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The Best Snorkeling Gear

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🕚 Updated December 2022

If you've ever been snorkeling, you understand how much the success of your experience relies on having the right equipment. There's nothing like a foggy mask, a faulty snorkel, and flimsy fins to ruin your time in the water! Invest in a high-quality snorkel set to get the most out of your aquatic adventure.

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  Best Flippers Best Adult Set Best Mask Best for Kids Best Pair
  Seaview 180
Topside Snorkel Fins
Mask Fin Snorkel Set
Snorkel Mask with Latest Dry Top Breathing System
U.S. Divers
Dorado Jr Kids Snorkeling Set
Professional Snorkeling & Diving Scuba Package Set
Our SummaryDesigned to fit like a shoe, these flippers give you support so you can make the most of your underwater adventure.Everything you need for a great dive is in this set that includes a mesh bag for convenient carrying.Sporting the latest in snorkeling design, this mask features innovative design for breathing with ease during a dive.Your kids can enjoy the fun of snorkeling with this easy-to-use set.Snorkeling is better with a buddy and this package makes it more affordable to go on a dive together.
Pros✓ Comfortable walking on land
✓ Neoprene boot for ultimate flexibility
✓ Adjustable Velcro strap at ankle
✓ Closed toe and heel for better comfort
✓ Panoramic view
✓ Tempered glass and anti-fog coating
✓ Hypoallergenic silicone mask skirt
✓ Unobstructed breathing
✓ Lightweight and adjustable fins
✓ Mesh bag included
✓ Tempered glass with anti-fog coating
✓ Innovative breathing system with three distinct valves
✓ Double exhaust passage for fog-proof viewing
✓ Features a removable camera stand
✓ Designed for kids ages 6+
✓ Shatter-resistant and anti-fog lens
✓ Adjustable flippers
✓ Set includes mask, snorkel, flippers and tote bag
✓ Fully adjustable head strap
✓ Silicone mask skirt for comfort
✓ Tempered glass and anti-fog coating on lens
✓ Advanced anti-splash guard and purge guard
Cons✗ Hard to put on when the neoprene boot is wet✗ Proper care is required to keep the mask lens from fogging✗ Be sure to measure according to the guide for the best fit✗ More expensive than other kids' snorkeling gear✗ Does not come with fins or tote bag
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The Best Snorkeling Gear

woman snorkeling underwater in tropical sea.
Dudarev Mikhail/Shutterstock

Buying Guide for Snorkeling Gear

Mask and snorkel on the sandy beach.
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Why should you buy snorkeling gear?

If you’ve never tried snorkeling before, but it’s something you want to do, high-performance snorkeling gear can make all the difference. Without foggy or leaking masks, you can enjoy the wonder of the ocean.

What should you consider when shopping for snorkeling gear?

  • Materials: Masks should be crafted with durable, waterproof materials designed to last a lifetime. Be on the lookout for masks that have been lined with soft, pliable silicone, as these are designed to create a leak-free seal around your eyes and nose. If you want to ensure that you’ll be getting a crystal-clear look at the underwater world around you, look for lenses made with tempered glass that has been treated with an anti-fog coating. Your snorkel should come equipped with an anti-splash system that prevents water from going down the tube, allowing you to breathe freely throughout your time in the water.
  • Type of Snorkeling: Your type of excursion will help you determine the proper gear to purchase. One example is with flippers. Longer flippers are better for longer swims, while shorter ones are more effective for providing extra thrust during a shorter dive.

Is there a way to help keep your mask from fogging?

Word on the snorkel street is that washing your goggles with dish soap or baby soap can help protect your lens from fogging. While snorkeling masks have an anti-fog coating, proper care before use and maintenance can keep them at their best dive after dive.

Our Picks for the Best Snorkeling Gear

Best Flippers

Seaview 180 Topside Snorkel Fins

Designed to fit like a shoe, these flippers give you support so you can make the most of your underwater adventure.

Pros: These flippers are designed to fit like a shoe. The closed toe and heel prevent cramping and hypertension in your foot during use. A Velcro strap at the ankle can be adjusted for a more supportive fit. The base of the flipper is actually the bottom of a shoe, so you can walk comfortably on land. The boot is made of neoprene which allows for not only comfortable movement but also flexibility in sizing. And finding the right size is important when shopping for flippers. These include a variety of sizes for both men and women and a precise size chart so you can find the best fit. These come in five color options and a drawstring bag for easy toting.

Cons: These can be difficult to put on when the neoprene boot is wet.

