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The Best Soccer Balls to Kick Around

Kicking around a soccer ball outside is a great way to get some fresh air and let off steam. Soccer is a beloved sport all over the world, and the type of ball you choose to play with can be a real game-changer. You cannot play without one, so buy your next soccer ball with confidence and check out some we recommend.

Purchasing a Soccer Ball

Here are a few things to consider when you buy a soccer ball:

  • Size: Soccer balls come in a variety of sizes depending on the age of the user, so consider this first when making a purchase.
  • Material: Soccer balls are created with many different material types, so consider which one has the best material for your usage.
  • Bladder: The bladder of soccer balls is what gives it shape and movement. Balls with butyl bladders hold air well.
  • Panels: The number of panels determines how balls move through the air and they typically range from 6 panels for indoor soccer to 32 panels on an original ball.

Best Design Options: Adidas Capitano Soccer Ball

This soccer ball is influenced by an iconic jersey for France when they went to the world title in 1998. This official size 5 ball is suggested for ages 12 and older. A go-to ball for casual games and scrimmages, this soccer ball has a butyl bladder for the best air retention. The machine-stitched construction is made with 100% TPU film. Choose from 18 unique and eye-catching design options.

Best Design Options

adidas MLS Top Capitano Soccer Ball White/Black/Football Blue/Active Red 5

A well-constructed soccer ball influenced by an iconic jersey that led to a world title.

Best for Youth: Chance Soccer Ball: Premium Outdoor/Indoor Soccer Ball

Here’s an all-black soccer ball that is great for youth soccer, high school, and college games. This ball is of premium quality and all-weather, so it can be used in any condition. The butyl bladder seals in air for optimal inflation and provides a solid dribble and strike every time.

Best Classic Soccer Ball: Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

Perfect for soccer purists, this Wilson soccer ball has the traditional black and white panel design. The performance for every match is the first choice for backyard, street, or pitch. The ball is machine-sewn with a synthetic leather cover for increased durability. The butyl rubber bladder gives the ball excellent air and shape retention.

Best Classic Soccer Ball

WILSON Traditional Soccer Ball - Size 3, Black/White

A classic black and white checked soccer ball made with synthetic leather and a butyl rubber bladder.

Also Consider: Nike Premier League Strike Soccer Ball

This Nike soccer ball has Aerow Trac grooves for accurate flight right off the foot. It’s made with a reinforced rubber bladder to maintain air and shape retention. The high-contrast graphics make this ball stand out. The textured casing helps control the ball, and the 12-panel design gives a more controlled ball flight while playing.

Also Consider

Nike 2020-21 Premier League Strike Ball - White-Orange-Black 5

A high-contrast graphic soccer ball that has a textured casing and 12-panel design.

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