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The Best Soccer Socks

🕚 Updated August 2022

Soccer socks might seem like a simple purchase, but they can actually make a big difference in overall performance during practices and games. Here are some highly rated pairs ready for the field.

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  Top Choice Best Anti-Slip Best for Kids Most Color Options Best Cushioned Socks
Rivalry Soccer 2-Pack OTC Sock
Anti Slip Soccer Socks
Kids Soccer Socks, 6 Pairs
Under Armour
Adult Team Over-The-Calf Socks
Knee-High Soccer Socks
Our SummaryThese classic pairs of soccer socks have been a favorite for generations of players.Feel power in every stride and step with these socks that offer grip support on the field.Kids need more than one pair of soccer socks to carry them through a season.These soccer socks are designed to help your feet stay comfortable no matter how hard you play.Guard your legs against kicks with these socks that include extra cushion.
ProsTwo-pack, blend includes polyester, nylon, spandex, natural latex rubber, won't slip down, includes arch support and extra cushioning in the foot, available in five colors.Grips to keep socks from sliding within the shoes, cotton blend, tall crew cut, breathable, moisture-wicking, thickened sole, padded toes, available in four colors.Six pairs, come in one or variety pack of colors, polyester blend, moisture-wicking, lightweight, won't have to do laundry as often.Polyester, cotton, nylon and spandex material, features dynamic arch support and ventilation, moisture-wicking and lightweight, 10 color options.Includes structured cushioning in high-impact areas, features arch and ankle support and compression, made of polyester, spandex, and cotton, four different colors and packs of one, three, or five pairs.
ConsMight be a little long for some.Not tall enough to cover shin guards, only one pair in each purchase.Material is not as soft as other options and is not as durable.Only comes with one pair.Elastic cuff can be too tight for some.
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The Best Soccer Socks

Soccer players gathered around soccer balls on the field wearing matching blue and white striped knee-high socks.

Buying Guide for Soccer Socks

Close up of a boy's legs wearing soccer cleats and socks with shin pads.
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Why should you buy soccer socks?

Soccer socks are more than just knee-high socks. A good pair will feature material that wicks away sweat while staying lightweight and breathable. As opposed to regular, tall socks, soccer socks are also designed to stay up without sliding during every play. Buying soccer socks instead of trying to use regular socks will give you the chance to focus on the game rather than your gear.

What should you consider when shopping for soccer socks?

  • Compression & Support: Many soccer socks are designed with compression and supportive features that provide comfort and stability in key areas of the foot like the arch and ankle. These features allow for greater blood flow and can energize your feet, which can help you stay comfortable during practices and games.
  • Material: The materials most commonly used in soccer socks include polyester, cotton, nylon, and spandex. The blends help socks feel breathable, stay in place, and also wick away sweat for dry comfort. Some soccer socks are thicker, especially if they feature built-in structures like shin guards, while others are thin.
  • Length: Soccer socks are notably high, reaching just below the knee. While most soccer socks will be folded down, some include elastic cuffs that hit above the calves to stay in place. There are others that are cut lower and would not be suitable to cover shin guards.

What is the best way to wash soccer socks?

Expect them to be stinky, thanks to all the sweat, dirt, moisture, grass, etc. It’s best to wash soccer socks in similar colors and use the low setting on the dryer. While they don’t need to be laid out to dry, they shouldn’t be dried on high heat. Cold water washes and low dryer heat will preserve the integrity of the performance material blend.

Our Picks for the Best Soccer Socks

Top Choice

Adidas Rivalry Soccer 2-Pack OTC Sock

These classic soccer socks have been a favorite for generations of players.

Pros: This set comes with two pairs of socks to help you keep up with soccer-related laundry. They’re made mostly of polyester, but the blend also includes nylon, spandex, and natural latex rubber for high performance throughout the entire soccer match. This blend helps to keep them from sliding down and helps to hold shin guards in place as well. The socks have support and cushioning for more comfort and less impact. To care for these socks, wash them in cold water with a low heat dryer cycle to preserve the performance features of your socks. This two-pack is available in five different colors.

