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The Best Snowboards

🕚 Updated October 2021

Snowboarding is one of the most popular outdoor sports for cold, snowy weather. It is both a leisure and a competitive sport that can be enjoyed by people of varying ages and skill levels.

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  Best for Younger Kids Best for Older Kids Best for Adults Best Kit Also Great
  Emsco Group
ESP 110 cm Freeride Snowboard
Snow Ryder Hardwood Snowboard
Camp Seven
Drifter and APX Men's Complete Snowboard Package
Summit Snowboard & Binding Package
Emsco Group
Supra Hero Snowboard
Our SummaryA great snowboard for young children learning the sport.A snowboard that's suitable for older kids who are still learning the basics.This is the ideal option for adults who want style and reliability with their snowboard.Get ready for the snowy months with this unique snowboarding kit.Made of solid polyethylene construction, this beginner snowboard offers superior craftsmanship.
ProsSolid construction, adjustable bindings, cool and stylish design.Durable construction, easily adjustable.Upgraded hybrid design, durable and adjustable bindings, great for multiple types of terrain.Professional snowboard shape, durable construction, real wood core.Adjustable bindings, solid construction, stylish appearance.
ConsDoesn't have the best weight capacity.Mainly suitable for older children.Only suitable for adult or teenage snowboarders.More expensive.Not the best option for young snowboarders with a lot of experience.
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The Best Snowboards

A young woman poses with her snowboard on the slope.

The concept of snowboarding is very similar to downhill skiing, although snowboarding generally requires less equipment. One piece of equipment that is required is, of course, the snowboard itself. Snowboards are like a giant, wider ski, except both feet are attached to the same board, and no poles are required. They’re designed to push into the snow along their full length, allowing them to glide over the top of the snow with great ease and speed. Snowboards require either a strap-in or step-in binding to keep the user securely and safely in place during use. Here are a few snowboards we recommend.

Buying Guide for Snowboards

A white snowboard rests with a helmet, gloves, goggles, and boots next to it.
Dmytro Vietrov/Shutterstock.com

Why should you buy a snowboard?

During the snowy months, we often find ourselves cooped up at home. If you’re searching for ways to get outside and have some fun with your family or friends during the cold months, snowboarding is a great activity to do together. It’s fun for young children and teenagers to learn as well as adults. It’s an exciting way to get some fresh air, enjoy beautiful mountainscapes, and make the most of the snowy season!

What should you look for in snowboards?

  • Type: Unbeknownst to most people, snowboards are not one type fits all, and there are actually several types to choose between. All-mountain, freestyle, freeride, powder, and split-boards are the different varieties of snowboards. You’ll want to choose your snowboard type depending on the terrain and snow conditions you frequent the most. All-mountain boards should work equally well on various terrain types. Freestyle is better for parks, while freeride does best on ungroomed snow, regardless of the terrain. Powder snowboards, as the name suggests, go best on deep powder snow, and split-boards are ideal for backcountry terrain.
  • Size: Its size should be more or less proportionate to your height and weight; a snowboard for kids will obviously be smaller than one for adults. When you buy a snowboard, check the accompanying sizing chart to determine which length is best for your height and weight. A good rule of thumb for picking the right snowboard length is if it’s standing on its tail, it should reach somewhere between your nose and chin. As far as width is concerned, your boots should extend slightly over the edge of the board, but not so much that they drag on the ground. Your shoe size will determine how wide of a board you’ll need.
  • Flexibility: A snowboard’s flexibility will determine several factors, including how easy it is to turn, its speed, and even its grip to a certain degree. If you’re a beginner, you’ll want a softer, more flexible board. They’re much easier to turn and are more forgiving. Even if you’re not a beginner, if you have low body weight or prefer to snowboard in the park, a soft flex board will generally be the better choice for you. Stiff flex boards are ideal for more advanced riders. They maintain their speed better than softer models and provide more grip on turns.

Are snowboards easy to hook up to your feet?

Most snowboards are pretty straightforward to strap onto your feet. Many have bindings that you can just step into and tighten the straps around your boots at the ankle and then over the toes. This makes it super easy and convenient for hitting the slopes quickly while maintaining a secure footing on the board. Many bindings for kids’ boards will just have a strap over the toes for even simpler use. You can also purchase bindings separately if you want to have a specific type or fit. Once you’ve strapped in, don’t forget to put a helmet, mask, and some goggles on to finish the look and stay safe out there.

Our Picks for the Best Snowboards

Best for Younger Kids

Emsco Group Freeride Snowboard

A great snowboard for young children learning the sport.