Bottom Line: It’s important to note that these flippers have a shorter length, which is purposeful. They are meant to add strength to your shorter excursions. If that suits your purpose, these fins can take you comfortably from land to your underwater adventure. These thoughtfully designed snorkeling flippers are available in several sizes for both men and women.


Best Adult Set

ZEEPORTE Mask Fin Snorkel Set

Everything you need for a great dive is in this set that includes a mesh bag for convenient carrying.

Pros: If you’re in need of a complete snorkel mask and fin set for your next excursion, this is a great choice. The mask has a four-window design for a panoramic view with tempered glass lenses. It features a hypoallergenic silicone skirt for better comfort, too. The mouthpiece of the mask is made of food-grade silicone. The dry-top snorkel valve seals the tube when submerged, and a lower purge valve allows water to be quickly expelled, so you have unobstructed breathing. The flexible fins are medium-length, lightweight, and adjustable for a comfortable yet powerful swim. All of this gear can easily fit in the mesh bag that’s included, so you can easily tote it around. This set is available in eight different colors.

Cons: Proper care is required to keep glasses from fogging up after use.

Bottom Line: This set can work for those who are snorkeling enthusiasts as well as first-timers. The convenient mesh bag keeps all your pieces together, and if you’re using the set for a vacation, the medium-sized flippers fit nicely in luggage as opposed to longer fins. Each piece is designed with quality materials for comfort during use. While they hold up well on your excursions, be sure to read instructions for proper care so you can enjoy them to the max.


Best Mask

WSTOO Snorkel Mask with Latest Dry Top Breathing System

Sporting the latest in snorkeling design, this mask makes breathing easy during a dive.

Pros: The innovative breathing system has three completely separate air channels, thus ensuring that you inhale fresh air every time. This snorkel mask features a wide 180-degree view. The flat lenses do not distort your view underwater, therefore limiting dizziness issues. The lenses are tempered and have an anti-fog coating. To assist in anti-fog and anti-leak protection, the mask features a double exhaust passage which will increase the ventilation speed to prevent the exhaled breath from entering the observation sun visor and fogging. The mask is made of high-quality materials and has a food-grade silicone skirt for greater comfort and performance. If you like to document your adventures, this mask features a removable camera stand. This innovative mask comes in 11 colors.

Cons: Be sure to measure according to the guide so that you get the right fit.

Bottom Line: This snorkeling mask stands apart from the traditional masks thanks to the wide, single view, the breathing system, and the anti-fog passage. Regardless of whether you are a newbie or a seasoned snorkeler, you can appreciate the quality and comfort of this mask. Be sure to follow the sizing guide before selecting your size.


Best for Kids

U.S. Divers Dorado Jr Kids Snorkeling Set

Your kids can enjoy the fun of snorkeling with this easy-to-use set.

Pros: This set is designed for kids ages 6 and up, with the flippers fitting shoe sizes 9 and up. The mask features shatter-resistant and anti-fog lenses. The snorkel has a comfortable mouthpiece and a splash guard at the top for additional help keeping water out of the snorkel. The flippers are easily adjustable thanks to a three-way buckle system. The open-heel design grows with your child. This set comes with a bag that makes toting around your snorkel gear easy, which is extremely helpful when you and your kiddo have enough beach and vacation gear to carry. This set is available in three different colors.

Cons: These can be a bit pricey in comparison to other kids’ snorkel sets.

Bottom Line: If you’re a snorkeling family and want an easy and quality set for your children, this is a great option. While they may be pricier than other kids’ snorkel sets, they are made with quality materials and design elements that will keep your little one comfortable and confident in the water.


Best Pair

WACOOL Professional Snorkeling & Diving Scuba Package Set

Snorkeling is better with a buddy, and this package makes it more affordable to go on a dive together.

Pros: The head strap on the mask is fully adjustable to accommodate men, women, or teens. The mask has a silicone skirt for a comfortable fit, and the lens is made from tempered glass with an anti-fog coating making visibility clear. The snorkel features an advanced anti-splash valve to keep water out of the snorkel, and a purge valve allows for easy clearing and draining. If you want the set of two, there are two color combinations to choose from.

Cons: This mask and snorkel set doesn’t come with a tote bag or flippers, so you may have to purchase additional gear.

Bottom Line: If you’re planning a dive for you and a buddy, this pack of two masks and snorkels is a great option. Made of quality materials and design features, you can expect high performance without breaking the bank. While the masks and snorkels have all the features you’d expect in quality snorkel gear, you will have to purchase a tote bag and flippers separately.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned diver, everyone deserves to enjoy their snorkeling experience instead of fighting with underperforming gear. Choosing any one of these options for your next underwater adventure may help boost your confidence and level of enjoyment while snorkeling.

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