistent temperature throughout. You can go for lower wattages if you just want a personal heater that doesn’t reach the whole room.

What are some tips for using a small space heater?

When it comes to small space heaters, you want to ensure that you’re using them safely and efficiently. We recommend turning off the heater whenever you leave the room, not using an extension cord to power your space heater, and maintaining a minimum 3-foot safety buffer between you and the heater to use it safely. Also, utilize auto-shutoff timers, only place the heater on stable, even surfaces, and keep it out of reach of babies’ curious hands.

Our Picks for the Best Small Space Heaters

Best Deal

andily Small Space Heater for Home and Office

A small but powerful space heater that's portable and easy to use.

Pros: Compact and portable, this small space heater makes a cool space warm without heating the entire room. It’s quiet, so you can warm up at your desk or the kitchen table without bothering others. At only 4.33 x 3.63 x 6.39 inches, this space heater won’t feel like it’s overcrowding your space. The 500-watt PTC ceramic heating element and fan heat things up quickly and efficiently. Just press the power button and relax. There’s no need to worry about it overheating, as the system shuts down automatically before that can happen. For extra safety, there’s a tip-over switch.

Cons: The space heater lacks adjustable thermostat settings, so you may want to look at other products if you want more control of the heat.

Bottom Line: Oftentimes, simple is best. This streamlined, compact space heater fits the bill if you want an easy solution to warm up your personal space.


Great with Handle

Kismile Small Ceramic Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

This small space heater activates quickly and is ETL certified.

Pros: This compact space heater features many of the same great qualities as larger, more powerful space heaters. While only 7.1 x 5.5 x 9.3 inches, the Kismile has a ceramic heating element, or PTC technology, which is faster than wire heating. In fact, the Kismile heats up within two seconds once you activate it! Other attractive qualities include three heat modes (1,500 watts, 750 watts, and fan only) and an adjustable thermostat, so you can specify temperatures. Because you have control over the heater’s output, you end up saving energy and money.

Cons: You may find that the unit runs more loudly than expected.

Bottom Line: If you’re searching for a mini heater with lots of power, the Kismile is worth a look. For safety, the heating system shuts down if it starts to overheat or if the unit tips over, and you can easily reposition it and take it with you with the built-in handle.


Best Oscillating Option

Infray Small Oscillating Space Heater

An oscillating space heater that effectively distributes heat throughout your room.

Pros: This quality tower space heater oscillates 90 degrees for optimal heat distribution, and its tall and narrow dimensions (6.37 x 6.37 x 15.98 inches) reinforce that capability. Equipped with a PTC ceramic heating element, the unit powers up to 1,500 watts, heating up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit in three seconds to provide warmth fast. It’s extra energy-efficient, too, with its 2- to 12-hour timer function. Set it up to heat when and how long you prefer to reduce energy. It’s also designed with three settings, so you can choose between high and low heat or a natural breeze. The fun flame-like LED lighting on the base helps you locate it in the dark. Also, it offers multiple safety protections: the heater shuts off automatically when it tips over and has a system in place that prevents overheating.

Cons: Because of the slender and narrow design of the heater, it’s more prone to falling over if bumped, which will require you to pick it up and turn it on again to your desired settings, which can get annoying.

Bottom Line: This oscillating space heater will ensure a comfortable atmosphere in your home. And with the remote control, you can operate it from the couch if you want. During chilly days, it will serve as a reliable source of heat while you go about your day.


Best Design

F.EASY.D PTC Fast Heating and Cute Small Space Heater

A powerful mini space heater that adds a retro decorative accent.

Pros: This space heater has a pleasing shape, with an oval body and four wood-colored legs, measuring an even 7 x 4 x 8 inches. It’s surprisingly powerful given its compact size. Choose from three modes: high heat (1,000 watts), low heat (500 watts), and fan only. Constructed with a PTC ceramic heating element, the unit produces heat quickly and efficiently; in just two seconds, you’ll begin feeling warm air. For your safety and protection of the heating plate, the heater powers off after six hours of use.

Cons: Some users find that the plastic legs are fragile and less sturdy than they’d expected.

Bottom Line: A lovely synthesis of utility and fashion, this space heater may be just right for your needs. Put it wherever you need more warmth or a breeze and enjoy its aesthetic, too.


Also Consider

Vteilas Portable PTC Fast Heating Small Space Heater

A PTC-powered heater that's practical and uniquely stylish.

Pros: It comes in pink and green, an attractive selling point in a personal heater. This compact, 8.5- x 4.2- x 6.1-inch unit features four metal legs and a leather handle on the top, so you can move it where you want it. It’s made to look and perform well. Supplied with a quality PTC ceramic heating element, the unit produces heat in seconds. It’s designed to give you control over the temperature with three heating modes: 800 watts, 400 watts, and fan only.

Cons: Feedback on this space heater is overwhelmingly positive. However, some find that its small size is too small.

Bottom Line: Don’t be distracted by its good looks. This small space heater is made to heat quickly and endure lots of use.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right space heater for you should be a simple, hassle-free process, which is why we’ve rounded up some great options to consider. Think about how, where, and when you plan to use your space heater to help you decide on the right one for your needs. Each of these picks should keep you nice and cozy when the chilly days hit.

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