Pros: This snowboard has a weight limit of 95 pounds, suitable for children ages 5 to 15. The thermoplastic body is solid, sturdy, and well constructed, so you know you’re buying your child a snowboard made with high-quality workmanship. The step-in bindings are easy enough for kids to handle themselves, and they’re adjustable to better accommodate how fast children’s feet grow. Kids are sure to love the colorful and trendy graphics that adorn the board.

Cons: In terms of weight capacity and design, this particular snowboard has its limitations. It’s certainly more suitable for small children who don’t have a lot of experience snowboarding. If you have a teenager, you’re better off buying a different snowboard.

Bottom Line: This snowboard is specifically designed for young kids who are just beginning to learn how to snowboard. This snowboard is a freeride model, great for learning basic maneuvers and even some simple tricks. In terms of easing your kids into the sport, this is the best available option.


Best for Older Kids

SPORTSSTUFF Hardwood Snowboard

A snowboard that's suitable for older kids who are still learning the basics.

Pros: This snowboard is designed for older children, with a weight limit of 150 pounds. The ergonomic design of the board will allow them to learn and practice anxiety- and pressure-free. The step-in bindings are adjustable to make sure your child gets a snug and safe fit, and it takes into account how quickly kids’ feet tend to grow. The hardwood material is high-quality, durable, and made with solid construction for your child’s safety.

Cons: If you have young or small children, you should purchase a different snowboard that better corresponds to their size. It’s also important to note that it’s not for resort use, meaning you’ll only really want to use this snowboard at your favorite sledding hill or in your backyard, not on big mountain slopes.

Bottom Line: This snowboard is user-friendly and great for preteens to learn basic moves, techniques, and tricks on the low slopes. It will help them gain the confidence they need to step up their game and take on bigger obstacles.


Best for Adults

Camp Seven Complete Snowboard Package

This is the ideal option for adults who want style and reliability with their snowboard.

Pros: This upgraded snowboard has a unique hybrid design that will allow you to dominate the slopes. It’s lightweight, stylish, and versatile to snowboard across multiple terrains. It also has elevated contact points to ensure that you won’t catch an edge and have to bail. Ultimately, this snowboard provides you with extra safety and protection.

Cons: This snowboard is certainly not for small children and other young beginners. It is more suitable for adults or young snowboarders that have plenty of experience. Also, in terms of price, you can expect to pay a little extra money for this particular snowboard.

Bottom Line: Ultimately, this is among the best available options for avid snowboarders. It has the features you need for a safe and exhilarating experience while you’re zooming down the mountain. And it offers you a customizable fit, ensuring optimal comfort and ease of use.


Best Kit

STAUBER Summit Snowboard & Binding Package

Get ready for the snowy months with this unique snowboarding kit.

Pros: The kit includes the snowboard, two snowboard bindings, two mounting discs, eight countersunk locking washers, eight screws, and a complimentary full-sized snowboard sticker to decorate your new board if desired. The board itself is a lightweight, medium-flexible, all-mountain style, suitable for multiple terrains and skill levels. It’s made with a real wood core, ABS sidewalls edged with steel for extra durability, and a rubber dampening strip. The ridged top and bottom sheets are scratch-resistant. The bindings are lightweight yet strong and reinforced, with a taut ankle strap, adjustable high back, toe cap strap, and an aluminum buckling mechanism. Instructions come included.

Cons: The main con here is that this is a more expensive option, but it makes sense since so much is included. It will also require more assembly than other options, so if you’re not very handy, you could be uncomfortable with what this board requires.

Bottom Line: This kit comes with the essential pieces of equipment and features to ensure you have a fun and safe snowboarding experience. Don’t waste this opportunity to upgrade your gear!


Also Great

Emsco Group Supra Hero Snowboard

Made of solid polyethylene construction, this beginner snowboard has superior craftsmanship.

Pros: A durable snowboard that’s beginner-friendly and decorated with a unique design for your kids to snowboard in style. With a solid core construction, it’ll hold up well under regular use. The snowboard also comes ready to use; no waxing is required.

Cons: This is another snowboard that is more suitable for beginners. Although the board itself can accommodate children of different sizes and ages, you should look into different options if you’re shopping for young snowboarders with lots of experience.

Bottom Line: This snowboard is beginner-friendly and high-quality. It’s easy to use, hassle-free, and makes it much easier for your kids to ease their way into snowboarding.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re new to snowboarding or have years of experience, make sure you choose one that accommodates your needs and skillset. With multiple options available, you should be able to hit the slopes comfortably on a new board.

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