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The Best Soccer Goalie Gloves

🕚 Updated August 2022

If you're playing a team with a legendary striker, as the goalkeeper, you have a serious workout ahead of you. Get gloves like these to protect your hands and help you grip the ball as you dive, catch, and deflect.

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Goalie Gloves for Kids & Youth
Goalkeeper Gloves
Brace Master
Goalie Gloves
Soccer Goalie Gloves for Kids
Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves
Our SummaryThis pair of grippy goalie gloves will help keep your kids' hands in the game.These goalie gloves are durable enough to last through every soccer game.With anti-slip latex layered on top of tacky foam, these gloves give you ultimate control.A professional-quality pair of goalie gloves for young players.All-weather goalie gloves with a 360-degree adjustable wrist wrap.
ProsAnti-skid latex palms for extra protection and grip, breathable webbed material for better flexibility, cool look kids will love.Wear-resistant, thick latex palms, good grip, high-quality ethylene vinyl acetate and latex, light and comfortable, prevent hyper-extension injuries.Anti-slip, wear-resistant latex layer, tacky foam for impact support and grip, weather-resistant, good wrist protection and maneuverability.Skin-protecting glove, breathability and insulation for all-weather wear, synthetic velvet leather palm, anti-slip, wrap-around wristband.Superior cushioning, large palm surface for ball control and grip, finger spines for protection, secure fit, air circulation, curved design.
ConsThese gloves tend to run small.May not be as durable as advertised.Not ideal if you practice and play a lot.Made for adult hands too, but there's no sizing chart to refer to ensure a proper fit.These gloves may not last long if you're a hardcore player.
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The Best Soccer Goalie Gloves

A goalie catches a soccer ball in front of the net with blue and yellow gloves on his hands.

Buying Guide for Soccer Goalie Gloves

A goalie's hands in gloves catches a soccer ball before it reaches the goal.

Why buy soccer goalie gloves?

If you’re buying for yourself, you know the role you have to fill. Goalkeepers are the only players who use their hands in the game and the only ones who get to wear gloves. You need the strength and speed to block shots from all angles. You need gloves to catch and deflect the ball successfully and without injury. Get a pair to perform your best for your team and as protection.

What should you look for in soccer goalie gloves?

  • Protection: One of the most significant advantages of goalie gloves is increased hand protection. Look for goalie gloves with thick, structured padding to help prevent finger injuries. Some gloves are designed to protect specific parts of the hand, like the fingers, from hyper-extension. As you browse, keep your eye out for gloves that offer support where you need it most.
  • Grip: Yes, protection is critical, but so is grip! Goalies need gloves with good grip to prevent losing fast-moving balls. Many high-performance gloves are made with latex and polyurethane. The latex is usually placed on the palms and fingers or stitched together for the backhands. Rubber or synthetic rubber are commonly used as well. Most important is that the glove gives the palm and fingers a good grip.
  • Closure: Your gloves must stay on your hands throughout the game, a feat made possible by the wrist closure. No goalie wants a glove to go flying when they deflect the ball. Look for a wrap closure that prevents the glove from rotating or slipping off. Common types include hook-and-loop or bandage closure. The former style allows for adjustment to tighten or loosen the fit, and the latter offers better support.

What else should you know to find great goalie gloves? 

Finding the right fit is more important than protection, grip, and closure. What good is the perfect glove if it doesn’t fit? As you search for and review goalie gloves, we recommend you focus on those that offer a size chart. Follow their guidelines on measuring your hand and pay attention to all the details. 

Our Picks for the Best Soccer Goalie Gloves

Best for Kids

Jalunth Goalie Gloves for Kids & Youth

These goalie gloves feature anti-slip latex palms that'll help your kid feel like a professional soccer player.

