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The Best Snow Shovels

Snow Joe/Snow Joe/SubZero
🕚 Updated October 2021

Most of us love the sight of pure white snow falling from a midnight sky. However, the enjoyment lessens when we have to move it from our driveways the next morning, and yet we must.

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  Best with Extension Best Budget Best Electric Option Easy to Use Best for Kids
Auto Emergency Snow Shovel
Snow Joe
Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel
Snow Joe
10-Amp Electric Snow Shovel
The Snowcaster
Wheeled Snow Pusher Shovel
Childrens Blue Snow Shovel
Our SummaryA reliable snow shovel that you can easily adjust to the length of your preference.An affordable shovel that allows you to remove large amounts of snow with ease.The ideal electric shovel for removing large amounts of snow with efficiency.A wheeled snow pusher that will prevent undue strain on your body.A blue snow shovel that's great for children to use.
ProsHandle extends up to 37 inches, compact design for storage purposes, ergonomic handle.Spring-assisted handle for greater ease of use, ergonomic design that helps reduce strain.10-amp motor that produces plenty of power, dual-blade auger that can handle tougher snow.Heavy-duty and easy to use, more efficient than most snow shovels.Compact design and safe to use, suitable for many different types of surfaces.
ConsFeatures a small scoop, so it'll take longer to do larger driveways.Wear strip isn't the most durable, could be hard on your wrist.You have to use an extension cord to operate it.Requires assembly.Not as comfortable for adults to use.
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The Best Snow Shovels

Three different snow shovels; one man uses an electric one; one is standing up in the snow; one man uses a smaller one to dig around a car's tire.
Snow Joe/Snow Joe/SubZero

Shoveling snow doesn’t have to be the pain in your lower back you have previously found it to be! The right shovel should save you from having to bend over the entire time and should help you toss a respectable amount of snow aside with each stroke. If you’re looking for a snow shovel to make the task more pleasant, here are some options that we recommend.

Buying Guide for Snow Shovels

A gloved hand uses a snow shovel to remove snow from next to a car tire.

Why buy a snow shovel?

If you live in a region that experiences a lot of snow during the cold months, then you’ll need a snow shovel to keep your driveway clear. You don’t want the unpredictability of the weather to deter you from making it to school dropoff or work on time, which is why you will benefit immensely from having an easy-to-use snow shovel on hand. Once it’s paired with some good snow boots, a coat, and heated glovessnow removal won’t seem so bad anymore!

What should you look for in a snow shovel? 

  • Length: When picking out your next snow shovel, think about how comfortably it allows you to work. A good shovel should have some length to its handle to save you from bending over too often or too far. Of course, depending on the material it’s made from, the longer a shovel is, the heavier it can get. It’s up to you to determine the appropriate length for your shovel while keeping in mind its overall weight.
  • Capacity: A good snow shovel should be able to remove slush and snow from your driveway speedily. You obviously want a shovel that’ll do better than the ones found in children’s sandcastle kits, so look for one that features a wide head to scoop up a lot at once.

Is there much variety in shoveling methods?

Yes, there’s a variety here, from electric shovels that scoop and chuck snow to manual ones that push snow out of the way rather than requiring you to pick it up. Some models have wheels or different shapes of heads. Ultimately, you want to find a product that makes the job easier to get done while saving you time and energy.

Our Picks for the Best Snow Shovels

Best with Extension

SubZero Auto Emergency Snow Shovel

A reliable snow shovel that you can easily adjust to the length of your preference.

Pros: This shovel has a base length of 31.3 inches, but thanks to its extendable handle, this shovel can get as long as 37 inches. This ability to easily shift from a minimum to maximum length and vice versa makes it a great choice for kids or for keeping in your car for emergencies. If you ever get stuck in mounds of snow leftover from the snowplow, this shovel will help save the day. It’s easy to store since it’s compact, but its 9.5-inch wide shovel head provides enough scooping capacity to make progress. Its D-shaped handle and soft grip provide easy work on your hands.

