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The Best Snorkel Sets for Your Next Beach Trip

woman snorkeling underwater in tropical sea.
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If you’ve ever been snorkeling, you understand how much the success of your experience relies on having the right equipment. There’s nothing like a foggy mask, a faulty snorkel, and flimsy fins to ruin your time in the water! To ensure you get the most out of your aquatic adventure, you need to invest in a high-quality snorkel set. The right set will be comfortable enough to wear throughout your entire snorkeling session but also tight enough to ensure that no water ruins your underwater view. Here are some fantastic snorkel sets that we recommend!

Buying Snorkel Gear

Here’s what you’ll want to look for:

  • Materials: Your snorkel set should be crafted with high-quality materials to ensure that you’ll enjoy your snorkeling experience. Masks should be crafted with durable, waterproof materials that are designed to last a lifetime. Be on the lookout for masks that have been lined with soft, pliable silicone, as these are designed to create a leak-free seal around your eyes and nose. If you want to ensure that you’ll be getting a crystal-clear look at the underwater world around you, make sure to look for lenses that are crafted with tempered glass that has been treated with an anti-fog coating. Your snorkel should come equipped with an anti-splash system that prevents water from going down the tube, allowing you to breathe freely throughout your time in the water.

Best for Kids: Cressi Junior Snorkeling Kit

small boy carrying teal and orange snorkeling equipment

Planning a snorkeling trip with your kids? You should check out this reliable snorkel kit! It comes with everything your kids will need for their aquatic adventure: a mask, snorkel, pair of fins, and a mesh travel bag. The mask is made with tempered glass and comes with an adjustable buckle that’ll provide maximum comfort for your kiddos. The fins run on the shorter side to make it easier for kids to practice using them. The snorkel itself features a splash guard that prevents water from entering the tube. Altogether, this set is a great choice for young ones who are new to snorkeling.

Best for Kids

Cressi Rocks Kids Set, Blue/Orange, S/M

This snorkel set features a mask made with tempered glass in order to protect your kiddo's eyes.

Best Adult Set: ZEEPORTE Adult Snorkeling Set

snorkel, mask, and fins laying on the beach with a small crab to the right of the fins

If you’re looking for the best way to enhance your underwater experience, this snorkel set is sure to do the trick. It comes with adjustable fins, a tempered-glass mask, a dry-top silicone snorkel, and a bag for all of your travel gear. The mask is crafted with food-grade silicone that creates a watertight seal around your eyes and nose; it also features a panoramic, four-window design that’ll give you the best view of the underwater world around you. The snorkel comes with an ergonomic mouthpiece designed to stay comfortable throughout your entire snorkeling experience. The fins are made of lightweight, durable plastic and come with a responsive blade to produce an effortlessly powerful kick; they also feature an open-heel design and an adjustable strap for a comfortable fit.

Best Adult Set

ZEEPORTE Mask Fin Snorkel Set with Adult Snorkeling Gear, Panoramic View Diving Mask, Trek Fin, Dry Top Snorkel +Travel Bags, Snorkel for Lap Swimming

This snorkel set comes with an ergonomic mouthpiece that is designed to stay comfortable throughout your entire snorkeling experience.

Full-Face Design: cozia design Full-Face Snorkel Set

black and blue swim fins to the left, a full-face black and turquoise snorkel mask to the right

This snorkel set puts a fresh spin on the classic snorkel design in order to give you an enhanced aquatic experience: instead of just covering your eyes and nose, this set comes with a mask that protects your entire face. The set also comes with adjustable, travel-sized fins and a compact folding tube. The mask features a strong polycarbonate shell that has been lined with soft, medical-grade silicone to create a waterproof seal around the face. It is designed with two different breathing channels that work together to prevent fog, ultimately helping you to take deeper breaths and extend your swim time.

Also Great: WACOOL Adult Snorkeling Set

two identical black swim masks sit next to each other; below them are two identical black snorkels

This snorkel set gives you the best bang for your buck: it comes with two professional-grade masks and two anti-splash snorkels to ensure a high-quality snorkel session for you and a partner. The mask is crafted with a soft silicone skirt that perfectly molds to fit the shape of your face; it also features a ribbed design that creates a comfortably tight waterproof seal. Each lens is made from one solid piece of tempered glass to give you seamless underwater vision; they are also coated with an anti-fog treatment that provides maximum underwater visibility and comfort. The snorkels feature an anti-splash system that prevents water from entering the tube and a purge valve that makes it easy to clean out and drain water from the system.

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