Cons: The socks might be a little long for some, but folding them down won’t cause them to slide or make them extra bulky.

Bottom Line: If you’re buying soccer socks for your kid and you played in your younger days, chances are, you wore a pair of these as well. The Adidas Rivalry soccer socks have proven their performance for years. The blend of materials provides a comfortable structure while allowing your foot and lower leg to breathe throughout the whole game.


Best Anti-Slip

LUX Anti Slip Soccer Socks

Feel power in every stride with these socks that offer grip support on the field.

Pros: Sometimes, socks can slip and slide in the shoe, either leading to blisters, falling socks, or other issues. These socks are made for quick turns and stops. Made of a cotton blend, they’re breathable and wick away moisture for added comfort. The thickened sole and padded toes provide even more comfort and protection, while the rubber grip pads keep your socks in place in your shoes. These socks are available in four different colors.

Cons: These are not tall enough to cover shin guards. They are more expensive than other options and only include one pair.

Bottom Line: If you play soccer without shin guards, like for recreational leagues, these socks are an extremely comfortable choice. The taller crew fit provides greater protection than shorter lengths but is still versatile enough to wear off the field. Features like the rubber grips and comfortable cotton blend make them a high-performance sock for your athletic endeavors.


Best for Kids

Winterlace Kids Soccer Socks, 6 Pairs

Kids need more than one pair of soccer socks to carry them through a season.

Pros: Finding the right pack of soccer socks is easy with this option. Whether you need to find several pairs in one color, two colors, or a variety of bright colors, you can get the pack you need. These six pairs are made of a polyester blend and feature the classic and sporty double stripe. The material is lightweight and breathable while being moisture-wicking as well.

Cons: These socks are not as soft as other options and may irritate kids’ skin if they are sensitive. They also do not last as long as other options.

Bottom Line: Less laundry sure sounds like a good idea. With this six-pack of soccer socks, you might give yourself a few extra days without having to wash gear. Whether you need a pack in all the same colors or a variety pack of fun and bright colors, this set can accommodate your needs. The polyester blend is breathable and moisture-wicking; however, it is not as soft as other options.


Most Color Options

Under Armour Adult Team Over-The-Calf Socks

These soccer socks are designed to help your feet stay comfortable no matter how hard you play.

Pros: These soccer socks are designed to keep your feet comfortable. Made from polyester, cotton, nylon, and spandex, these socks stay in place and wick away sweat to keep you dry and comfortable during the game. The socks feature dynamic arch support for better comfort during every play, and they also have ventilation channels for even more breathability. These socks come in 10 different color options.

Cons: You only get one pair of socks per order.

Bottom Line: This pair of soccer socks was designed with high-performance features to support you during every practice or game. The material blend is lightweight while wicking away sweat and providing ventilation. The socks have dynamic arch support to keep your feet from feeling fatigued during practices and games.


Best Cushioned Socks

APTESOL Knee High Soccer Socks

Guard your legs against kicks with these socks that include extra cushion.

Pros: Guard your shins in high-impact areas with these socks with built-in structured cushions. The socks are made of polyester, combed cotton, and spandex for sweat-wicking capabilities and comfort. The bottoms of the socks feature arch and ankle compression for support and stability during every play. These socks come in packs of one pair, three pairs, or five pairs, and you can choose from four different colors.

Cons: The elastic cuff at the top is very tight and can be uncomfortable for some people.

Bottom Line: Protect your shins from kicks and other impacts with these soccer socks that include structured cushioning. Performance features like compression in the arch and ankle and quality materials help make these socks a comfortable favorite for every practice or game. Some people may feel like the elastic cuff at the top is too tight, while others aren’t bothered by it.

Final Thoughts

Soccer socks are more than just tall socks. A good pair should include performance features that support your feet, stay in place, provide breathability, and even offer extra protection. To find the best options for soccer socks, consider this list.

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