Pros: Looking for the best way to train your future soccer star? These goalie gloves are designed to help children develop their soccer skills and keep them safe. The gloves feature embossed anti-skid latex palms that provide extra protection and increased grip. They’re made of breathable webbed material that allows for complete maneuverability, ensuring that your kid will be able to catch powerful shots without getting injured. Empowered with these cool gloves, they’ll feel like a pro, and what that attitude, little can stop them.

Cons: These gloves tend to run small, so be sure to measure your kid’s palm accurately for the best fit.

Bottom Line: Set your kid up to have fun with these protective, colorful gloves. Maybe they become a star, maybe not, but safety equipment like these goalie gloves will at least reduce the possibility of injury and increase the enjoyment of the game.


Most Durable

Pros: These goalie gloves allow you to get dirty with your soccer game. They feature wear-resistant 4-millimeter thick latex palms and a unique cut design that give you an extra-strong grip and enhanced ball contact for the most control in your game. The gloves are made from high-quality ethylene vinyl acetate and latex, making the gloves hard to split and keeping them extremely lightweight and comfortable. The glove’s finger save system helps prevent hyper-extension injuries that are common in soccer. These gloves are for you if you’re looking for goalie gloves that will last through even the most intense soccer match.

Cons: Some users say the gloves aren’t as durable as expected.

Bottom Line: We recommend the Sportout goalie gloves for their unique finger and palm protection design and double wrist safeguard. These may be just the thing for rough games that hinge on your performance as the last line of defense.


Best for Control

Brace Master Goalie Gloves

With anti-slip latex layered on top of tacky foam, these gloves give you ultimate control.

Pros: As the goalkeeper, you must control every play that comes your way. These goalie gloves have an anti-slip, wear-resistant latex layer over thick, tacky foam; this combination provides ultimate impact support and grip for enhanced ball control in all weather conditions. The gloves feature double-design wristbands: while the inner layer is knitted elastic, the outer layer features a wound bandage design, resulting in increased wrist protection and maneuverability. These goalie gloves will help you take control of your soccer game.

Cons: These may not be your best option if you practice and play a lot. Many users say they wear out quickly.

Bottom Line: For goalkeepers who never hold back, the Brace Master gloves make a great buy. They protect the hands and enhance your game.


Most Size Options

EFAH SPORTS Soccer Goalie Gloves for Kids

A professional-quality pair of goalie gloves for young players.

Pros: All youth goalkeeper gloves should offer the skin and hand protection these do. What’s the key? Airprene ® fabric is a material with neoprene thermal characteristics but with tiny perforations to promote air circulation for enhanced breathability. The combination of insulation and air circulation creates an all-weather goalie glove. The synthetic velvet leather full palm surface reduces the shock on the hands and, ultimately, the body and offers an anti-slip quality. Additionally, the wrap-around wristband makes adjusting to fit easily.

Cons: These gloves may not last through an entire season.

Bottom Line: These soccer goalie gloves are great if your kid or teen plays outside a lot. The air circulation and thermal qualities work well for rainy weather and warm and cold weather, too.


Also Great

Walker Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

All-weather goalie gloves with a 360-degree adjustable wrist wrap.

Pros: With these gloves, get natural latex foam for superior cushioning, a large palm surface, and remarkable grip. The finger spines are embedded and sewn in to prevent finger injuries; the velocity of incoming balls can cause real damage without this kind of protection. The double wristbands contain a woven, elastic band and an outer, protective layer. This hook-and-loop design keeps the glove in place during practice and games and allows for flexibility in the wrist. The weather can’t compromise the grip and protection of the glove, either. The EVA and latex material and breathable mesh fabric at the finger seams keep your hands dry and cool. Finally, the curved design gives surface stability, so when you catch a ball, it stays in your grip.

Cons: These gloves may not last long if you’re a hardcore player.

Bottom Line: Wrap these babies around your wrist, adjust as needed, and prepare for serious defense play. The finger protection will also come in handy if you decide to punch the ball in a split second.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a goalie novice or expert, gloves are a vital part of the game. These products could be just what you need to up your game.

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