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The Best Smart Tables You Can Buy

smart table with open drawers in a home movie theater

Along with the pieces of home furniture and classic devices to get a modern revamp, modifications to the everyday table are those we may get to appreciate most. From the coffee table to the bedside table, we spend a lot of our leisure time hanging around them. They offer a surface to prop our drinks, reading material, remotes, and occasionally our feet. Now, they’re capable of so much more through the ingenuity of a Wi-Fi connection and other bold implementations. If you’re in the market for a brand new smart table, then here are a few options that we recommend.

Shop Smart, Really Smart

Consider these factors ahead of your next purchase:

  • Smart Perks: Picking out your next smart table could depend entirely on what you’re comfortable paying for and working with. Of course, you won’t know what you’re willing to work with until you’ve done a bit of research, but it’s important to understand the lay of the newly updated land. Some smart tables offer you Bluetooth connectivity, while others are content with just charging your devices.
  • Surface Area: While your new smart device should offer you an array of exciting perks, it should also stand on its own without feeling like an intrusion in your home. Consider the layout of your space and how much of it you’re willing to dedicate to a new piece of furniture.
  • Design Style: You should also consider your home interior style and how that new smart table blends in. There are various design styles for your choosing, from those that welcome modernity and others that hearken back to more modest craftsmanship.

Most Convenient Side Table: Brightech Madison Side-table

brown side smart table with a lamp

To start our list, there’s nothing like adding a dependable side table next to your living room sofa. This smart décor from Brightech is a stylish piece of furniture that’s conveniently enhanced throughout. Rather than spend money in several places, you’re getting quite the bundle here. This isn’t just a space-saving side table, measuring 18 by 18 inches in total, but it also features a built-in warm LED lamp that can last up to 20,000 hours when used in moderation. More than that, this smart side table also offers users a nearby USB port, so you don’t have to jump on and off the couch to get a peek at your notifications.

Most Convenient Side Table

Most Stylish Coffee table: Mecor Modern Glossy Coffee Table

modern, adjustable, square white smart table with a light up center

For those looking to tie the middle of their room together, here’s a coffee table that knows how to light up your surroundings, quite literally. This Mecor Coffee Table is sleek all on its own as a stylish yet sturdy modern piece of two-tier home furniture. Crafted from medium-density fiberboard that’s coated in a thick white gloss makes it a large and stylish must-have for your living room or office. The “smart” side of this coffee table is hidden just underneath the tabletop. Lined with ultra-modern white LED lighting, you can turn the lights down low and turn on the table.

Most Stylish Coffee Table

Mecor Modern Glossy White Coffee Table W/LED Lighting, Contemporary Rectangle Design Living Room Furniture

This smart coffee table offers users plenty of top storage and a great way to light up the room.

Best Premium Option: Primst Smart Refrigerator Coffee Table

short, dark brown, rectangular smart table with a charging port and two drawers

What would it take for you to truly declare a piece of furniture “smart”? Would it take more than charging ports and discreet lighting? Do dual Bluetooth speakers catch your attention? What about a built-in refrigerator that keeps snacks and drinks cool for days on end? Yeah, now we’ve got your attention. This unit from Primst is a coffee table and refrigerator, acting out both roles with superior results. On the table side, it’s a hefty one, weighing 127 pounds across 51 inches of stainless steel and tempered glass. On the smart side, however, you’re dealing with some high-quality perks. Integrated Bluetooth speakers at the back end of the unit deliver crisp sound with a connection from your electronic devices, and a built-in 130-L capacity cooler keeps beverages and treats on ice for movie night with friends and family. This smart table also features height adjustment controls and USB charging ports as an added convenience.

Best Premium Option

Primst Smart Refrigerator Coffee Table, Padauk

Complete with Bluetooth speakers, charging ports, and a refrigerator, this coffee table offers maximum bang for a pretty penny.

Also Great: Alphasonik Accent Table

small, round, black smart table with three thin legs

Though minimal in terms of storage space, this Alphasonik Accent Table still packs a wallop of smart perks in an elegant stand you won’t’ mind placing a flower vase on. Standing 25 inches tall, this contemporary take on the accent table is sure to complement any modern setting with its sleek design and piano black finish. This smart stand features a powerful 360-degree Bluetooth speaker that wraps around the entirety of the stand to produce a full-bodied sound. While USB charging ports are present here, this smart stand features a single charger built into its surface, so applicable cellular devices can be charged just with a simple placement onto the stand’s surface. Installation is a matter of following a three-piece setup, and you’ll be ready to use it within moments.

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