Cons: Although the shovel is reliable and features an innovative design, it has a smaller scoop that will limit the amount of snow that can be removed at a single time. This means it will take a long time to clear a large driveway with it.

Bottom Line: This is an incredibly cost-effective snow shovel. With its extendable reach of up to 37 inches, you can adjust it to clear away snow with ease. Ultimately, this shovel offers you amazing convenience and versatility.


Best Budget

Snow Joe Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

An affordable shovel that allows you to remove large amounts of snow with ease.

Pros: On the surface, this shovel offers an 18-inch, impact-resistant blade with an aluminum wear strip. The shovel head is made of shatter-resistant polypropylene material, while its shaft is made of equally durable steel. However, this shovel’s biggest selling point is perhaps its spring-assisted handle. This feature allows users more lifting leverage on their lower hand, so they can carry and move heavier loads of snow than they could with a traditional shovel.

Cons: The handle will be too short for some people, which could mean more bending and back pain. The wear strip isn’t the most durable, and using the second handle could add strain to some people’s wrists.

Bottom Line: A standard shovel that comes with a worthwhile addition, Snow Joe’s Shovelution helps remove the slush from your walkway. Ultimately, you get a classic shovel with a unique, strength-delivering twist that’s great for heavy snowfalls.


Best Electric Option

Snow Joe 10-Amp Electric Shovel

An electric snow shovel that will do the work for you.

Pros: With a dual-blade paddle auger and 10-amp motor, you can effectively remove large amounts of heavy snow with this electric shovel. You can use it for clearing snow from your driveway as well as your patio, pool deck, and sidewalks. With an adjustable handle and ergonomic design, this electric shovel will greatly simplify the process.

Cons: You have to attach an extension cord to the electric shovel so that you can operate it. This can create some obvious hindrances if you have a large driveway and could prevent you from reaching the sidewalks or certain areas.

Bottom Line: This electric snow shovel will make your life a lot easier because it allows you to clear away hundreds of pounds of snow in mere minutes. It provides you with the power and consistency to remove the snow collecting on your driveway without causing any undue fatigue to yourself. After a harsh snowstorm, you’ll be glad you purchased an electric snow shovel.


Easy to Use

The Snowcaster Wheeled Snow Pusher

A wheeled snow pusher that will prevent undue strain on your body.

Pros: With this wheeled snow pusher, you get a miniature plow rather than a shovel. What it would normally take with a traditional shovel, you can expect to remove double the amount of snow from your yard in half the time. Its bi-directional, 30-inch angled blade is ideal for plowing through long stretches of snow, while its wheels make it even easier to scoot through the ice.

Cons: Although the design of the pusher makes it easier to clear away snow, it’s not as effective (or safe) on icy surfaces that are slick and slippery. You’ll also have to assemble the pusher on your own after it’s delivered.

Bottom Line: Mass snowfall can often create a lot of back-breaking work, so it’s important that you find an option that reduces the workload and potential overexertion of your body. Why cause extra strain to your body when you can have a wheeled snow pusher that does most of the work for you? Now you can easily remove mounds of snow from your property without so much bending.


Best for Kids

Rugg Childrens Snow Shovel

A blue snow shovel that's great for young children to use.

Pros: This traditional snow shovel is 32 inches in length, making it the most suitable option for children and young teenagers. The handle features a special mold so that you can clutch onto it and establish a firm grip while shoveling a driveway or sidewalk. Also, the shovel is non-abrasive, making it ideal to use on almost any surface.

Cons: Although the shovel itself is very reliable to use, it’s built with the idea that children are going to use it. You should consider it more as a starter shovel rather than something you would use consistently or on a regular basis.

Bottom Line: This shovel is a classic option that can get the job done. It’ll allow your children to maneuver it easily, and it works to clear sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, and outdoor patios.

Final Thoughts

Those harsh snowy conditions can make it difficult for you to access your garage, car, or front door. Take this opportunity to find and purchase a nice snow shovel that will make it easy for you to remove snow after it falls.

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